Latest Reviews on Sunflame Electric Chimneys

"Buy this if you have a Compact kitchen"
Review on: Sunflame 700m3 hr 60cm Aveo DX SS BF Chimney
Rating: By: Thangamdrm | 8 hrs 41 mins ago

This is my true experience. Among several models I selected this because of our small and compact kitchen.Great thing is its neat and simple style.The cleaning of it is so simple and easy.Maintance is very easy. Without damaging the wall area the chi
"Sunflame is best"
Review on: Sunflame 1100cm3/sec 60cm Venza BK Chimney
Rating: By: momdadhaldal | Aug 11, 2017

In the home the kitchen is the best place for Housewife.They give more importance to decorate with all products to keep clean and neat.In That chimney will also include.So in our home we fixed sunflame chimney.The kitchen looks too modern and stylish
Review on: Sunflame 60cm 1100 Innova 60 SS BF Hood Chimney
Rating: By: sksoniakapoor9 | Jul 07, 2017

My experience of buying this chimney is not good as it is a mesh technology not baffle almunium technology. due to mesh oil particles get stuck to chimney require regular cleaning. guys go for baffle technilogy products if you cook more oil food at h
"Sunflame Tulip Chimney"
Review on: Sunflame Tulip 60 BF Electric Chimney
Rating: By: agarwalsharad85 | Jun 19, 2017

I bought this 6 months back from Sunflame outlet, frankly I had no understanding on which one to buy. But when I started researching on different brands this one was most affordable, looks beautiful and defitnely powerful with 1100 cm suction. It abs
"Time saver!!"
Review on: Sunflame 90cm 1100m3 hr Innova SS 90 BF Auto Clean Chimney
Rating: By: consumersay | Mar 11, 2017

This chimney with a sleek design is very easily understood by all age groups.The touch screen makes it even more handy to use.The three speed options to absorb the smoke and steam are sufficient. Auto-timer is like a value added option to this, as th
"Sunflame Chimney - Best For Kictchen"
Review on: Sunflame 1100cm3/sec 60cm Venza BK Chimney
Rating: By: sartaajuppal | Mar 07, 2017

Sunflame chimney is good for my kitchen but I belong to Punjabi Family and makes every food with oily TADKA, it sucks all pollutes on the Tadka time. All buttons, given on chimney are easy to operate and use but on the cleaning time I gets too much s
"Auto Chimney that Understand Indian Food"
Review on: Sunflame 90cm 1100m3 hr Innova SS 90 BF Auto Clean Chimney
Rating: By: anurag_48 | Feb 25, 2017

As we know that the Indian foods are more oil base and because of that chimney filter frequently get choke. Manually cleaning due to heavy oil particle is very difficult to clean these filters. To shutout, this problem the auto cleaning system is ver
"Good but expensive"
Review on: Sunflame 1100 Suction 60 cm Innova SS BF Auto Clean Chimney
Rating: By: akshaykashyapks | Feb 19, 2017

Hello friends my house I brought  this product no complaint on it I have used it for 1 month but no problem  good working fine  and good  design  to our home.Ease to use its very cool to use and automatically  get working so we make a best use of it.
"Cool chimney"
Review on: Sunflame 1100cm3/sec 60cm Venza BK Chimney
Rating: By: singhyatin75353 | Feb 08, 2017

My elder brother install it before 2 years.from then it functioning very well.with nice designe and shap make kitchen cool like desigenr has outo suction of fume oil based air.when start cooking chimney will start outomatically and suck a
"Sunflame Suction Chimney."
Review on: Sunflame 90cm Isola 90 SS BF 1100 Suction Chimney
Rating: By: rajugorai6 | Feb 07, 2017

This is my first experience with this company chimney. I am using this suction chimney in my kitchen. I bought this suction chimney from a showroom five months ago. This suction chimney looking and design both are very attractive and it's used is sim
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