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2 hrs 40 mins ago Read (via Android App)

After long time I have seen this kind of women oriented movie but it has weak story and the story is somewhat repetitive and you can notice it with in a few minutes .The movie shows politician , criminal, police connections .the movie can't save due to its weak story line due to old fashioned an...Read More

Family lover movie after DRISHAM i watched

9 hrs 20 mins ago Read

Finally I watched a family lover movie after DRISHAM. The movie MAATR basis on a very good plot. N Ravina Tandon is the main leading role on the movie. A mother love her child very much and the mother fight for justice for her son. The main story is wating for u on multiplex. Thro...Read More


2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Wow now thats a good movie with the best story with something new. After drishyam this is a best family lover movie in which the a women who is a mother loves her child incredibly and fights for her justice. Ravinaa has played a big role and a fantastic role, and that what I liked too E...Read More

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Great and heartbroken Story of Mom and Daughter

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

In the time of Romantic, thrill, action movie. We lost ourselves in this movie era. Our generation distract from their path and tradition and also values of relation with thier family After seeing this movie its leaves great impact on our life and values of our family. And how we rea...Read More


3 days ago Read

This story from the city of Delhi, which is often know as the Rap capital of India . The main objective of this film is to raise voice against the oppression of the day against woman, so you can admire the film for this purpose . But the film had shown more drama in this heinous crime ans subseq...Read More

A try to open people's eyes

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

Maatr, we can see it's basic story in trailer but few things will find when you watch it. Story- as you can see in trailer, a woman and her daughter raped on a highway. Daughter can't survive because of her serious injuries. Than police was not supportive with the mother because the rapist ha...Read More

Maatr Movies

4 days ago Read

Delhi, where this film is based is often referred to as the rape capital of India.And the Film's sole intention is to serve as a wake-up call for the atrocities against woman.So you applaud the intention.However, the film itself is over-dramatized account of the heinous crime and what follows. ...Read More

One of the best movie Maatr

4 days ago Read

Maatr is an indian thriller film written by michael pellic  and directed by ashtar sayed . Michael pellico is the executive producer under the banner cdb misical. raveena tandon, Alisha Khan Anurag Arora, Rushad Rana. this movie directed by Ashtar Sayed. this rape and revenge thriller plays it s...Read More

Good Movie To Watch

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

Maatr is a story of New Delhi School teacher named Vidya.She and her daughter daughter gangraped after Vidya takes a wrong turn in the highway.She and her daughter both raped, assaulted and dumped on the roadside by a politician's son and his goon friends.Unfortunately Vidya's daughter Tia could...Read More

The best you will ever have.

4 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Maatr.Just by looking over the trailer you will the depth of greatness of the movie . Emotional touched movie . Honestly speaking best ever acting of the great actor raveena Tandon .Too worth to watch with family .Best script and too good cinematography.highly functional movie to remember

A new Maatr

5 days ago Read (via Android App)

Maatr star rates1.5 star but the movie not realise above in the thriller they shows some rape sens the herous is crime and also involving some gang rapre of a mothet and daughtet the roll out is as formulaic as they come some thing okay too Hence mater fails on this score from the first form ...Read More

Powerfull movie but lack in starcast

5 days ago Read

Raveena tandon is back after almost five years and one thing is sure, her acting skills speaks louder than her comeback. The energy, diolouge delivery comic timming and a role of mother is potrayed in flawless manner. The story of the movie deals with a every normal human live and the problem...Read More

Glamour comes simply.

5 days ago Read

Maatr is a simple story but dramatic fully. Maatr is story about gang rape and justice at all. We watch lot of movie this type so nothing new thing will be happen this movie .Same structure here .So story is Vidya(Raveena Tandon) rape by chif Minister son and his friend its a gang rape and Vidya...Read More

Powerful perfomance with powerful story

5 days ago Read (via Android App)

The story based on a rape vicitm and their revenge. The story tell us how to stand against corrution and stand for our rights. The story inspire those people which are not able to speak up for their family and socity image. Raveena tondon plays a very effective role. After long time she will com...Read More

Maatr is the same old fashioned repetition

5 days ago Read

This movie is very terrible to watch, Raeena Tandon is the only one who up brings the movie. It is her acting and the script for which one should go and watch the Movie. This movie is all mainly based from the Rape Cases occurring in Delhi and its whereabouts. The story somehow seems to be re...Read More


5 days ago Read (via Android App)

Today I watched the trailer of the movie MAATR and which the Raveena tandan performance seems good . And just want to say that this movie is inspired by Damini rap case that how there parents get problem and is really that rapist get the punishment. This is an emotional drama movie . The m...Read More


6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Maatr - a women is most strong creation of god. This movie is about to womens and her journey for justice. beautifully portrays by ashad sayyad ( director) raised such a sensitive issue, which most of girl facing in present era. A big slap to all rapist Plot - entire movie revolve aroun...Read More

Bad Movie!

6 days ago Read

I watched Maatr three days back and I disliked the movie. It could have been a good movie but some silly things made it a bad movie for me. The plot of the movie was interesting for me. I liked the story but the execution of the story was really bad. The plot got very overdramatic. The per...Read More

In Maatr, a wrong turn on a Delhi street

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Raveena as a school teacher in the movie Maatr great performance In the past we have seen her pull off powerful roles in films like Satta, Jaago etc. In Maatr, she does a good job despite the poor screenplay. disappoints on many levels despite being a relevant film. A veteran or experienced dire...Read More


7 days ago Read

Maatr is one of those films egaer to cash in on on the'women-centric' trend in Bollywood, they forget that even with dollps of stree shakti, you still need a story. An idealistic Delhi school Vidya Chauhan has a horrid husband while tryuing her best to deal with the world with a smile, she and h...Read More

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