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Latest Reviews on Symphony Air Coolers

"Great deal with symphony winter"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: sharmamonika | 1 day ago

I buy this cooler from a electronic showroom and take it to in my home two years ago . I starts this cooler from morning to night in all the day and it gives me cold cooling to me. it has one benefit is that it has plastic body so no any current to p
"Excellent cooler"
Review on: Symphony Sumo XL
Rating: By: shaleka1010 | 2 days ago

It is the best cooler we have had, as it makes minimal noise and cooles the room excellently. It has wheels so we can fill it in the bathroom and drag it back to the room. We can move it to anyroom of the house. It does not consume a lot of electicit
"Symphony mini sumo"
Review on: Symphony Mini Sumo
Rating: By: sacbudgam786 | 3 days ago

Whenever I choose my any I instrument for y uses either it didn't work or it may stop at the end point. So it very attractive machine which does not need any quotes or stars with any persons it needs changes in their equipments by people will give t
"Very bad"
Review on: Symphony DiET 22i Tower Air Cooler
Rating: By: sekharif | 4 days ago

Ye cooler bahut hi ghatiya kism ka he aur ise me use kar raha pls bjai log aap ise bilkul bhi kahridna mat nhi to sirf paisa, hi haath se jayega bus or kuch hatha nhi aane wala he isliye is cooler ko aap bilkul bhi mat karidna pls bhai log mene ise,
"Symphony HiCool"
Review on: Symphony HiCool
Rating: By: rajesh_reddy | 5 days ago

Really we are not satisfied with the cooler. This cooler is not at all giving cool air. It gives cool air when it is filled with ice cubes or it has be placed outside the window. It is only suitable for two people sitting right infront of it.Pros:Goo
"Great deal with symphony"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: gtathakur87 | 7 days ago

I have also a symphony coolers. Its awesome desine appricate me in this price its very comfertable and lite weight so there will be no problem to move it. It give soo much cooler air which is exellent outstanding in multidirectional. I think you must
"Symphony cooler"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: sahilnanda173 | 7 days ago

Hello friends, this side sahil nanda from new delhi and I want to discuss the review with all of you. I was purchasing symphony winter in summers. I used it for 5 months from april till august. Till then I have no regrets to purchase this product as
"Symphony kaizen below average cooler"
Review on: Symphony Kaizen
Rating: By: bickydebasish | 8 days ago

Symphony is not a good cooler, Symphony company has a lot of different sizes and types cooler lunched in india. But none of these coolers is not good, Symphony in all cooler is cheaper but has some defect in this cooler. When we are buying a new cool
"Bestest features"
Review on: Symphony Diet 50T
Rating: By: jharahul985 | 8 days ago

Advanced intelligence meets advanced electronics. This cooler comes with a digital control panel and a remote control. It occupies less floor space and delivers incredible energy efficiency. And it is loaded with iFunctions.See LessDura-pump technolo
"Nice Product Symphony DiET 22T"
Review on: Symphony DiET 22T
Rating: By: mubeenanadaf | 9 days ago

We have purchased this around 8 month back. The performance of this cooler is awesome. It does not create much noise. Its very much effective when you add ice cubes. However its useful only during summer. We stay in Bangalore where we dont feel to tu
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