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Latest Reviews on Symphony Air Coolers

"Chali hawa mastani"
Review on: Symphony Sumo XL
Rating: By: bhumi_rocks | 1 day ago

Hi friends.I am bhumika. I am going to tell you about my personal experience about sympony sumo XL. I have purchase symphony sumo Xl and my personal experience about this is awesome. I have put it in my large room and it gives nice cooling in whole r
"Symphony Winter"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: 7j1998meetsum55t | 1 day ago

I had this cooler in summer of 2016. As advertised it will not cool the full room and cools only double bed that's it. The first thing which screwed me was the water dipping from the side and the fan stopped working in 1 year, when I called their ser
"The worst cooler ever used ..."
Review on: Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler
Rating: By: annammajohncy | 2 days ago

I bought this cooler last year . And I have changed its wheels 3 times . The LEDs on the top of the cooler worked fine until they gave up just after 6 months of usage . Its cooling is not that efficient . I have changed its air filter 2 times still
"Its a good cooler"
Review on: Symphony 22 Jumbo Jr. Air Cooler
Rating: By: mukkhinsusrita | 3 days ago

It is my first cooler it was so hot outside when my hubby bought it for me I am so happy with it now I feel very relatable and stresfree it's a good cooler now I sleep very happily and peacefully the cooler cools the room very fastly and no need to f
"Symphony is very good product"
Review on: Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler
Rating: By: debnathtanusree99 | 3 days ago

Hi Guys,One of my best colour ever are used by symphony which has awesome feature along with portable size it's very easy to move any place. The airflow it's been sufflcient for single room and also there is an eye strain we can use for cool air in s
"The water tank is not enough"
Review on: Symphony Sumo Desert Air Cooler
Rating: By: anamay22 | 3 days ago

Although this cooler has a power full airflow but this is not enough the water tank is too small and fails to survive even a night. You will have to wake up in the middle of night and fill up the tank which will surely ruin your night also the hight
"Not good for peak heat"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: anamay22 | 3 days ago

This symphony cooler has a 45litre water tank which is sufficient for a day. This cooler does well in march, april and june. But in may this cooler fails to do its duty as the air flow is not heavy. The air is not fast. And only the person in front o
"Symphony Diet 50i Air Cooler (with Remote) - For L"
Review on: Symphony Air Coolers
Rating: By: arnab31 | 3 days ago

Its a good standy cooler, if you have not enough space to move, specially for bachelors it is best. but demerit of this cooler is it blows air a little because its mouth is vertical and small. which is tough to dry your sweat in summer, better to buy
"Symphony Air cooler"
Review on: Symphony Ninja i XL Air Cooler
Rating: By: prabhudrm | 4 days ago

It was the best brand of air cooling manufacture in india and the price of the air cooler is around 9000 thousand. the total capacity of the water tank is 17 liters. the total speed of blower is 3 speed the body type is ABS plastic. this cooler have
"SYMPHONY TOUCH 35 is awesome ."
Review on: Symphony Touch 35 35-Litre Air Cooler
Rating: By: anilarya071 | 4 days ago

Hi guys, Anil here, I bought this cooler in the month of may, it cost me approx rs 8, 500.now it is july and I am fully satisfied with the performance of this cooler, its being 3 months now , and the cooling it gives is the same, it as good as when i
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