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"Hard to travel"
Review on: Khadims Shoes
Rating: By: gauravgola58 | 0 hrs 50 mins ago

Hey guys, I wanna tell you something about these khadims shoes brand.It's very uncomfortable when you wear is and wall on street, home, school, and any place.It's durability is so short it's can't be user for a long time,It's soul will early damage a
"Bata shoes"
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: harshveersingh707 | 1 hr 47 mins ago

It is good company but I dont like the shoes of this company bcz it has very less varitey and no comfortable shoes if in formal I have a choice to wear bata or redtape I will choose redtape bcz it has nice sole nice look and it gives us a royal look
"Nike Airmax"
Review on: Nike Airmax
Rating: By: harshveersingh707 | 1 hr 57 mins ago

This very good brand which provides you many good product with many varities good look light weight shoes I love this brand of shoes bcz they are light in weight they are comfortable shoes and I hope that no one can say that this brand is not a good
"Superb shoes feeling very comfotable"
Review on: Nivia Shoes
Rating: By: monu9 | 3 hrs 14 mins ago

Nivia shoes are really very good . They provides durable shoes in affordable prices. the quality of shoes is very nice . but I can say that its not soo good as shown in the picture. but its very good as compared to the price of the shoes. they are n
Review on: Woodland Shoes
Rating: By: riteshbbd | 8 hrs 15 mins ago

Friends you can say this is a lifetime shoes. I am using this shoes from back four years and you can not say it is four year old. They provide a great customer satisfaction and the price is very much.My mother is always trying to stop me from buying
Review on: FLX Footwear
Rating: By: amarrautiya25 | 10 hrs 29 mins ago

FLX Footwear doesn't have a quality which you aspect. its quality is not satisfactory. don't go with it it wast of time and money too. the customer service is also bad as I feel not satisfactory service, you can buy any thing else. its not a product
"Life long"
Review on: Puma
Rating: By: dogralakshay9 | 10 hrs 34 mins ago

If we talk about its shoes so puma company is a most trusted company as compared from all its shoes are made of very good leather and those shoes does not crack long time I wear puma shoes and I loving it its design its comparability of sole etc so a
"Quality is so cheap."
Review on: Fila
Rating: By: ss2041752 | 1 day ago

It is too uncomfortable and design is not so good. I was dissapointed by purchasing this product.In starting they were very nice in fitting but afterthat its sole started expanding , I felt pain in my feets finger.Its durability is so poor.The range
"Read it before to buy Sparx Footwear"
Review on: Sparx Footwear
Rating: By: Varun_genuin | 1 day ago

Hello friends,I am using sparx footwear from many years as my slippers, shoes and sandals.I would like to share my personal experience with sparx footwear.Customer service is very good in my view as they greet me with respect and behaviour is also ve
Review on: Woodland
Rating: By: janakrj | 1 day ago

We spend our so much of money in buying many of the shoes as according to the fashions amd durability.but none of them remains long.woodland is not just a name but its a trust and quality of shoes gives u durable shoes with the trending fashion.its
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