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BB Ki Vines Reviews

BB ki Vines

1 day ago Read (via Android App)

BB means Bhuvan Bam who is a youtuber. Bhuvan makes comedy video himself then upload. Bhuvan has many characters in the videos which is he plays himself. He use some abuse in funny way which are often used by youngster. Bhuvan Bam is very famous on youtube. Thousands of youngster watch his video...Read More

Very great comedian.

2 days ago Read

Bhuvan bam is the best comedian on youtube site . It all video are so funny and abusive but he was so entertained me and all. The acting of bhuvan bam is so realistic he was a good actor and it so popular on youtube every girl and boy like him and they inspire from it. He was so handsome and goo...Read More

BB Ki Vines And Comedian BBam !!

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Bhuvan your Cool Brother ! A0 bhout accha kam krte ho and apki vines bhout acchi hoti hai ! Acting toh apki jaakas hai but yrr banchordas and apka look like hair style same lgta hai so us pr dhyan dena baaki sab okk ki report me hai! Apka apna Sahil kumar Yr bhul naa jaana okk and ap...Read More

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Always entertaining

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

BB is just amazing. His videos are always enjoyable. Yeah! He use abusive language sometimes but despite this he is amazing. The concept of his videos is different. You'll never get bored of it. He is a real example of one man army. Just I have to take one necessary step that is to use ...Read More

Entertaining bhuam bhav ki vines

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

“Word Of Mouth” Is what Bhuvan Bam suggests as the “cause towards his popularity” . Totally agreed! He has lead to inspire numerous youths of this country who have talents, probably quite a lot of resources and an ocean of passion flowing through their lives and yet they are unsuccessful in t...Read More

BB is multi talented..

3 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Bhuvan Bam is one man army as he himself plays all the characters so effectively which shows that he is good package of talent. Most people find his content vulgar but actually it is not. It is very entertaining if u take it to entertainment purpose only. It can turn your bad day into a nice day...Read More

Better than earlier

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

There was a time when I was not interested to see his videos. Because there was only one actor doing multiple characters and sometimes the contents of the video was not good. And I was considering, still considers, that this channel is not good especially for students because he uses double mean...Read More

Nothing to watch

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

As bb made his vines I thought the content will be good and the plot too but as he started getting fame he talk nonsense in his vines and logics that are illogical I dont prefer watching this type of nonsense and I thought at some point his sense of humour in the videos might get good but nothin...Read More

For adult only

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

Bb is famous all over the world because he get best youtuber award last year and make good comedy videos his acting is okk and is old characters are awesome and I specially like fammer fuddi it is best character ever but in this it use lot of adult things like wording name of porn sites etc his ...Read More

Talent at its peak.

4 days ago Read

There was a time when I hate this guys. But when I seen his 3-4 videos I found that BB is really entertaining. Many people criticize him that he is nothing, vulgar and lucky!, but I don't think so. Its not an easy task to make script then direct then act then edit and then publish a vine for ...Read More

Most popular youtuber

5 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hi friends today I am sharing my experience of watching bb ki wines . BB ki wines is one of the fastest growing youtube channel in the world and the most ranked channel in India. This channel is of Bhuvan Bum who started it few years back. There is no doubt about the kind of talent bb poss...Read More

Not for kids

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

BB ki vines is a self made show where one person play its all character. Its any charecter doesn't have class of acting . they make it funny way. And it all videos are abusive in languge here they can abuse openly. I think govt should band these kinds of videos becouse they uplode it on youtu...Read More

BB brillianr

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

The YouTube sensation and one man army is none other than BB( Bhuvam Bam) who became famous by his YouTube channel BB ki vines.The BB ki vine is channel on YouTube which was started 2 years back and today is one of the fastest growing channel in the world. Today he is one of the highest earni...Read More

Best vines in you tube

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Bb ki vines best you tube serail bhavan bham are very funny guy BB vines very famous channel in you tubr and bhauvan bham are very talentet boy he is very hard work man he is very famous guy and he is also singer and he is very good singer and he is very honest man BB ki vines is very famous cha...Read More

Youtube parody

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

The people of this country requier a little bit of fun, hasi mazak kinds of stuf and when you can get it on ur palm then how needs waste their energy and go to movie halls and Bb ki vines completes the surge for the entertainment. The seriel is little bit of A rated but still thoda bahut tadka z...Read More

BB the legend on youtube!

6 days ago Read

Many people started watching youtube video s for fun just because of the BB Ki Vines. BB Ki Vines plays many characters like Fammer Foody, Mom, Dad, Mr Bhola, Mama, Banchoddas etc and the instances happen around him. He displays the characters in a very funny way and nicely depicting the story a...Read More

BB ek? legend

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

This show is most entertaining and humurous show you will witness across YouTube platform. A man named Bhuvan portrays different portrays characters namely bhuvan( himself) , fameer f* i, bancho, his mother and father and various others. Bancho is his most famous incarnation and fameer is really...Read More

BB ki Vines : Must watch Guyz

7 days ago Read (via Android App)

BB ki Vines I now becoming the most successful indian youtube channel, all the characters in this channel is performed by the bhuvan bam, in short BB, he used to struggle before starting his YouTube channel, he work as part time singer before getting famous, and after that a mircale happen, Bb k...Read More

To Feel Relaxing & Stressless Must Watch

7 days ago Read (via Android App)

BB Is The Best Viner Of India Because They Have Many Subscriber On youtube And I Also Know Why It Is In Top Because Of His Hardworking Its Prove When They Play all Roles In His Video Themselves And It Is Also Very Difficult To Write New Script And Act On Own Script Propery And stunning But It No...Read More

Best comedy show

7 days ago Read (via Android App)

Bb ki vines is an adult youtube vines .i want ti share my feeling about this comedy show. This vine is based on many character that is Acting by one person Mr bhuvan bham.whenever I watch bb ki vines I fell & look very good His vines is very famous and got a stardum one of the top youtuber, ...Read More

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