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"SM Serial"
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: rahulkrishnan12 | 2 days ago

Actually the first part is so interesting and love to watch. The love between both the Husband and wife shows like a real coupels. And they became real couples also. But the second part is some wat boring and this is not muxh greater than the first p
"Sm is wonderful"
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: rockershalu16 | 23 days ago

Saravanan meenatchi season first is so touching to all. really awesome pair. Each and everyday that serial exciting to end. Music and bgm is perfect suitable to saravanan meenatchi. I like this serial very much. Too good acting in serial monday to fr
"Neeya naana"
Review on: Neeya Naana
Rating: By: sahanasahar20 | 23 days ago

Neeya naana vijay tv program. Its anchor by gopinath. My favourite show. Super reality show. Gopinath speaking words are very truth and lovely every watching sunday we are dont miss them. It discuss reality life thoughts good and bad. people speaking
"Saravanan meenatchi"
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: sdineshmsdabd | 30 days ago

The saravanan meenatchi to completed to the 1000 episode, saravanan meenatchi romans music is nice if meenatchi is beatiful girl in this serial and the meenatchi acted with one movie and saravanan is acting is super saravanan is allreay worked in su
"Welcome megastar to meelo evaru koteeswarudu"
Review on: Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu
Rating: By: johnny1010 | Dec 15, 2016

Very intresting program in maa tv . Its a knowldge basic program which one educate ours and rntertain , that is meelo evaru kotteeswarudu. Prrvious episodes we fully enjoyed with super star akkineni nagarjuna .now its time to wait for megastar who wa
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: saravananjeyaraj | Dec 09, 2016

Saravanan meenatkshi pair was not good as that of senthil and sreeja.moreover its not realistic .it looks like an artificial drama played in village backdrop.but the cast in this serial plays well according to Their characters.i would suggest the tea
"Global villager's saravanan meenatchi"
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: experts | Dec 05, 2016

This tele serial is a romantic drama serires around an intimate pair named saravanan and meenatchi. It make to feel about the greenishness of village, but the only reason I hate the serial was, they are repeating the same story, screenplay and cast.
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: vivekitty | Nov 09, 2016

In first season of its run this serial saravanan meenatchi was very engaging and interesting but as day pass on this serial became the most boring serial basically due not so engaging plot and average story the director should make the plot a lit
"Talking our worth"
Review on: Neeya Naana
Rating: By: vgr11 | Oct 16, 2016

Neeya naana show in vijay tv .it was mostly only part of our life .It says our truth by speaking own life truth .it helps the society to develop and learn the life what we are.and saying how to carry our own life stage by stage in the society. we w
"Horrible program that makes people more insensible"
Review on: Neeya Naana
Rating: By: mrvalli | Sep 24, 2016

The program is useless debate, and the host sounds terribly ego centred as if he is hosting the best of the show and to best of his abilities and also he likes the similar participants and as well the guests who also are all fully exhibiting their eg
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