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Axe Body Deodorant Reviews

Cut a sorry figure

16 days ago 197 Views (via Android App)

Well if you think this will attract girl on your way. your the fool in this world haha well this works only to remove youre sweat. dont worry about infaction you will get if youre elergic to skin. make sure youre using right product. because add is saying something else and product is something ...Read More


Rahim Yar Khan, India

1 Review

My personal opinion

26 days ago 306 Views (via Android App)

Its smels like a heaven its realy realy good fregnence I personaly used this product and I feel very very good feeling after using this because its have last longer smel so even after bath I feel the fregnence of this dudrent Its realy popular in pakistani markit and yong nation in pakistan s...Read More

A great deo..

28 days ago 290 Views (via Android App)

Axe body deodorants are very popular nowadays and are very widely used. Inspite of having many competitors out in the market, Axe has managed to go out on top and maintain its image and reputation. Axe started long time before. Today it has various flavoured deos available under its name in t...Read More

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Branded deo

29 days ago 325 Views

Axe body deodrant is a branded deo than the other deo. it is not much expensive and like a real deo. I use it for last 2 years. it is very huge branded deo. it smells sweet and long lasting deo. it is very good deo. it became be a part of my family and all the members of my family uses it for a ...Read More

The Best Deodorant Ever

Oct 27, 2016 11:34 AM 337 Views (via Android App)

Axe Body Deodorant is the male grooming fashion product.This deodorant is perfect and good smelling.One mi friend has told me about this product.I am using this deodrant since 4 months.The Axe Body Deodorant constitutes all the desirable qualities that a best deodorant must contain.i.e good smel...Read More

Awesome product

Oct 23, 2016 10:37 PM 431 Views (via Android App)

This deodrant I use only one time It is good in nature but the packing of axe deodrant in gas only more useless It s odour is and for long time compairet o other product of body body deoderant in comparison rate it is chepest and for to use for three to five month yeggewo Hegheuh hsyehei h...Read More

Nice deodorant.pick it up

Oct 18, 2016 08:14 PM 502 Views

I received it as my birthday present and I wasn't expecting for it to be a very good deodorant as I dont use axe deodorants. but it was awesome .i received many compliments from my college friends as it has that strong long lasting smell .i personally recommend this product and it comes in diffe...Read More


Bangalore, India

4 Reviews


Oct 08, 2016 10:20 PM 584 Views

This deodorant spray comes in a sturdy black and blue can with a unique twist top cover. This packaging is totally travel-friendly. My brother that it is one of the classics he has used so far. The moment you spray it, you are surrounded by a strong air of fresh fragrance. It has aqua notes comb...Read More

No use of Exe Deodorant

Oct 06, 2016 04:39 PM 640 Views

This is the black spot of all the deodorants in the market. It comes in many variants and none of them is good. If we compare to other deodorants then it is quite expensive and even not good in fragrance. it does not help in preventing the sweating or stinking. I have tried many natural deodoran...Read More

Great smell

Oct 01, 2016 01:17 PM 685 Views (via Android App)

Axe Body Deodorant I loved it . Me and my family use this deodorant since last 4 year . I love the smell of this deodorant its make me fresh and attractive. There are different types of smells of axe body deodorant but I like chocolate one its smell awesome. There are too much new product of deo...Read More

Fab deo

Sep 25, 2016 10:03 AM 725 Views (via Android App)

AXE brand is 33 year old and AXE body deodorent is one of the best deo in market. The AXE deo is so frogrant and it has great pleasent fragrance. The AXE deo is creating special impression on the front of ones. Its useful to minimize the odour of the body. This is helps to minimize the swe...Read More


Sep 22, 2016 12:07 AM 796 Views (via Android App)

Since Axe is the reputated company of deodrants in the market.axe body deodrants are awsome deo I have ever used.i use Axe deodrants since14 years old.It has strong fregrance and long lasting fregrance.Other deos are not so long lasting like the axe deodrant.they fade away after 3-4hours after a...Read More


Godavarikhani, India, India

2 Reviews



Sep 19, 2016 09:34 AM 829 Views

I using axe deo since 10 years.i feel better with this product.when I was in inter iam started using axe deo I used almost all flavours but the axe chocolate flvr is better ifeel good and when I wend parties I use this I mostly prefer for this produce for every time my friends also using this. g...Read More

Good fragrance

Sep 18, 2016 07:40 PM 827 Views (via Android App)

My brother and father use Axe body deodrant only.there are variety of fragrances in Axe one, they try different everytime and they like almost all the fragrances.there is no gas and water and more perfume and its long lasting as they come from office the smell still stays long day.bottle design ...Read More

Quick Fade

Sep 15, 2016 01:36 AM 938 Views (via Mobile)

Hello to all, please do not buy axe deodrant because its lightning fade .when I was purchasing axe body deodrant from a medical store I smells it just like others it atrracts me because its smells strong and I purchased it @ rs 150 and I used it in my farewell party but its faded very fast and b...Read More

Good smell, Good feel, Attractive smell

Sep 13, 2016 08:42 PM 913 Views

Axe body deodorant have really good smell, with good feel and also have a attractive smell.Mostly of friends and peoples say's that the smell of this deodorant is make's the happy meal.Rather than girls really feel better to attract her self.The main uses of this deodorant are for males! Don't b...Read More

Just superb...

Aug 31, 2016 03:09 PM 1052 Views (via Android App)

The axe body deodorant is one of the best deo in market. The axe deo is so fragrant and it has great pleasant fragrance. The axe deo is so creating special impression on the front ones. The axe deo is useful to minimizes the odour of the body. This axe deo is helps to minimize the sweat as well....Read More

Not a good product...

Aug 29, 2016 09:25 AM 1372 Views (via Android App)

Hii friends this is pankaj and today I want to tell you about the Axe Body Deodorant which is the popular product from the Axe. U have to watch the advertisement on tv etc. But I think this is not that good. When I applied it on my body. It irritated the skin. And it doesn't go last long. Hardly...Read More

Axe Body Deodorant really good.

Aug 29, 2016 08:39 AM 1388 Views (via Android App)

Whenever I go outside I always use Axe Body Deodorant. Its smell really awesome and there is many options for choice. Axe in new style which is axe recharge booster is very good. It comes in stylish bottle and size of bottle is not so big. It lasting effect is also so long. Many of m...Read More


Mumbai, India

9 Reviews

I lick axe

Aug 11, 2016 01:55 PM 1545 Views (via Android App)

This body deodorant is very nice. I like axe and I use this. In my house my brother also use axe 1) In this body sprea not mixed any camilecal 2) not side effect in your body 3) The fregrean of this body sprea almost 24 hours What you axe body deodorant sprea in your body, around you...Read More

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