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Latest Reviews on Usha Air Coolers

"Useless product"
Review on: Usha CL15AM Air Cooler
Rating: By: rezaul7662 | 11 days ago

Hi dear friends, I am going to share my very bad experienced about this Air Cooler. Now I will share you below in details-I am using this air cooler for six months, I have bought this air cooler from amazon online shopping site. It works for two mont
"Usha 20 Shellar"
Review on: Usha 20 Stellar ZX Personal Air Cooler
Rating: By: senthilkumardrm | 15 days ago

Hai to all, I thought Usha offers best automatic coolers yet I wasn't right.i ordered Usha Air Coolers online for my room.they for hot and dusty climate yet it's not right.it is normal air cooler,Advantage: packaging of product is good,large water ta
The mercury rising at such critical levels makes it difficult to spend day-to-day life with comfort. If you are thinking of beating the heat this summer without digging a hole in your pocket then air coolers are the best deal to invest upon.
"The best cooler"
Review on: Usha Honeywell CL 15AM Room Air Cooler
Rating: By: ashwinna33 | 23 days ago

It is the best cooler I have ever seen. It is one of my favourite cooler. It worths it's money. It just works like an air conditioner it is very powerfulAnd easy to use coooler I have ever seen it built quality and the materials used in this cooler
"Usha Cooler - Good brand Cooler"
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: Punithadrm123 | 29 days ago

I purchased this product offline in sathya nagercoil yesterday. .Initially it was not cooling, I was using it for entire night. I was very good now, I can see the cool air blow out. I feel its worth buy for a room of size 10*10maz. if your are planni
"This is utter floap"
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: spyinfo | 30 days ago

I bought this usha cooler befor 6 months when I came for vacation from KSA. It was in April the very hot season in kerala.I selected usha because of my mom is using mixer grinder of the same company and she refered this. But this product spoiled all
Review on: Usha 20 Stellar ZX Personal Air Cooler
Rating: By: wwwakhil1992 | Nov 13, 2017

This air conditioning taking more current. And get less cooling. It will come 1or 2 hours cooling will come after words all come start room to heat the sound will start after 2to3 hours it will come very noisy we can't sleep very well. There is no va
"Usha Air Cooler-Garmi me thandak ka ehsas"
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: Suraj_Prakash | Oct 15, 2017

First off all hands down to usha because this is the worst product I had ever seen .When I use it first time it is so noisey, it cools better in first two three weeks but later on its air cooling decreases, even if we add ice to it, or cool water to
"My best gift by my dad"
Review on: Usha 34 Tornado ZX CT-343 Personal Air Cooler
Rating: By: rajatdwivedi | Oct 12, 2017

Gyus my father gifted me this coller on my b'day . im fully satisfied with my gift given by my father. It has water level indicator which indicates that the water is full or empty. My coller looks black and white. The body of my coller is fully plast
"Air condish nar"
Review on: Usha Lexus PC2214A-Personal Cooler
Rating: By: agaldera999 | Oct 04, 2017

Hi my name is aejaj I wright riveu on air condish nar .air condesnar is vrey good , and his workin feselity is very easy .i like this .so this condisnar is vry good thi air condiah nar in feselityis and sorvises is good.in thi air condish nar cooling
"Usha CL48M Air cooler."
Review on: Usha CL48M Air Cooler
Rating: By: litanrocks33 | Sep 18, 2017

Hello friends today I'm gonna to share my personal experience about Usha CL48M Air Cooler.I used it 2 years ago it's so noisy and it's consuming more electricity. First 1 year it's working very good but after that it's started noises and it's cooling
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