Latest Reviews on Whirlpool Refrigerators

"A perfect refrigerator"
Review on: Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator 195 GEN 4G
Rating: By: abhinav131 | 2 hrs 22 mins ago

I am using this refrigerator since one year. Its working good I have no complain till to day. Cooling is best and not take longer time. Defrost system is very good mostly use in cold time. Model design is perfect for me. 10 time to convert water into
Review on: Whirlpool 310L Professional
Rating: By: gdgsky | 1 day ago

I am using Whirlpool Refrigerator for the last 5 years, the cooling is best, no sound, no problem. The shining is as good as the new one. The after sale service is also good. I appreciate the technology used in making the refrigerator. The body use
"Best machine"
Review on: Whirlpool 205 ICEMAGIC PRM 4S Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: abhiraj007 | 1 day ago

I have purchase Whirlpool free 2010 still its working got I have no complaints till 2016 it cool so fast the defrost system is also good the freezer cabin is also good if I talk about the conduction of electricity so it's a very affordable very reaso
"Best refrigerator"
Review on: Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator NEO IC255 FCGB4
Rating: By: mahemoodali | 2 days ago

One of the best refridgerator is whirlpool company .I bought a double door refridgerator 5 years back still there is no problem using that .in 1 minute water converts ice cubes and model design also very stylish its have inbuilt stablizer so no get
"Build quality issue"
Review on: Whirlpool 205 IM PWCOL ROY 5S 190 L Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: kaifiazmi77 | 9 days ago

I m using this fridge from 3 years fridge working perfectly the only issue with the build quality . broken freezer gate within one year due to water leakage during dfrost water leaks in the bottom of frudeg and the paint of fridge fade away and the b
Review on: Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator 195 GENIUS ROYALE
Rating: By: tangseng2030 | 20 days ago

Most often the word refreshment people love to say and me too like wise whirlpool this product has exclusive featuresthat will reblash your enjoyment.If u had not try it yet then its time to have it at your sweet home! .I had brought it for my cousin
"Useless refrigerator"
Review on: Whirlpool 310L Flexi
Rating: By: gurjot308 | 22 days ago

I bought whirlpool L flexi 1 year ago it is the worst refrigerator I ever bought. It didn't last even for 1 year. It's design is not at all good. All the food items which I kept in refrigerator becomes smelly in one day. It is not working properly. I
"Whirlpool 420L Quick- Chill"
Review on: Whirlpool 420L Quick-Chill
Rating: By: ravis5917 | 24 days ago

The company whitlpool make 420L quick chill that is wonderfull in cooling but it is noice producing machine their was my friend who purchase this whirlpool and he was annoyed about the working of the machine the machine was not working properly it wa
"Very bad product"
Review on: Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator 230 I-MAGIC 5DG
Rating: By: sp1797 | 28 days ago

Hello friends good evening I am shivam sharmafriends aaj me aapko yeh bata du ke whirlpool ka refrigerator ek dam dummy product h aasan bhasa me ek dam bekaarha ji mene 2010 me ek whirlpool ka refrigerator liya tha or prhi vo muskil se char mahene ch
"Really genious"
Review on: Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator 325 Genius Supreme
Rating: By: pophalep | Jul 24, 2016

Hi I am telling you about whirlpool refrigerator, which is gifted me by my sister on the occasion of my marriage.This refrigerator is very suitable for small family.The deep red colour & design of the body is increase it's look.Also it consumes v
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