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Adidas Shoes Reviews

Fall in love with adidas

1 day ago 1079 Views

Hi friends This time I will talk about my running shoes. adidas is one of the popular brand in India. First I was looking for nike but those was so costly. then my second choice was adidas. that time I had only 3500 rupees in my hand. then I go went to adidas showroom. and I bought adidas BA2...Read More

Adidas shoes

1 day ago 76 Views

Adidas company has the most durable shoes as I know till now they are worth paying your price As comes to the durability they use Strong Material and perfect fixing and stitches makes it comfortable long living shoes. It is durable and best for long time use. Other shoes may cause problem ...Read More

Comfortable and lite

2 days ago 50+ Views (via iOS App)

Best comfortable shoes I ever seen . This are very popular and very good in looks and goods desent colours it has.It has very light wait comparing to reebok and nike.It also has many casual shoes of diffrent vorirties.Adidas also give warrenty/gaurenty og the products it depends on the product. ...Read More

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Adidas is the best brand of shoes history

2 days ago 71 Views (via Android App)

I recently purchased adidas shoes . The colour of my shoes is white and black. The combination of black and white is perfect for me. I olso like nike, woodland, sparx shoes . Bt I really like adidas shoes more than other Actually I want to say to everyone that The price of this...Read More

Best sports shoes : Adidas

3 days ago 71 Views

Range: Adidas is best choice for sportsman, They have wide range and variety of shoes from Running to Football and all sports shoes. they are providing best quality and long life shoes. Durability: Strong Material and perfect fixing and stitches makes it comfortable long living shoes. I...Read More


3 days ago 41 Views

Adidas is one of the leading brand ambassader company in sports as the material they provide to there customer is very satisfactory. I myself have Adidas football shoes which have given me satisfactory results from more than 1 year. I f you are new to the company then try atleast one product suc...Read More

Best shoes in the world

3 days ago 71 Views (via Android App)

This shoes is very compartable in your foat your foot relax in the shoes according to my brother also like its make amezing for made this company range is very good many peopke buy this product and alk people satisfied this company n I am wearing shoes of adidas from last 6 year in 2009 first ti...Read More

Adidas Shoes

4 days ago 69 Views

I am wearing shoes of adidas from last 6 years .in 2010 first time I bought a adidas shoes, from that day I do not wear other shoes than to adidas. look is good just weight is somewhat high. Quality don't seems excellent . Adidas Shoes I am wearing shoes of adidas from last 6 years .in 201...Read More


Kuchaman City, India, India

14 Reviews


Or kuch company ka ho ya ni but shoes to adidas ke

4 days ago 50+ Views (via Mobile)

I am wearing shoes of adidas from last 6 years .in 2010 first time I bought a adidas shoes, from that day I do not wear other shoes than to adidas. look is good just weight is somewhat high. Quality don't seems excellent . This lightweight racer delivered a snug fit thanks to a breathable,...Read More

Adidas best for shoes

4 days ago 108 Views (via Android App)

Hii friends Today I want share you my brother experince .my brother also like this company for shoe.according to my brother opinion it is very amezing company for shoe. This company shoe go to long time.and grannty one year this product.my brother also like its make amezing for made. This...Read More


Hyderabad, India

7 Reviews

Stylish, Durable, comfortable

4 days ago 97 Views (via Android App)

Addidas is the best shoe brand last year I bought a pair of shoes and still they are in a good condition . they are very comfortable and the shoe is not too heavy it is very lisgt weight. it has a good as I play basket ball playing those I find them best for multi-purpose use. When you have a pa...Read More

Adidas shoes very comfortable shoes for sports

5 days ago 75 Views (via Android App)

Adidas is complete comfortable shoes for sports and its very easy to wash and lightweight shoes we use it mornings walk going to long walk when we decided hard work so we use adidas shoes its all part of makes we comfortably feel when do long time work and going long time work main thing its ver...Read More

Adidas sports shoes,,,, running shoes

5 days ago 71 Views (via Mobile)

Adidas is the topest company of shoes, it make sports and running shoes very good quality, adidas sports shoes is very good for running and good for sports men, it is very useful in forces, as army air force for morning pt, and the range is not very high, it's normal and price range is 1500 to 3...Read More

Then now forever best brand -ADIDAS .

5 days ago 73 Views (via Android App)

We have different brands in shoes but adidas is the best branded shoes.These shoes are very very confortable for walking .These can be used as casual wear formal wear sports wear.Mainly these shoes are used for sports wear.These shoes are available for chlidren adults and old people.These are av...Read More


Siliguri, India

30 Reviews

Excellent Product

5 days ago 79 Views

Last month I bought a Adidas shoe form online.it is best product very comfortable and long time lasting Integrated Sockliner supports natural movement of the foot and nicely fit.Synthetic Mesh forefoot allows suffient air for feet very good for sports person for jogging session or even a race.i ...Read More

Cherry pick.

5 days ago 118 Views (via Android App)

Hello friends . today I am sharing my experience with my sweet and lovely friends.today we are discussing a Adidas shoes. friends this company shoe is very good guys.i am also wearing the adidas company shoes. thos shoes is very comfortable friends. this shoes prise is under in your bud...Read More


Gurgaon, India

4 Reviews

ADIDAS !!! Give value to your feet !!!

6 days ago 70 Views

It feels like this shoe is been engineered to perfection, plus the sole seems likes it made to last for years.Adidas spans the world of sports and style adeptely. If we talk about comfortability I feel I could almost throw all of my shoes away, because these are so AWESOME. Adidas is a good ligh...Read More

Dont Buy Adidas Shoes Online

6 days ago 121 Views (via Android App)

Dear All, Adidas is selling defective products online.Dont Buy Adidas shoes online. If you really want to Buy Adidas then Buy it from showroom only after doing full quality Check. Here I am sharing my experience of Adidas shoes which I bought from Jabong.com I had ordered Adidas Navy Blue ...Read More


Panchkula , India

1 Review

Love adidas

7 days ago 110 Views (via Android App)

Adidas is a really good company who made so comfortable and light weight shoes. It is one if my favorite brands.Almost my all cousins have adidas shoe collection.Also my friends have a large collection of adidas and nike shoes.It is not so expensive. You have to pay a little bit large amount onl...Read More

Best product.

7 days ago 89 Views (via Android App)

I used addidas track suit and shoes which are awesome .i used many local branda but not stisfied with these product. Then swich to addidas which give me best fiting, rough and tuff use and wash many time no colur fade. I got one defective pice of shoes but at showroom they replace within 2 min a...Read More

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