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Axe Signature Body Perfume Reviews

Why to buy axe signature

1 day agoRead

Axe is considered as one of the best perfume dealers in india it is easily available in markets and as comes this edition it has a great smell. A key feature is that it has 0% gas.  I recomend you to purchase this edition of axe signature perfume. Widely used in parties&functions. It is also...Read More

Very good perfume

1 day agoRead (via Android App)

A great perfume by axe.great fragrance.its fragrance easily attract people.its contain zero percent gas so its also last long.its best for party or office meetings because its provide good impression. for summer its the best perfume.its fragrance also last long , almost whole the day.axe comapny...Read More

It has a unique signature of spray

5 days agoRead

It is one of the highest demanded perfume in the market .it has good bottle design it is very at looks .the bottle made up of steel which is good and has good built quality.it comes in black color which looks appealing .the perfume lasts for longtime which is good thing.it comes without gas and ...Read More

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6 days agoRead

The fragrance is extraordinary in everything aside from it's key fault is it's continuing smell.The fragrance is not long lasting.As it vaporizes uncommonly fast.I have purchased this aroma a month prior's by listening to the name.But I'm especially disappointed by its execution that it's france...Read More

Good Quality Product

7 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hii friends, Now I am sharing my opinion and experience on Axe Signature Body Perfume.From the past Axe is providing the good fregvence experience to all. But now it is once again back with new additional brand Axe Signature this is provided very good quality fregvence. If we apply it once o...Read More

I like this product

7 days agoRead (via Android App)

Axe signature body perfume smell is very atractive . axe smell is long time and after 10 houres. I like the fragrance longer time . it is a attractive body disigen . so it is a very good product for male and female person . I like axe signature perfume. Axe signature perfume very good quality an...Read More

I like this product

8 days agoRead

Smell is very good. excellent fragrance.Stay long like more than eight hours.i Statisfied with Product, Lasted more than a month after continuous usage everyday.Well this is perfume based spray but only lasts as much as it is sprayed. this is one of the best perfumes I ever purchses.i realy reco...Read More

Bad experince with axe signature maverich perfume

9 days agoRead

I have a strongly bad experience with axe signature maverick perfume, as the fragrance of this perfume is average one but it fragrance cannot last for whole day. It fragrance smell only for 3 to 4 hours only.smell is not so strong, a very lite one for just maximum of 4 hours only. I am a reg...Read More


9 days agoRead

THIS AXE SIGNATURE BODY PERFUME has a great fragnance for a longer time.for about 10 hours its fragnance will be coming.its not that expensive either it comes with rs 250.i wasnt interested in this but after seing ads on tv I bought one.and it doesnt disappoint me.comes with a huge quantity.the ...Read More

I like the fragrance

13 days agoRead

I like the fragrance of signature. most likeable factor of this perfume is this is not pressurise by air that's why we can get the maximum quantity and also don't waist .i bought this at 250 rupees which is not cheaper but also not expensive. so price was okay. but fragrance don't stay long time...Read More

Nice shot.

14 days agoRead

Earlier I used to use fogg and was for a long time a loyal consumer of it, until one day out of the blue my friend brought this tiny deo wrapped in a cylindrical container with him and sprayed one shot on me just to give it a try. It was like love at first sight when I first smelled its fragranc...Read More

Axe Signature Body Perfume.

17 days agoRead (via Android App)

My Experience with AXE Signature Collection Mysterious Body Perfume. It comes in a beautiful sleek black cylindrical package. It is easy to carry with you wherever you go.It has a good fragrance & it last long time & also the price is comfortable for all types of customers. Over all ...Read More

Axe Signature Body Perfume

17 days agoRead

I'm habitual to use perfumes and dues accordingly, when I saw the advertisement I decided to buy.I opened the pack then it was having attractive bottle designing that is quite gently as like me, and the fregrance is also so good that is long lasting till day end. when I applied directly in m...Read More

Axe Signature Body Perfume-a magic

18 days agoRead

I like this deo.smells good and lasts fairly long.i like the fact that it is not a pressurised and is a compact sized can.i was able to easily pack it for travel.the cap is not great, it comes off while in the bag that is the reason I gave it 4 stars.the deo stayed even withiout the cap in place...Read More

Axe signature smells good

18 days agoRead

I have been using axe signature from six months and it is really nice perfumewithout spraying it I don't feel complete myself now it has been become my one of habitto use this perfume everyday only because of it's smell I feel something which can't be explainedanother thing it looks ...Read More

Good perfume

18 days agoRead (via Android App)

Lets talk about axe signature body perfume im using this from two monts and it has quite nice smell and it lasts better than fogg and layer shot , I like it very much and the price of the product is not like a burden to your pocket this is bit expensive than fogg but quite better product from fo...Read More

Not Good

24 days agoRead

The scent is great in everything except for it's fundamental blame is it's enduring aroma .The aroma is not long lasting.As it vaporize exceptionally fast.I have bought this fragrance a month ago's by listening the name.But I'm particularly frustrated by its execution that it's france is especia...Read More

Axe Signature Body Perfume

25 days agoRead

Its a nice product from AXE, the signature collection.It is one of the best body perfumes.It lasts long and smells very good.Its fragrance lasts for a complete day and you have a very good feeling, impression and attitude in the office, college etc.It prevents the bad smell of the body.S...Read More

Very good perfume

25 days agoRead

To start with, I am not inclined to using such products. Once a friend of mine at office said my body odor is quite offensive and should use a spray. I asked which one, he suggested some names. I went to a nearby store and picked up Axe Signature and started using it regularly. I personally star...Read More

Fragrance of a man

26 days agoRead

Axe .signature .as its name .its fragrance is also a fragrance of hart touching. its long lasting fragrance keep you active any time.my all perfume are collection of AXE. because its fragrance give you a dynamic personality and keep mind refresh.its price is also come a standard price .and it is...Read More

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