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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 473

2 days ago Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 1805 Views

WILL THESE 2 NOT-SO-EXCITING FILMS ACHIEVE BOX OFFICE SUCCESS?The much talked about Jagga Jasoos has released and as feared, it failed to make a mark at the box...Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 473

9 days ago Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 3440 Views

WILL JAGGA JASOOS BATTLE THE NEGATIVITY AND EMERGE AS A HUGE GROSSER?Finally, the long-delayed film Jagga Jasoos is all set to release tomorrow. The film has be...Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 472

16 days ago Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 2340 Views

(Updated 16 days ago)

WILL MOM AND GUEST IIN LONDON HELP END THE SUDDEN DRY PERIOD AT THE BOX OFFICE?The underperformance of Tubelight has been shocking because of which the occupanc...Read more

Reviewed Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha

22 days ago 2168 Views

There have been countless instances of filmmakers/actors who have launched their own child in their films. Many films out of these were well-made and even the star-kid turned out to be very talented. For instance, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai(2000) that launched Hrithik Roshan, Bobby(1973) that served as Rish... Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 471

23 days ago Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 3044 Views

TUBELIGHT FAILS TO MAKE A MARK, SENDS SHOCKWAVES!Since 2010, Salman Khan has not delivered a single flop. All his films have been huge grossers, with the except...Read more

Reviewed Tubelight

29 days ago 1099 Views

(Updated 29 days ago)

"Hope can move mountains" is a popular and an old adage. But is this really possible? Kabir Khan and Salman Khan's latest offing Tubelight. confirms that it is indeed a realistic saying. The film is slightly different from the usual Salman Khan entertainers and that is its big plus as well as minus ... Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 470

30 days ago Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 144 Views

WHY TUBELIGHT CAN BE SALMAN KHAN’S 3RD 300 CRORE GROSSER!Eid is around the corner and so is a Salman Khan release! Both have become synonymous since 2009, when ...Read more

Reviewed Bank Chor

Jun 16, 2017 01:27 PM 5094 Views

Mindless comedies at one point were in vogue in Bollywood but as the tastes of the moviegoers started getting evolved, the frequency of such films started decreasing. Bank Chor hence stands out from the flood of releases every week as from the trailers, it promises some great, goofy entertainment. H... Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 469

Jun 15, 2017 03:14 PM Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 215 Views

WILL A DELAYED FILM WORK AT THE BOX OFFICE?Bank Chor went on floors way back in second half of 2014. As per reports, the film’s shoot got over in no time. But i...Read more

Reviewed Behen Hogi Teri

Jun 09, 2017 09:45 PM 1325 Views

Childhood romances and ‘mohalle waala pyaar’(love in the neighbourhood) rarely have happy endings in Indian society. Behen Hogi Teri throws light on this aspect and also tackles the ‘burning issue’ of guys who are naturally assumed to be ‘bhaiyya’(brother) of all the girls in the neighbourhood. What... Read more

Reviewed Raabta

Jun 09, 2017 02:45 PM 4331 Views

The reincarnation theme has been a top favourite amongst filmmakers and viewers since years in Bollywood. Two lovers getting separated due to an evil villain but avenging and getting united in the next life is an idea that can never go out of fashion. But it has to be made well. Raabta also deals wi... Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 468

Jun 08, 2017 03:41 PM Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 266 Views

2 FILMS WITH WEAK CASTS TO TRY THEIR LUCK AT THE B.O. TOMORROWTomorrow will see the release of 2 films, both of which have weak star casts. These films are Raab...Read more

Reviewed Dear Maya

Jun 03, 2017 05:12 PM 259 Views

As kids and teens, almost all of us have been mischievous and have played pranks involving elders. In that age, we might have not realized and crossed the line while having fun. Dear Maya tells the story of 2 friends who do something similar resulting in disastrous consequences. Although it moves at... Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 467

May 31, 2017 05:12 PM Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 188 Views

(Updated May 31, 2017 05:13 PM)

EXTREME DELUGE OF RELEASES TOMORROWIt’s that time of the year again when multiple small films will try their luck at the box office. What’s unique about tomorro...Read more

Reviewed A Death In The Gunj

May 31, 2017 11:05 AM 1292 Views

As kids, we all have gone for our summer or winter holidays to our native places. Those were fun times – the extended families coming together in a remote place and making merry. A Death In The Gunj also tells a similar story but the mood is somber and as the title of the film suggests, things don’t... Read more

Reviewed Sachin: A Billion Dreams

May 26, 2017 05:03 PM 2824 Views

Sachin Tendulkar – the name is enough to arouse admiration, respect and excitement among Indians at present. There are several personalities excelling in their respective fields but Sachin is truly an exception. A documentary on him is a good idea but releasing it on a big scale in theatres is a ris... Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 466

May 25, 2017 08:55 AM Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 352 Views

WILL SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS BE ABLE TO MAKE A MARK AT THE BOX OFFICE?The Indian audiences aren’t really open to documenatries and docu-dramas. They want to se...Read more

Reviewed Half Girlfriend

May 19, 2017 02:04 PM 145 Views

(Updated May 19, 2017 02:05 PM)

The idea of love has become quite complicated in today’s times. It is fairly common to come across couples who are not officially in a relationship but behave like they are in one. Is some cases, this happens when the couple realizes that though they are attracted to each other, they shouldn’t go ah... Read more

Reviewed Hindi Medium

May 18, 2017 10:28 AM 2452 Views

In India, speaking in English is considered ‘cool’. One considers itself as belonging to an upper class the moment one starts conversing in the language. This has become the unwritten rule of our society and it has become acceptable in such a huge way that the impact on the Hindi-speaking junta is t... Read more

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Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 465

May 18, 2017 10:24 AM Fenil's Bollywood Talk! 34 Views

NEW RELEASES TO FARE BETTER THAN LAST WEEK’S RELEASESJust like last week, this Friday too will see the release of 2 films. While Meri Pyaari Bindu and Sarkar 3,...Read more