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"Usha Air Cooler-Garmi me thandak ka ehsas"
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: Suraj_pandyar | 4 days ago

First off all hands down to usha because this is the worst product I had ever seen .When I use it first time it is so noisey, it cools better in first two three weeks but later on its air cooling decreases, even if we add ice to it, or cool water to
"My best gift by my dad"
Review on: Usha 34 Tornado ZX CT-343 Personal Air Cooler
Rating: By: rd679903 | 7 days ago

Gyus my father gifted me this coller on my b'day . im fully satisfied with my gift given by my father. It has water level indicator which indicates that the water is full or empty. My coller looks black and white. The body of my coller is fully plast
The mercury rising at such critical levels makes it difficult to spend day-to-day life with comfort. If you are thinking of beating the heat this summer without digging a hole in your pocket then air coolers are the best deal to invest upon.
"Air condish nar"
Review on: Usha Lexus PC2214A-Personal Cooler
Rating: By: agaldera999 | 15 days ago

Hi my name is aejaj I wright riveu on air condish nar .air condesnar is vrey good , and his workin feselity is very easy .i like this .so this condisnar is vry good thi air condiah nar in feselityis and sorvises is good.in thi air condish nar cooling
"Usha CL48M Air cooler."
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: litanrocks33 | Sep 18, 2017

Hello friends today I'm gonna to share my personal experience about Usha CL48M Air Cooler.I used it 2 years ago it's so noisy and it's consuming more electricity. First 1 year it's working very good but after that it's started noises and it's cooling
"Usha aircooler"
Review on: Usha 34 Tornado ZX CT-343 Personal Air Cooler
Rating: By: srujana123121 | Sep 18, 2017

Hello my companions let me say a few words on air cooler I will try to share my experience with this product this air cooler was looking nice and used to comfort but its work is not satisfaction and also cooling and sound is also not satisfies the c
"Not so good as expected"
Review on: Usha 55 Litre Honeywell CL 601PM Air Cooler
Rating: By: utkarshbansal198 | Sep 18, 2017

Hello, I'm using this cooler from months, I bought this cooler in this summer season and I found this cooler is not so good as expected because it is an Usha's product. Service and support are alright. But cooling is not so good as I expected before
"More power using Usha cooler"
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: tanveerrr2 | Sep 17, 2017

It is experience of my own I want to share with you. I do not know why people buy these product.May I tell you my story about usha cl48 air cooler so lets go my father had brought in the last summer because the fan of our house has spoiled buy who kn
"Build quality good, Cooling System Nice."
Review on: Usha Air Cooler Lexus Oasis
Rating: By: sunilbb2017 | Sep 15, 2017

I have been using this Cooler since last 5 month. Its very good quality than other companies cooler like Orient, Symphony. Service and Support from Usha company is good one. This cooler working a very well. No any fan or motor making a noise or sound
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: JOSEPHVEDHANAYAdrm | Sep 14, 2017

Few months ago I bought a USHA AIR COOLER. USHA Company is always good concern. EspeciallyElectronic goods. when we switch on the cooler so super cooling air will come .this model is capacity of water probably 40 liters. 3 speed controller it has.
"Good Product of Usha Cooler"
Review on: Usha 34 Tornado ZX CT-343 Personal Air Cooler
Rating: By: ALAGARDRM | Sep 12, 2017

As summer season all time hotting so every once this product as good to cool my house and feelings very cool machine usha is brand company in the world that people to compressing the mode having a special confesor and inside very cooland all look and
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