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"Good but expensive"
Review on: Sunflame 1100 Suction 60 cm Innova SS BF Auto Clean Chimney
Rating: By: akshaykashyapks | 2 days ago

Helli friends n my house I brought this product no complaint on it I have used it for 1 month but no problem gpod working fine and good design to our home.Ease to use its very cool to use and automatically get working so we make a best use of i
"Cool chimney"
Review on: Sunflame 1100cm3/sec 60cm Venza BK Chimney
Rating: By: singhyatin75353 | 13 days ago

My elder brother install it before 2 years.from then it functioning very well.with nice designe and shap make kitchen cool like desigenr has outo suction of fume oil based air.when start cooking chimney will start outomatically and suck a
"Sunflame Suction Chimney."
Review on: Sunflame 90cm Isola 90 SS BF 1100 Suction Chimney
Rating: By: rajugorai6 | 14 days ago

This is my first experience with this company chimney. I am using this suction chimney in my kitchen. I bought this suction chimney from a showroom five months ago. This suction chimney looking and design both are very attractive and it's used is sim
"Awesome sunflame chimney"
Review on: Sunflame Tulip 60 BF Electric Chimney
Rating: By: aakibhayat | 17 days ago

Hie friends, today I am going to share my experience with sunflame electronic chimney. It is a powerful chimney with 5years of motor warranty. It'll absorb all some of kitchen and can through in outside even at 1st point. Its design is very good and
"Good product to use easy and safely"
Review on: Sunflame 850 m3 hr 60cm Fusion SS 60 BF Chimney
Rating: By: vishalseo28 | Jan 15, 2017

Attractive look & low noise chimney. I am using this product for 6 months & had great experience with sunflame chimney.Speed controlling & very high beefiness.Easy to clean & wash. Using high quality stainless steal.Style & desig
"Sunflame chimney is not soo worthy"
Review on: Sunflame 1100m3 hr 60cm Venza SS BF Chimney
Rating: By: gagan3168 | Jan 03, 2017

I purchased sunflame 1100m3 chimney six to seven months ago in black colour .It costs me around 9000-10000 on after discounts.I faced some problems with this chimney .Firstly , the installation was not free .The chimney got disturbed within a month w
"Not free installation."
Review on: Sunflame 1100m3 hr 60cm Venza SS BF Chimney
Rating: By: 0141mec108 | Jan 02, 2017

I am using this chimney last one year. this chimney is very easy to use and control is simple, its everything is ok but I want to share problems with it. I bought this chimney and call to customer care and an engineer came my home and install this ch
"Good product but bad quality-Innova chimney"
Review on: Sunflame 90cm 1100m3 hr Innova SS 90 BF Auto Clean Chimney
Rating: By: Kingsam121 | Sep 28, 2016

Hello its your friend here today guys I would like to share with you about my innova chimney which had been purchased few months ago. The product is ok but the quality is not good and not reliable. Since I cam across an instance where I had to call
"Electric Chimney that fresh your kitchen? really?"
Review on: Sunflame 1100m3 hr 60cm Venza SS BF Chimney
Rating: By: Devd01 | Sep 13, 2016

I ve been using this electric chimney for the last 4 years. I would not recommend this product to my well wishers. There are couple of reason to it. 1. When you buy a electric chimney you must see that the oil it sucks and it will not return to your
"Sunflame Decorative Electric"
Review on: Sunflame Decorative Electric Chimney Irish BK BF
Rating: By: babugorivale | Sep 07, 2016

Sunflame 1100 cm3/sec 60 cm Irish BK BF includes some significant downfalls of Rs 12, 000 and has a guarantee of 1 year on smokestack and 5 year on fireplace's engine. It keeps kitchen clean and oil free and is incredible for the individuals who have
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