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Jab Tak Hai Jaan Reviews


Kolkata, India

7 Reviews

Awesome movie from Yash Raj film

12 days ago 78 Views (via Android App)

It is my one of the best movie I have ever seen. I will not tell here the story of this movie, because it is suspence. The love story of the movie is outstanding, awesome. Friends, if you can't see the movie till now, then dont forget to see it. The look of SRK as an army, is great. My best line...Read More

Jab tak hai jaan

20 days ago 186 Views (via Android App)

The plot is very old as it is a old love story as is always in bollywood. The guy is poor and then meet a girl and then everyone knows what is going to happen. Although the performance of all three main cast is just awsum. Also the songs are really good and make you feel good but overal...Read More

A true love story

Dec 11, 2016 05:10 PM 163 Views

I saw this movie. This movie is based on true love story. when a man love some one then he only loves her. Shah Rukh Khan love with Katrina Kaif. Katrina also loves Shah Rukh khan but she affaird from God. She thinks if she loves him then God angry with her. Then she far from Shah Rukh Khan. Sha...Read More

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-, India

1 Review

One of the best film

Dec 05, 2016 01:36 AM 196 Views (via Android App)

Jab tak hai janmovie is my one of the favourite film.this movie is based a truth love, and they loves each other honestly. cute katrina kaif and king shahrukh khan and anushka sharma was act of this film.this movie is making by yash raj.i think this is a stunning movie.this movie was shoot in dr...Read More


Nov 06, 2016 05:39 PM 221 Views (via Android App)

I have watched jab tak ha jaan movie 6 times.it is really very fantastic loving movie with great love of shah rukh khan , anushka and katrina kaif.Jab tak jaan has such a loving title.In this movie shah rukh khan love katrina kaif but due to katrina kaif beliving in god she think that if she fal...Read More

Over Melodramatic

Sep 08, 2016 12:27 AM 319 Views

This yash chopra movie is according to me one of his worst creation. I went to watch the movie because it had a superb star cast- shahrukh, anushka, katrina. Also it has A.R. rahman's music. But after first half of the movie only I understood that it is a total flop. It had the story line simila...Read More


Jun 21, 2016 07:38 PM 438 Views (via Android App)

I have watched this movie almost 8 times. I really just love it. Reason being the story, the cast, the locations, the theme, and also the best director of romance, this was his last film as a director and so well the title said, he did his best Jab tak hai jaan. Such a truthfull title. Hats off ...Read More

Conjuring 2

Jun 16, 2016 10:42 PM 460 Views

Given the horror genre’s long history of and deep affinity for paranormal hauntings, “true” stories, and projects with lots of sequel potential, it’s pretty amazing that Hollywood didn’t consider a series centered around Ed and Lorraine Warren years ago. Sure, some of their most famous cases hav...Read More


Moga, India

2 Reviews

This is flop movie

Apr 05, 2016 10:05 AM 548 Views (via Android App)

I do not like this movies.it is frod total cheated with public and frusted me and my faimily our money who buy tiket my money is total waste it is totaly flop movie and I do not like evrytime shahrukh khan  he is a flop hero I do not like any movie by shahrukh khan


-, India


Mar 07, 2016 09:05 PM 497 Views (via Android App)

Jab tak hai jaan very good movies .and saruk khan butifull katrina  is butifull jab tak he jaan most popular songs and saruk khan very very good intelligent  doyrektar most intelijent my favourite hero saruk khan and katrina is intelligence  I am impressed  saruk os luky and katrina luky very ve...Read More


Ghaziabad, India, India

137 Reviews


Jab tak hai jaan

May 21, 2015 08:09 PM 1169 Views

Really I just love SRK awesome looks in military dress I have became style fan of him by this.Every one wants to be in such way, riding bullet in leh region wearing military dress with googles and a dense look. But as per movie I like 1st half of movie and 2nd one was little to bore, but special...Read More


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, India

23 Reviews


Jab tak hai Romance in the Air

May 02, 2015 09:13 PM 1238 Views

Yash Chopra's latest and last film Jab Tak Hai Jaan, serves a missive halfway through a frothy romance between Samar(Shah Rukh Khan) and Meera(Katrina Kaif). Just as we're buying into their princess and pauper love story. As a struggling immigrant in London, our hero Samar makes a living wash...Read More


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

78 Reviews


Just a big banner - Yash Raj

Mar 29, 2015 02:40 PM 1437 Views (via Android App)

The movie was very disappointing, it was expected that after a long time Shahrukh Khan will rock as it was a romantic movie and srk is the king of romance but the audience was not satisfied. Because the story could not touch the heart of the people. The story was not good. It was a very long ...Read More


Mangalore, India

37 Reviews


Not Worth the Hype

Apr 15, 2014 10:57 AM 2380 Views

Yash Chopra's last cinematic outing left me feeling somewhat conflicted, but I would still recommend it as a watch for any fan of Yashji. First I would like to elucidate on the moving and effective parts of the film before I go on to the major critique. Firstly, the performances from all of the ...Read More

Maar Daala.. Allah.. Maar Daala.. Allahhh :-P

Apr 11, 2014 12:08 AM 2726 Views (via Mobile)

Seriously? Is there a thing called frenzied loyalty in showbiz? Is there a bifurcation between a normal fan, a patronizer and/or a die-hard fan in the industry? The kind of(fan) who would sit through even the most dullest, the stupidest ordeals ever to have graced the silver screen this side ...Read More


Calcutta, India, India

132 Reviews


Till There Is Life.We'll Cut It With A Sharp Knife

Aug 10, 2013 09:41 AM 3301 Views

A good looking multi- millionairess born & bred in UK falls in love with a street beggar born & bred in Punjab da village! ……yea please continue reading if you so wish! So the hero was born in a village in Punjab & did his schooling in some hindi medium school because of which his En...Read More


noida, India

1 Review

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Jun 26, 2013 06:07 PM 3410 Views

Tiding over the logical incongruity of an ageing superstar playing a twenty-something lover boy who matches steps with a vivacious actress half his age might take some doing. But once you manage to get that mental holdup out the way, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Yash Chopra’s last film, is a perfectly fitt...Read More


muradabad, India

3 Reviews

The Dil movie preview

Jun 26, 2013 06:01 PM 3286 Views

Raja lives a poor lifestyle along with his dad, Hazariprasad and mom. He attends college where he has several run-ins with wealthy fellow-collegian, Madhu Mehra. Matters escalate to such an extent that she accuses him of sexually molesting her. When his dad comes to know, he decides to seize thi...Read More


Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, India

1 Review

Jab tak hai jaan

Apr 22, 2013 04:53 PM 3304 Views

Nice movie with a good story. It is about Samar who loves Meera and Meera too loves him but faith turns him back to his country after an accident he then meets Akira who he likes she calls him London where another accident takes place. He goes back too his old memory of 2002 before the accide...Read More


Feb 06, 2013 12:07 AM 4551 Views

Was he so unlucky in love? Was his destiny always against his love? In his childhood, he was afraid of bombs, but his broken heart made him too strong to motivate him to join the Bomb Disposal Squad. Today, the girls of modern generation believe in the word, ‘Instant’. They make instant relat...Read More

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