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Latest Reviews on Symphony Air Coolers

"Worst Quality Product"
Review on: Symphony Storm 100i Tower Air Cooler
Rating: By: siddiquishadab7860 | 5 hrs 0 mins ago

I buying this product and using it.It running so fast, but doesn't given any Air.This cooler then my fan and also it is too costly and not affordable for Poor family.I am not Like it.Tòo much Costly.Only cooler have long high and work but in work do
"The good cooler in the house."
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: 9199042552_rahul | 1 day ago

Company of symphoy is good in guaranty waranty period they will come and make pefect . Any where servise team come and ma. ke it perfect. The power cooling like rain with strome and we can contorl the speed as we wish. Sound of cooler like ceiling fa
"Great Symphony Cooler"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: Sonu28 | 1 day ago

Hi all, I purchased XL size blue color symphony cooler from amazone in 13k approx. I was surprized when I switch on this cooler. there was no sound or noice. it works like an A.C. the material of this cooler is plastic and its very easy to move even
"Symphony is a very popular company."
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: sarthigoyal2000 | 1 day ago

Symphony is a very big company, also very popular, and a famous. This is also gives the satisfacton to all the customers of india as well as people of all the world. There are many variety of collers. There collers are very good and with full of load
"Not so good"
Review on: Symphony Sumo XL
Rating: By: varshameena | 1 day ago

Today I am saring my personal experience with you about this sympony sumo XL.I purchase this cooler before 8 months ago but I am not happy with this cooler because it causes many problem.first 1-2 month it give good service but later it causes many p
"Cool cooler"
Review on: Symphony Winter
Rating: By: akshitbalana | 2 days ago

This cooler have a modern looks which help to make our home beautiful only this is not the advantage this also have a power fuull motor which give a cool air this cooler provides air same as like air conditioner this cooler is lowest in price we can
"Symphony hicool"
Review on: Symphony HiCool
Rating: By: patelsuneel434 | 2 days ago

Today huminty and globel worming we don't have pecence to live normly and many people wants to puchased ac but bigg problem and and also body imunity .so that frend I chosed to purchsed symphony hicool becusee I think it best option for this summer a
"Best product"
Review on: Symphony 70 Siesta 70 Vent Air Cooler
Rating: By: mahi005 | 2 days ago

Freinds as u know now a day symphony is brand which you can trust on its production quality and service. It has many service centre in country. It qulity is beteer than another. It tank capacity is batter and watt is also 160. It really feel you good
"Nice Cooler for Summer Season"
Review on: Symphony DiET 22T
Rating: By: robertgill212 | 2 days ago

Friends I had bought it 3 years ago and still it is working nice.When I bought it SYMPHONY DIET 22T team engineer came to my house for its installation.Really good customer service but My GREAT COOLER had never make me to contact company as its funct
"Summer hero fan"
Review on: Symphony Jumbo Cool
Rating: By: shivadharavath8464 | 3 days ago

Haii frends now a days in summer seasonSo many human are in cool our bodyAnd cooler fan compere another this areGives quality& service& suppirt& valuefor money 1year guarant this fan areSpeed cool air is coming fan is veryFast another c
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