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Microtek Inverter Reviews

Microtek inverter.

2 days ago 68 Views

Hello friends, I am going to share my personal experience about Microtek inverter. This company is very famous in the world and many people like this company inverter. I used this inverter approx 3 years because its required more time to charge and its backup is very poor. This inverter is mo...Read More


Una, Himachal Pradesh, India

9 Reviews


Best punch line "Technology we Live"

3 days ago 103 Views

Microtek doing the same as they are saying Technology we live. I am using microtek Inverter since 4-5 years and I haven't face any problem with inverter. Best power backup as I am running 3 fan and 8 led bulbs with it and it never ever let us live in dark. Now we never ever feels like their is n...Read More

Inverter mean microtek

4 days ago 117 Views (via Android App)

I am using this from last 5 years.there is no issue with microtake. I am useing 3fan 8 led bulb and some time mixcy.its backup power is so good.it takes less energy.there is no issue of electcity bill with microtek.its good ups inverter.look is also outstanding.i am happy with this inverter.wher...Read More

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I dont like the product

10 days ago 173 Views (via Android App)

I bought this microtec inveter form shop on 2014 it has 3year warranty which is true but service is bad when any defect is found .Few months ago some circuit inside was fault means not working it was not suppling current .Then I called service center jamshedpur and they written my complain and t...Read More

Not that trustable

10 days ago 166 Views (via Android App)

Microtek Inverter are nice and fine product but my experience with Microtek is not that good. As when first I bought it then I was told that we have great service centre and you just have to say whenever you get problem but after applying it in home we noticed that it is defective piece when we ...Read More


Karnal, India

9 Reviews

Microtek inverter use in my house

10 days ago 192 Views

MICROTEK INTERNATIONAL P. LTD., is the country's Largest Power Products manufacturer having products like LINE INTERACTIVE UPS, ONLINE UPS, DIGITAL & INTELLI PURE SINEWAVE INVERTERS / UPS EB / UPS E²+ and HYBRID UPS 24x7. Microtek has set up State-of-the-art automatic Manufacturing Plants eq...Read More


Hoshiarpur, India

28 Reviews

Nice one

14 days ago 212 Views

I used this invertor six months before when my home inverter of other company was gets shocked and I purchased this inverter now I think I had purchase right thing and worth for money.the look of the product is very good.if I talk about quality I am not much satisfied and with this but I thnk I ...Read More


Chandausi , India

5 Reviews

U can trust.

14 days ago 192 Views (via Android App)

U can trust microtek brand itself . I m using it from 7 years and I have not a single issue . It is totaly great . 10 to 12 hours of backup on normal uses . There is no or very low mantinence . It comes with great solid body and its design is also quite good. With its ups function there no in...Read More


Chandausi, India

1 Review


15 days ago 225 Views (via Android App)

I am using microtek inverter since six years and I am fully satisfied. If electricity voltages suddenly increases then its uses battery energy and supply it instead of electricity.Its price is very low in comparison of other brands .It runs for a long time and never needs repaiir regularly.It ha...Read More

One of the best inverters

17 days ago 260 Views

As most of us know that microtek is pioneer in inverter industry. I have been using two microtek inverters since last ten years. these are versatile. maintenence free. I am fully satisfied with the brand. these are easy to use and now a days microtek inverter comes with battery water level indic...Read More


Patna, India

3 Reviews

Loaded technology

17 days ago 265 Views (via Android App)

I have got one in my flat.since I have bought it with a battery and very next day it was connected to almost 9 bulbs, 3 fan, 1 television. The response of backup was fabulous never thought of it. As a rurban area when light get cut off for ever 4 or 5 hiurs it fully becomes a backbone for my hol...Read More

A inverter with great features

19 days ago 262 Views (via Android App)

Iam using microtek inverter at home. Its working is good. Mainly the lights which blinks on low battery or for reducing load on low battery is good technique. I prefer this inverter to all for use.This inverter is in budget of all middle class family.If any one wants to buy inverter then buy mic...Read More

Not good experiance with microtek inverter

20 days ago 266 Views (via Android App)

Today I want to talk about microtek inverter I will give two stars to microtek inverter .first I want to talk about durability of microtek inverter it is not excellent not average it is poor I will give two stars to durability of microtek inverter. It is not very good in compare to other inverte...Read More

Microtek best brand in inverter

22 days ago 304 Views (via Android App)

I using microtek inverter and microtek battery from last 5 year they giving me best power scince last 5 year and not any mistake or problem till now only I maintaine wattery water in every year time to time show indicator on the battery.in inverter fast charging option and slow charging option i...Read More

Inverter of my choice

25 days ago 338 Views (via Android App)

What a interver, it has all the features which I am looking for as I stay at very remote place where there is always power cut this inverter is a hope for all my need.With this inverter I am able to play my music system it has a very good back up of 12 hrs.it also able to operate fans tubelight ...Read More

Not at all good inverter

27 days ago 370 Views

Hi, Microtek Inverter is not at all good option in Inverter section. This is really very expensive one. We, indians, have a mentality that expensive things are or will be good things. I bought this inverter to think that it will be good because it is expensive than other inverters. After one yea...Read More


28 days ago 375 Views (via Android App)

Hello fraiends I am useing MICROTEK Inverter it is very ince and very long pawor whean we are go to our local market buy inverter than shopkipar adviss me that we bought microtek inverter of 850 walt we aer consider hi adviss and bought it . Microtek inverter is one of geniun it is very full no ...Read More

Not good at all

29 days ago 389 Views (via Android App)

Microtek inverter is not good at all after some days of use it will unable to flow current to a 100 watt bulb too.I had a 750 watt microtek inverter and after 11 months use it was unable to light up a 100 watt bulb, when I went to the shop to repair by warranty they take money from me even if I ...Read More


Golaghat, India

4 Reviews

Mictotek Inverter..

Oct 29, 2016 08:58 PM 495 Views (via Android App)

Last year on october I went to an electrical shop of our local market to bye an inverter the shopkeeper advise me to bought mictotek inverter of 850 watt.According to his belief I bought it with a new power7 battery to home.It was running good condition during seven month but after seven month i...Read More


Gwalior, India

8 Reviews

Energetic long lasting loyal household equipment

Oct 28, 2016 05:18 PM 512 Views

Microtek is one of genuine and best brands when we talk about inverters. 4 years back I was searching for inverter with long life duration for my house. I was confused between luminious, sukam and microtek. But my friend suggested me for microtek, as he is continuously using it in his shop for l...Read More

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