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Latest Reviews on Symphony Air Coolers

"Symphony DiET 22i Tower Air Cooler"
Review on: Symphony DiET 22i Tower Air Cooler
Rating: By: mrking8875 | 11 hrs 8 mins ago

Hi I am mr king .today I am talk about symphony cooler.we purchase it since 6 month after.this is the large storage capacity with impressive air throw.the compect symphony DiET 22i Tower Air cooler is a smart cooling machine.in this amzing feature is
"Symphony winter cooler for enjoying winter"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: Navneetjpr | 1 day ago

Symphony cooler is a famous brand of all the cooler available in the market. People have usually buy this brand due to its brand name symphony. I was also purchased this symphony cooler at rs 10, 000 in the month of april 2016. From that day I will e
"Cool cool"
Review on: Symphony Ice Cube XL Air Cooler
Rating: By: vishnu00000 | 2 days ago

Symphony ice cube cooler is very good cooler in summer season .its help us in making summer more cooler and cooler it cools the room in few minutes I personally used this cooler in summer season. When it is dry it make the weather cool we can put wat
"I loved symphony"
Review on: Symphony DiET 8i Tower Air Cooler
Rating: By: vishnuparmar25 | 2 days ago

I buy this air cooler 3 months ago and today this cooler works smoothly and lg ac also in my room and I would like to say the cooling of these coller are very good and these cooler works like an ac and you can operate these cooler in inverter also an
"Good value for money"
Review on: Symphony HiCool
Rating: By: yammu28 | 3 days ago

As I live in Chennai where the heat in summer will be extremely high and with this air cooler, I was able to tolerate heat to some extent. It will be not like air conditioner which chills the entire room.  It comes with large store tank and also it h
"Cool cool air"
Review on: Symphony HiCool
Rating: By: ghanishthcav | 3 days ago

Symphony cool is to good as caper to othe cool because this cool air good water tank with pump and low voltege air cooler smart look small family good sloution buget price air window swing up and down left to right very good speed.this cooler is very
"Give more cooling than ac"
Review on: Symphony Air Coolers
Rating: By: singleboy432 | 3 days ago

I bought symphony coolers in summer, first I was used to Air conditionors in mY old house, but after I shifted I only have budget to buy a cooler, But after I used symphony cooler I tought about air coolers were changed, Awsome cooling, a value for m
"Well valued ancient looking cooler"
Review on: Symphony Sumo Go
Rating: By: ankitsmart73 | 8 days ago

I wanted an air cooler which have more water space and can be easily mounted anywhere.This cooler is semi ancient modern type cooler because according to looks its ancient but its working is fine as expected.It can be easily mounted on the window or
"Symphony Winter"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: veekay89 | 10 days ago

I have been used this product for my office use.Strengths: NothingWeaknesses: Can cool even 20 square feet area.how can u boast of cooling 750 sq.feet.Overall: Buying symphony winter is complete wastage of money.I dont suggest anyone to buy this junk
"I wont recommend this product its worthless..."
Review on: Symphony Diet 50T
Rating: By: gowtham321 | 11 days ago

client administration fellow itself poor repairing of new ensemble cooler and brought about overwhelming harm .inside one month itself Symphony air Cooler not working in under guarantee.sudden stuck and non portable of Fan not working from the day of
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