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Aaj Tak Reviews


Kapurthala, India

28 Reviews


8 hrs 26 mins ago 32 Views (via Android App)

Hello , friends I am your friend and today I am tell you about the news channel aaj tak , In india every people know about this news channel because it is one of the most popular news channel in india , the quality of programs is good of this channel , the anchors and hosts of this channel also ...Read More


Pune Maharashtra, India

13 Reviews

1 Follower

Wach this chanel for latest news.

1 day ago 50+ Views (via Android App)

Aaj tak is a 24-hour online hindi news chanel my all family mamber watch this channel every day this channel give you always fresh and letast news watch new chanel it really very good hobey aaj tak is my favroit news chaneel watch it for know what happen at this time in world this is really vert...Read More

True Politics Need

2 days ago 50+ Views (via Android App)

AAJ TAK is a 24-hour hindi news television channel. AAJ TAK initially began as a news bulletin on a public television station in India and turned to an independent channel after the carrier did not renew its contract. Anjana Om Kashyap is an indian  journalist and news presenter. She is a news a...Read More

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Aaj tak superfast khbre

4 days ago 67 Views (via Android App)

Aaj tak superfast 100 news is come back to Beck in morning one time u check this superfast then maybe you check All news of the day daily I check this morning and aaj tak show a real news not feck news and aaj tak doing very nice job actually I like aaj tak reporters they use full energy in any ...Read More

The no.1news channel

6 days ago 92 Views (via Mobile)

Aaj Tak is one of the quality in all information channels. I in reality admire its working. They may be very rapid as the covers approx quickest any news close to us. I discovered the news newshounds and cameramen are a lot dedicated and difficult work too. The main and maximum crucial issue whi...Read More

Aaj Tak News

7 days ago 78 Views (via Android App)

. . . . . . . . Aaj tak is the most popular news channel in india. The provide a better news showing. So long time I am watching thise news channel. I think that they cover all the news of india in about hust tenbminutes which is impressive. # Quality of the programme- The quality of the prog...Read More

Aaaaaaj tak

7 days ago 102 Views (via Android App)

One thing I absorbed in aaj tak news channal, they know how to attract all people's but other channels not getting it's idea, I will explaine you, ex: ZNews they will attract the only BJP people but aaj tak attract all people ex: starting 2 days aaj tak oppose BJP after then for 2 days it will s...Read More

Best News Channel Aaj Tak

8 days ago 90 Views

Aaj Tak is the India Best news Hindi Channel and most popular news and update news not repeat news. This Channel Provided different different news Ex: Politician news, Cricket News, Debate news, Fatahfat hundred news  and Saas Bhau & Bollywood & every Country News. This channel Anchors a...Read More

One of my fav hindi news channel

8 days ago 108 Views (via Android App)

Yup guys. Aeesome. I have been tunning this channel since last 6 year. All the ancor of aajtak is fantastic. The best thing I like the channel is very true news and early before any hindi news chanel I like to wathch news guys. And I am watching everyday. even I have download the aajta...Read More

Not good

8 days ago 105 Views (via Android App)

Quality of programs bad one ya two programs good and aaj tak news channel in program many adds and they news was too shorts and Education news not play and only play debate debate in debates his guest cheap people only poltical When debates Only person of these filed on debets as like Demonit...Read More

The best news channel .

8 days ago 123 Views (via Android App)

I genuinely prefer only this channel to watch the news of the current happenings in the world . The channel always shows the latest news and is one of the fastest channel to show the news . The news reporters have also great sense to descibe about the news . So I like this channel for many po...Read More

Paid media

9 days ago 107 Views (via Android App)

I dont like aaj tak. It is the most selfish chennal I have ever watched. Aaj tak never show real news. It always show news in a way that increas its TRP. All the ancors of aaj tak are very proud on theirself and they think that they are running country. Sometimes aaj tak shows only one side of t...Read More

Aaj Tak !! Sabse Tez

9 days ago 92 Views (via Android App)

Aaj tak is India's most watched news channel and it's one of leading T.R.P rated channel. I like programs of this channel special 10Tak and Vardat. Quality of these programs are just awesome. Its give us some reality news. Other programs are also doing good. Range of Aaj Tak's programs are on...Read More

No news only ads.

11 days ago 82 Views (via Android App)

It is not a news channel it is a ads agency. It shows 20 minutes news in a hour show. The news shown is also of rubbish type. I cannot understand why it is awarded the no.1 channel. It keeps repeating the same news many times to complete the 100 news show. Also it does not host debates on imp...Read More

This Is Bad

11 days ago 103 Views (via Android App)

AAJ TAKis a 24-hourHindinewstelevisionchannel owned byTV Today Network. AAJ TAK loosely translates as Till Today or Upto the Minute. AAJ TAK initially began as a news bulletin on a public television station in India and turned to an independent channel after the carrier did not renew its contrac...Read More


12 days ago 99 Views (via Android App)

Indian media is like a toy in the hands of the investors. I dont like aaj tak news channel because I thik it is biased when it comes to delivering the news to people. These media houses present a news in such a manner that it seems that they are going easy on some political parties and very h...Read More

Worst channel for news!!

17 days ago 122 Views (via Mobile)

My dad used to watching news there but it seems like they are cheating with us. they are spreading some kinda false news, even though so much plariasam I've saw there. all they are doing intimate someone other idea, its boring to watch Thier show. thier program are really doesnt make any sens...Read More

No1. Hindi news channel

18 days ago 101 Views (via Android App)

Aaj Tak is a well known Hindi news channel.It is renowned for publishing acurate news and covering news from ground zero.It shows many news bulletins like -100 news in 5mins, Vardaat, Prime time, Debate hour.It conducts lively debates on trending news with experienced experts and representatives...Read More

Great news channel

18 days ago 147 Views (via Android App)

Aajtak is the most popular news channel in India which provides a better news . and I am satisfied with this channel. and so long time I am watching this channel.it have a good anchor and host.who serve a better news.and the drawback of this channel is .in some areas there is not have a better q...Read More

Don't like it.

23 days ago 143 Views (via Android App)

I know that aaj tak is the most popular Hindi news channel in india. But according to me it is also the bad guys channel I have seen ever. Do you know since 2014 pmo does'nt invite this channel in their office just because the ancients over here use to show negative aspects of the modi governmen...Read More

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