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"I don't like this cooler"
Review on: Usha 34 Tornado ZX CT-343 Personal Air Cooler
Rating: By: somagorai06 | 6 hrs 1 min ago

My friend purchased this this Cola and used last 4 month but my friend is not more happy buy this Kundan so I am some knowledge give me about this cooler its price in the market is very high compared to other cooler and it's looking is very nice but
"Good quality cooler"
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: sanghera1143 | 14 hrs 29 mins ago

Hello friends I am giving a view on usha cl 48 air cooler.it is good brand cooler.there are so many cooler in the market but I like only this brand.I purchased it 9 month ago.it has powerful air delivery.it comes with three speed option like as low,
"BEST Cooler"
Review on: Usha 55 Litre Honeywell CL 601PM Air Cooler
Rating: By: sunrathod0301 | 1 day ago

Cooler has very low noice when it is running .It is an excellent product by usha wheel, icetray is very smooth you can also lock it to avoid moving it.Cooling is excellent It can even run on inverter as it is just 190 watt.I bought this cooler from j
Review on: Usha Ajeet: Double Blower
Rating: By: anjaliabc123 | 2 days ago

Hi friends,the style and design of this cooler is very good.in the beginning the cooling system of this cooler is very good.but after few months this cooler is making very bad sound.it is very irritating in the night time.and the cooling system becom
Review on: Usha 70 CL70PE Desert Cooler
Rating: By: pjay0111 | 5 days ago

First time did not get value for money. one of the very bad experienced of life that can never br forgotten. Regret it very much. should have taken the cooler with fan instead. no cooling only blower noise. PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT. FEELING SHAME TO SELL
"Good cooler"
Review on: Usha 55 Litre Honeywell CL 601PM Air Cooler
Rating: By: abhimaurya2685 | 7 days ago

Usha is since manny year installed in india so that it it trusted brand and it make very good producktes so that it's produckts is also good and it's cooler is very good and is moter is very power full and it consume very low energy and save electric
"Symphony is better"
Review on: Usha 55 Litre Honeywell CL 601PM Air Cooler
Rating: By: snapshout | 8 days ago

USHA was bought previous to symphony. It is not good at cooling. The only good thing about it is that it uses cardboard based layers paper for absorbing the water instead of dry grass support. I think dat it helps in less humidity. It can be good d
"Not good.."
Review on: Usha 55 Litre Honeywell CL 601PM Air Cooler
Rating: By: nkn2599 | 8 days ago

This air cooler is very bad the air quality is ver bad leakage may occur in sone cases.the fans inside the cooler is not durable .low quality materials are used .consumes more power than other coolers the air doesn't flow through entire room it will
"Worth for extra money"
Review on: Usha Honeywell CL48PM Room Air Cooler
Rating: By: vimalananthanap | 10 days ago

Summer started so I am started some research to buy cooler after consider bajai symphony fimally I am decide to buy usha honeywell because of honeywell was foreign company with gud value.Also it use honeycomb pad and watts also low .cost little high
"Usha lexus pc2214a personal cooler"
Review on: Usha Lexus PC2214A-Personal Cooler
Rating: By: pacific6137 | 11 days ago

The cooler is a bad product. waste of money .the cooler can not provide satisfied cold air .bad performance unqualified parts. it is making  high sound and disturbing sleeping time. it is a cheap product like its rate. after months many problems aris
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