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"Whirlpool refrigerator is bad in working."
Review on: Whirlpool NEO FR258 CLS PLUS 3S 245 L Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: madhu95 | 6 days ago

Hi guys, iam writing a genuine review on whirlpool refrigerator.iam using this refrigerator since 2months.iam not with this product. I ordered this product by brand is one of the toppest brand in , I purchased with out
Review on: Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy 240 L Triple Door
Rating: By: Hariomg | 6 days ago

This is very good refrigerator in the market at the valuable price. this refrigerator has good capacity in it and it has doble door system with minimum electricity capacity it uses very minimum electricity. it is very usefull and you can clean it eas
"WHIRLPOOL 265 ltr - super cool"
Review on: Whirlpool 265 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEO IF278 ELT 3S)
Rating: By: 1989kumaranoop | 7 days ago

Hello friends, whirlpool is an old and named brand and it represents a great product and very unique , attractive and looks glossy.Features 6th sense deep freeze technology ofDouble door refrigerator with freeze ice within one hour .Whirlpool rated
"Very good product"
Review on: Whirlpool NEO FR258 CLS PLUS 3S 245 L Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: kripamaurya33 | 7 days ago

Whirl phool neo fr 258 is very good product .It's magic cooling and ice making is very fast .Kam jgah me bara rfreejareter.really whirlpool make amejing product. Best dijain lot ofspeceIn the frize.tanda tnda bhut tnda hai bhai.Kam samy me ekdum tha
Review on: Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator 205 I-MAGIC 5PQG
Rating: By: sachinrk786 | 8 days ago

One year before I have take whirpool single door refrigeter and its work good and eletricity less consume and also easy to clean space is also good and designing is awsome price is also less if you can by this product really this produt is nice and h
"Whirlpool Ice Magic 285L Elite"
Review on: Whirlpool Ice Magic 285L Elite
Rating: By: rishabjolly | 8 days ago

Hello friends,I am using this refrigerator for 1 year which I bought from my nearest market. This refrigerator is not soo good as its cooling capacity is not good. It takes too much time to cool the water, everything kept in this will remain fresh o
Review on: Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy 240 L Triple Door
Rating: By: sheikhhussain13 | 9 days ago

This is new for market.if you eant buy this really its good disiecan .becoze whirlpool make this model different from other protects.Cooling countions well.tempragers its shoud be well for others.Whirlpool FP236d indias best refurazerater .Always we
"Fastercooling system"
Review on: Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator 250 I-MAGIC 5AG
Rating: By: pradipaparida52 | 9 days ago

I love this refrigerator . because it has fastest cooling system available and the electiry consumption is too low .andIts look like superba and its too wide . and if you swith off the fridege 24 hrs cooling inside the fridge andIt has a automated s
"Think before buy"
Review on: Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator Maxigerator SS TT
Rating: By: razssssarkar88 | 10 days ago

Look below advantages and disadvantages before own whirlpool single door refrigeratorADVANTAGESLooks is very beautiful which easily attract everyone.Consume very less power.Easily under everyone budgetNeed very low spaceVery easy to carryDISADVANTAGE
"No light in deep freege"
Review on: Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator NEO IC355 TCGB4
Rating: By: karanreddy43 | 10 days ago

Whirlpool - it is a brand no doubt at all last month I bought whirlpool neo refrigirator 2016 latest version intelli sensored. But one disadvantage in that, no bulb in deep freeze, so that I cannot see in night/dark times what I keep/collect any thi
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