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Latest Reviews on Symphony Air Coolers

"Not good cooler"
Review on: Symphony HiCool
Rating: By: shanky260 | 1 day ago

I got this cooler online I heard about the brand so I bought this .but this cooler is not at all good the air pressure is very low and it start giving problem in the just three four months and I called customer care and let then know about the proble
"Dont buy this cooler"
Review on: Symphony Air Coolers
Rating: By: manju9989 | 2 days ago

I purchased symphony jumbo air cooler in 2011 but I had not used for one year initially it worked good but after some days water pump in the cooler has defect and its pumping pipes for the four sides of the grass is short so we can't able to adjust i
"Its bery nice"
Review on: Symphony Jumbo Jr. Room Air Cooler
Rating: By: singhprabal46 | 2 days ago

It's like looking good.its better than tin cooler .where I am using this there environment becomes cool.its light weight that's why I like it I can it by myself.we can keep it in less space.i don't get problem in filling water because outside hole is
"Never Think To Purchase It"
Review on: Symphony Diet 12i 12-Litre Air Cooler With Remote
Rating: By: bijender98765 | 3 days ago

Hi guys its me Bijender once again back yet with an another review of an air cooler so in this review I will share my experience as well as my opinion whether you should purchase this air cooler or not.Summer vacations was going on and I had come to
Review on: Symphony Storm 70i
Rating: By: uzair1234 | 3 days ago

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"Free balance Rs.100 instant"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: siddiquishadab7860 | 3 days ago

Free charge using code RGHUYM2 and get 100 instant cash Rs.100 back as compare to any other promo code. When recharge type inside promo code box RGHUYM2 and get Rs.100 Cash back instant.If have any question you can call or message me.Siddiquishadab78
"Best Cold Wind"
Review on: Symphony Diet 12i 12-Litre Air Cooler With Remote
Rating: By: learns786 | 3 days ago

Hi guys I want to tell you some thing about this . this is amazing. its have many features such as it can easily cool up your room. you will enjoy its cooling in summer season. this is best for the whole summer season. in summer season if you have .
"Symphony diet 50T air coolers are amazing"
Review on: Symphony Diet 50T
Rating: By: shaker302 | 4 days ago

Symphony diet 50T air coolers are amazing it design look like a slim is a very excallent and this model cooler was very good it can fix any place it air was so much cool and the air look like a air conditionar it is so cool it water pumping is very
"Cooler than cooler"
Review on: Symphony Sumo Jr. Room Air Cooler
Rating: By: raghur25256 | 4 days ago

It was the best ac coolerr which I have orederd and I cant belive that the order was delivered in super quick time of less than 2 days. The cooler is very light, portable, and easy to operate. It is pretty good for a small room. It feels great to fac
"Cooler but not a cool deal"
Review on: Symphony Air Coolers
Rating: By: gkantgupta | 6 days ago

I had really had a bad experience with symphony air cooler. First of all the prices of these chain are really high as compared to other competitors in market. Then it not a kind of cooler which can give the environment which you expect. As compared t
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