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Latest Reviews on Symphony Air Coolers

"Symphony winter coolar is the best"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: Khalid123938 | 0 hrs 1 min ago

Symphony winter coolar is the revulation in the world of coolars. This cools like an Air Conditioner and durable for long years. It can give the cooling air in your room without any much sound which do not break your sleep Any one can be satisfied by
"Symphony diet 50t is a good cooler"
Review on: Symphony Diet 50T
Rating: By: nagalivamshi8 | 1 hr 11 mins ago

Sympony diet 50t is a good cooler compair with other cooler and other company coolerThis cooler is like enjoy cooling like a ac its a good cooler plz try your one time u can feel cooling like a ac The tank has a 50 litre capacity and it cools owing
"Bad quality"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: IVVX | 2 hrs 53 mins ago

The plastic used in this product is very bad also the motor of the cooler is really annoying . This is very noisy . It seems like there is a three ton windows ac in your room . I don not like this product at alll . Dont buy this product because the q
"Average but good cooling"
Review on: Symphony Diet 50T
Rating: By: adityasaxena37 | 10 hrs 34 mins ago

This cooler is good if compared with fan however cannot compare it with desert cooler. The cooling is still better and will give relief from summer heat. Its blower makes little noise at speed high. 12i is much better w.r.t to convenience of use and
"Best Air Cooler"
Review on: Symphony Touch 35 35-Litre Air Cooler
Rating: By: bablusharma6055 | 1 day ago

Symphony is the best Air cooler in front of all other coolers. this is a good room cooler if u are using this so u don't need any a/c or other thing for cooling your room or office. Services are good Cooling are great your room or office is get chill
"I am very disappointed"
Review on: Symphony HiCool
Rating: By: shekhmaksood | 1 day ago

Hello freind today I want to share my personal experienceabout sypmphony hicooler. I decide to perchase symphony hicool. I bought it foir my small hall but. I am very sad after buy this hicool it make too much noice redution disturbance during sleepi
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: hare321ku | 1 day ago

This is common man's AC. Quality is so good that it is durable for long years. Minimum 10 years of support it can give. It cools the air in your room without much sound which don't break your sleep. Any customer can be satisfied by this product as it
"Want Natural cooling.....! Go for Symphony.....!"
Review on: Symphony DiET 22i Tower Air Cooler
Rating: By: kalamkarsumant | 1 day ago

I purchased Symphony DiET 22i air cooler one month ago.It's main advantage is that, it is compact in size and hence, it gives excellent cooling effect in small rooms(small rooms of approximately 120-150 squreft. area).It's main features are:1.High ef
"Not good"
Review on: Symphony Diet 50T
Rating: By: pradyum22287 | 1 day ago

Symphony diet 50t is not good priduct he is having a very high price but give satisfaction level very low in this price this is not good product to have and use it.Service and support of this serice is also not good but servicing is very difficultCoo
"Symphony diet50 t is best"
Review on: Symphony Diet 50T
Rating: By: gurid3154 | 1 day ago

My symphony diet 50 t is compare to ac symphony is best to save electicty and best cooling in my room symphoney diet 50 t sasta or badiya he iske liye bhut paisa kharab karne ki jarurat bhi nahi I think so this summer u purchase the symphoney diet50
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