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Aashirvaad Atta Reviews


1 day agoRead

GUYS,its so simple to choose an ATTA because there are so many available in the market but do we literally teling ourselves that ATTA is our basic body need and it is suppose to be taken 3 times in a day daily. So lets dont fool ourselves and go with AASHIRVAAD. I am consuming this from last...Read More

Review about Aashirvaad Atta

1 day agoRead

Hi friends, I purchased aashirvaad atta last two months back. It is a product with sugar release control. It is wheat flour which is made as chapathis to eat and it is kitchen ingredient.Product quality:the flour is made uniquely that is with natural grain mix.In this, the ingredient...Read More

Aashirvaad Atta is good for health

1 day agoRead

Aashirvaad Aata is very good for the health and very tasty in flavor. we are using it from the last 5 years and very satisfied with this item. This comes in very good packaging and having very great selling atta. The chapatis from this is very very tasty and always comes white in color. Good for...Read More

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Aashirvaad aata

9 days agoRead (via Android App)

Since my childhood my mother using Aashirvaad aata for chapatis, and really the taste is amazing. The best thing is softness of chapatis remains same to the whole day once cook in the morning. And the packaging is also great cause I always buy from my nearby store and could hold easily of 10kgs....Read More

One Of The Best Atta

12 days agoRead (via iOS App)

We are using Ashirvaad atta from quiet long. This atta is really best and made up of pure wheat, soyabean and oots which are neccesory for our health.This atta packing is also so attractive and strong so that it does'nt get toned.This atta is good for digestion and it is soft after makin...Read More

Aashirvaad Atta

12 days agoRead

Aashirvaad Atta is one of the best readymade aata available in the market.I am using this aata since long time and is one of the best aata compared to other brands of aata available in the stores.This aata is very fine and chapatis becomes very soft when we use this aata.This aata has no side ef...Read More

My favourite Atta

13 days agoRead (via iOS App)

Hai everybody. now I am writing my experiance with aashirvaad atta. I am using this atta since 2 years. We can make soft chapathies with this atta. Also it is approved by ITC. Aashirvaad wheat flour is made from natutal ingredients. It is the top selling atta. It have the quality. Packing is exc...Read More

100% pure atta

14 days agoRead (via Android App)

Today I am saring my personal experience with you about this aashirvaad atta.It is the best quality of aata.i am using this aashirvaad atta from last 2 years.it us good for health.it is pure it have no mixing.It does not have any harmfull effect.packaging of this aashirvaad aata is so ni...Read More

Ashirwad is best quality Atta

15 days agoRead (via Android App)

Ashirwad Atta is only one product in market without defects its not harmful to health asirvad is only one company gives good quality its qualities so highest its rate is so comfortable I am using Ashirwad Atta sum 5 months it's so good its packing is so cool and nice it's wonderful product in In...Read More

Aashirvaad Atta

17 days agoRead (via Android App)

Aashirvaad Atta is one of the best quality a available in market.The chapatis of this flour is very and very nice to eat.The dough is fresh f I r many hours.The product is well known for its purity.Aashirvaad multigrain atta has a smooth texture and good taste.I have been using from past...Read More

Best quality wheat flour in low price

24 days agoRead (via Android App)

It is one of the best quality wheat flour which comes 100% pure without any mixing .The chapatis of these flour are very nice to eat very soft and tasty .The packaging of the product is very amazing it does not make it bad and prevents flour from water .I am using it from last 2 year...Read More

Aashirvaad Atta Good for Health

25 days agoRead (via Android App)

Here I am sharing the experience of using aashirvaad atta from last one year. We are using before shaktibhog atta but after using this we found very good and healthy product. Aashirvaad is now days very good brand in the market and easily available at every general store or shops also. The chapa...Read More

No adulteration only purity

27 days agoRead (via Android App)

Ashirvaad Atta is the best Atta out of many available in the market.Flavour: This product is well known for its purity. There is no adulteration in this product which make its taste and flavour is satisfactory. The major market of Atta is adulterated this kind of quality is provided by this ...Read More

Writing A Review on Aashirvaad Atta.

28 days agoRead

Hi I am writing a review on the best and nutritous Aashirvaad Atta.I am using this Atta since three years and I feel its fresh and healthy for my family.when it comes to our family we choose something which is best and I feel Aashirvaad Atta is best to have.Because Aashirvaad Whole wheat Att...Read More

Aashirwaad multigrain atta

Jan 14, 2017 09:06 PMRead (via Android App)

Friends,I bought 1 kg pack for trial worth rs. 50, bigger packets could be cheaper.Taste and TextureAashirvaad Multigrains Atta has a good taste and texture. In fact, its just like wheat flour with hardly any difference in taste and texture.Nutritional InformationI was shocke...Read More

Aashirvaad ghar ghar ka swaad

Jan 11, 2017 11:07 PMRead (via iOS App)

Aashirvaad aata is on the top in the market . the price is little more but according to the quality of finess and pour form of aata tha price is resonable . the packing of the aashirvaad aata is means we totally blind trust on it , the flavour test of aashirvaad aata is same as home . really mis...Read More

Pure flour

Jan 11, 2017 05:30 PMRead

Aashirwaad atta helped me a lot whenever I had dinner and breakfast with these atta. very soft to eat chapatis made from these atta as it is approved by ITC trade mark. These pure and natural flour ever I found excellent and reputed brand with very nice flavour. now it offers wide range of produ...Read More

Aashirvaad Atta..

Jan 05, 2017 06:26 PMRead (via Android App)

I am shocked to see dead rat in the sealed 10 kg of Ashirvaad atta. I was taking out atta to knead and all of a sudden, I felt sometime hard in my hand and then I realized it was rat. I thought I might be wrong .All my family members saw it too. I can not believe it. This is so dangerous. To...Read More


Jan 04, 2017 12:39 PMRead (via Android App)

I am not satisfied with the quality and flavour of this aashirvaad atta. It's completely an artificial one which has been prepared from some artificial items to give it an extra flavour, texture and shine. It is completely different from atta which is prepared at home . Its today lifestyle which...Read More

This aata is very good

Dec 25, 2016 01:33 PMRead (via Android App)

This aahirvaad aatavis very good. falavor is very good. aashirvaad aata is made from sharbti wheat .which comes from madhya pradesh.this is aata is very tasty and aashirvad aata is awareded the world star award for excellence in paking in coustmer pack.in this aashirvad aatabis avaible o...Read More

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