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"Global villager's saravanan meenatchi"
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: experts | 3 days ago

This tele serial is a romantic drama serires around an intimate pair named saravanan and meenatchi. It make to feel about the greenishness of village, but the only reason I hate the serial was, they are repeating the same story, screenplay and cast.
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: vivekitty | 29 days ago

In first season of its run this serial saravanan meenatchi was very engaging and interesting but as day pass on this serial became the most boring serial basically due not so engaging plot and average story the director should make the plot a lit
"Talking our worth"
Review on: Neeya Naana
Rating: By: vgr11 | Oct 16, 2016

Neeya naana show in vijay tv .it was mostly only part of our life .It says our truth by speaking own life truth .it helps the society to develop and learn the life what we are.and saying how to carry our own life stage by stage in the society. we w
"Horrible program that makes people more insensible"
Review on: Neeya Naana
Rating: By: mrvalli | Sep 24, 2016

The program is useless debate, and the host sounds terribly ego centred as if he is hosting the best of the show and to best of his abilities and also he likes the similar participants and as well the guests who also are all fully exhibiting their eg
"Informative talk show in tamil"
Review on: Neeya Naana
Rating: By: svprabhu27 | Aug 31, 2016

Neeya naana in Vijay tv is a famous talk show in tamil. They are conducting every week different concept. It reveals the human lifestyle, nature of life, and also some entertainment concepts.The show at last provides good information to all of us.
"Funny and Very Interesting saravanan character"
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: veekay89 | Aug 15, 2016

This serial is telecasting in vijay tv and now the interesting third part is going on.The Roleof the hero in the second part vettaiyan and in the third part is very interesting.while we seeing the third part of the serial now a days the hero role is
Review on: Neeya Naana
Rating: By: veekay89 | Aug 15, 2016

One of our Rights is to speak. Mr.Gopinath as the anchor of the Neeya Naana program isdoing really well.Star Vijay is always just think different from other channels.The programsrouse around the channel is also very unique.Especially while I am parti
"Saravanan meenatchi-love story which has no end"
Review on: Saravanan Meenatchi
Rating: By: anandcbeengg | Jul 11, 2016

This serial revolves only two main characters saravanan and meenatchi and their families.Initially saravanan and meenatchi fight each other but they fall in love after some days.They get married and settles in canada.Now the next generation saravanan
"Love mek"
Review on: Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu
Rating: By: Pai481 | Jun 04, 2016

Its a great show to improve our general knowledge and general awareness.even it is becoming a fanily show too because many people who are facing problems in their life and who has dreams are came true by thus show.people preparung for competing exams
Review on: Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu
Rating: By: yepurisrinivasara | Apr 25, 2016

This the most popular game show.popularly known by its abreviation is an indian regional television game show presented in this all season of this game show is presented by telugu actor mr.akkineni all the season till da
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