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Reviewed Symphony Winter

1 day ago 41 Views (posted via Android App)

Symohony has come with the best cooler once again in 2017 for every customers who need a portable and best cooler in affordable rate this is the cooler Symphony Winter. The best thing about this cooler is it that it supports around 56 litres which is more higher than other cooler brands also the ver... Read more

Reviewed Vodafone Mobile Operator

3 days ago 144 Views (posted via Android App)

This is one of the largest network in India and provide the best possible network to its users even in rural areas and those places also where the other operators are unable to reach till now. vodafone have very cheap plan for net as well as talktime so anyone can afford their plans also they have i... Read more

Reviewed Oppo F3

3 days ago 67 Views (posted via Android App)

I have bought this smartphone around a month ago and believe me this is one of the best decision I have made because the smartphone is simple awesome very fast as the processor is mediatek still the response time is good of any apps even you can around 10 apps in background and still the phone doesn... Read more

Reviewed Subway - Pune

3 days ago 50+ Views (posted via Android App)

As the name suggest the subway are one of the most and top rate franchise in India thus they neee to maintain their dignity and standard of food thus this franchise of pune is in Infosys. As infoscion I love to eat in subway all the time whether it would be evening snacks or morning breakfast everyt... Read more

Reviewed Bajaj Finserv

3 days ago 187 Views (posted via Android App)

Bajaj Finserv are the famous banking loan services in India because every item are included in Bajaj Finserv and can easily be converted to EMI whether it would be an electronic appliances or the mobile, smartphone everything can be bought in EMI by the help of Bajaj Finserv they have tie by the ven... Read more

Reviewed SBI Simply Save Credit Card

3 days ago 152 Views (posted via Android App)

This Card is really very awesome because it gives you the access for many unknown discounts and also there are some reward points return so that you can redeem it and win assured gifts pre-defined decided by the SBI and also there are many benfits such as fuel cashback this means that if you pay by ... Read more

Reviewed Kent Aura Air Purifier

4 days ago 101 Views

This purifier is amazing because there inbuilt many features which are not available in other purifiers available in market such as it has inbuilt ionizer to to improve the quality of the room and refresh the room with awesome fresh fragrance all the time it is very simple to operate no extra things... Read more


4 days ago 89 Views

This is an awesome all in one website to download music or single tracks specially for the punjabi lovers even you will get the videos new upcoming bollywood videos and punjabi tracks video. The best part of the website is the transparency they have made the website very simple only specific oriente... Read more

Reviewed Micromax 109cm (43) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV

4 days ago 99 Views

This ultra HD Tv is simply amazing and one of the best tv by the micromax brand the video quality of this TV is super amazing and deluxe view with 178 degree viewing angles as compared to other Smart Tv's in India this Tv has won many hearts of the customers who love HD viewing and even you can play... Read more

Reviewed Everyone Has A Story - Savi Sharma

4 days ago 75 Views

Everyone Has A story is again a hit most selling book written by Savi Sharma in India. Genuinely it needs to be the best of Savi Sharma. Amazing story told by her epic fully in the book. Once you start reading her book the user get involved totally mentally as well as physically I mean to say physci... Read more

Reviewed Cars 3

4 days ago 106 Views

Cars 3 is an amazing movie of the year because this time they have crossed the limits of graphics, detailing and whole story of the movie. I am the huge fan of cars right from my childhood and have so many of toys related to cars and even the the voice over behind this movie have done their role so ... Read more

Reviewed Nikon D50

6 days ago 82 Views (posted via Android App)

Picture Quality: The picture quality of this camera is extraordinarily beautiful, crispy, perfect and totally saturated with brightness and contrast with the superb lens to capture with best focus. User Friendly: Totally user friendly as the settings are very easy to use in this camera as it comes ... Read more

Reviewed Noise GT 08 Smartwatch

6 days ago 116 Views (posted via Android App)

This is another type of smartwatch in the market very cheap and durbable because you can get this smartwatch for Rs. 1400 and thus you get every type of features available in the smartwatch it is compatibile with Android only not with IOS thus it connects with bluetooth and you can make calls, messa... Read more

Reviewed Philips SHP 1900

6 days ago 143 Views (posted via Android App)

This is one of the best headset by philips and the best part about this headphone is the superior A1 Sound Quality output and also bass of this headphone is very good which makes you like watching a movie in HD thus apart from this it is very easy to use as it is a wired headphone so you need to tak... Read more

Reviewed Sanclare Academy - Bandra - Mumbai

7 days ago 32 Views (posted via Android App)

This Sanclare Academy in Bandra is really one of the successful classes for multi-lingual pratice and learn more than one languages of worldwide. They make a proper schedule of candidate and give them a full course descrption according to the language the candidate select maximum duration of course ... Read more

Reviewed Patanjali Ayurved

10 days ago 124 Views (posted via Android App)

This is the most best and reliable company in India. Because now and then the share price for patanjali company is rising day by day because all over India people loving a lot in every product from dairy to washing products everywhere there are patanjali products very best and quality products. So t... Read more

Reviewed Club Factory

10 days ago 667 Views (posted via Android App)

Club Factory is seriously very amazing android application there are variety of prouducts available all branded items in very cheap rate and reasonable price. I was so amazed to see the price of my favourite Addidas shoes it was for only 2000rs. as compared to other websites such as and fl... Read more


13 days ago 648 Views (posted via Android App)

This is the best website till now I have visited for selling a car in 30 minutes. I am very impressed with this website and the only website in India who can sell your car withint 30 minutes which is totally record break and wonderful as compared to any other website such as or The... Read more

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Reviewed Royal Enfield Mumbai Brand Store - Bandra - Mumbai

13 days ago 100 Views (posted via Android App)

This dealers are very famous all over mumbai and especially in Bandra. Bandra is the hum of mumbai every new thing that comes to India are showcase in Bandra city. A very popular city in India. Other than that I called just dial to get the best dealer in Mumbai for Royal Enfield Bikes. And this deal... Read more