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"Adidas super shoes good looking"
Review on: Adidas Shoes
Rating: By: ranj786652 | 0 hrs 17 mins ago

I am looking for a while and I am looking forward to seeing you there are no longer available on on the phone ?? the same time ? hak the best thing to do with the new job in London and the other side of the most popular and the other side and I will
"Action- Simple and comfortable"
Review on: Action
Rating: By: mrcoolsingh26 | 0 hrs 51 mins ago

I am wearing action footwear now about 6-7 years.As when I was in school there is rule in my school ti wear action shoes only and at home also I wear action flip flops as these are not so expensive and these are comfortable too.These are also durable
"Bata Shoes Good one."
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: swapnilbarve2013 | 2 hrs 14 mins ago

Bata is very popular company for made a shoes. Bata India is the largest retailer and leading manufacturer of footwear in India and is a part of the Bata Shoe Organization.i have always ordered & purchase the shoes from only Bata showroom. And al
"Comfortable for feet"
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: mariyamfarooq47 | 2 hrs 24 mins ago

It is very comfortable shoes every time when we want to buy a shoes for our college or school we go yo the store that name is bata nd there were alot of variety nd sometines every shoes I pick that I want to I wish I buy because every shoes quality n
"Nice but not fasionable"
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: dhirajpatel419 | 3 hrs 27 mins ago

Bata shoes is a nice company product it has a nice finishing because it is a office sandals. Slippers and shoes are also involved in bata product and company .school or colleges student didn't wear a bata or paragon sandals slippers and shoes because
Review on: Nike Shoes
Rating: By: meetpanchal75 | 4 hrs 25 mins ago

Nike brand are so nice I am using nike shoes his complet all over nike shoe are very good brand are looking shoe are very attrective and shoe are perfectly use daily no ther complen and long time using shoe other nike item are very nice.Nike bran are
"Looks ugly , not stylish ,poor service"
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: maxaish | 6 hrs 13 mins ago

Hello my dear friends my name is max I am from pune and there are no bata stores situated near by me and in local stores they keep shoes of bata but they only keep selected model not many varieties , and according to me this shoes stay long durable ,
"Best with maximum comfortness."
Review on: Sparx Footwear
Rating: By: macrriders | 6 hrs 20 mins ago

I totally pledge for sparx footwear my whole family is the biggest fan of this footwear because they are highly durable and reliable to use. Once you buy this footwear according to you size then there is no chance your money gonna be wasted becuase t
"Easily comfortable & smooth running"
Review on: Sparx Footwear
Rating: By: kets4953 | 6 hrs 43 mins ago

Todays all the brand launche all kind of shoes, flip, flop, snadals, etc.sparx is the very good brand for footwear.all kinds of sparx footwear look differnet than other.day by day sparx launch new kind of footwear.last week I buy a sparx sandals from
"Fabulous shoes I love it"
Review on: Adidas Shoes
Rating: By: vishnuparmar25 | 8 hrs 25 mins ago

I think adidas is one of the best company in sports and this is my personnel experince and my experince say that shoes are awesome and I buy that adidas shoes 2 year ago and on that day these shoes are like new because the quality of the product is n
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