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Review on: Woodland Shoes
Rating: By: jobinthomas007 | 0 hrs 24 mins ago

Today I got a woodland shoe. I think woodland is the best shoe brad ever I seen. Its giving a new experience. Woodland shoes is keeping royalty always. Even if its a shoe without waterproof, I prefer to use this. Woodland is always a good quality and
"Adidas shoes "
Review on: Adidas Shoes
Rating: By: arnavraj48 | 1 hr 22 mins ago

My first pair of running shoes was from an Adidas outlet store. I hardly ever know what model of shoes I have so I don't know what they were exactly, but I remember it being neon blue with a little bit of neon green and it had quite a wide base makin
"Sparx floaters good and affordable"
Review on: Sparx Footwear
Rating: By: rohansawsome | 3 hrs 42 mins ago

The floater otself is great doesnt look really good or bad I have worn adda for two years but the price is increasing everyday and the designs are very less where as sparx floater are affordable and hqve many desins to choose from and also they chang
Review on: Liberty Shoes
Rating: By: yashwin353 | 4 hrs 35 mins ago

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"Indian style"
Review on: Bata
Rating: By: bonysam30 | 5 hrs 19 mins ago

Since my childhood I remember Bata was the only shoes I been wearing and is wearing till today. My parents have always insisted on Bata shoes. When I was in school I wore Bata canvas shoe and Bata sports shoes. I had a black party shoe from Bata. Eve
"I lv nike"
Review on: Nike Shoes
Rating: By: yashwin353 | 5 hrs 22 mins ago

Nike products are excclent and cool products.?Really very very nice for using itOk now every product in nike hav best design and will. Get a little bit happy ness from it. I lv the products of it very much .? . Which have every design which I like
"Love Adidas"
Review on: Adidas Shoes
Rating: By: Kanwal361 | 5 hrs 36 mins ago

I had purchased adidas sports shoes since 1 year ago. that cost me for 4000r approx. and I like that shoes very much. they are very comfortable and light wieght. I daily use that shoes in gym. its quality is very premium and of durable quality. I spe
"Good quality"
Review on: Nike Shoes
Rating: By: bonysam30 | 9 hrs 1 min ago

I have been buying nike shoes and sweatshirts track suits . one thing is for sure it amazingly good in terms of quality durability comfort and colorI tested my shoes in extreme weather conditions and it doesn't wears off . for example I have a nike s
"Awesome! !"
Review on: Nike Shoes
Rating: By: LibbuSwain | 10 hrs 9 mins ago

They are extremely comfortable! ! Can be used for everyday use. And the quality is very good just go for it.I purchased one of there shoes just to try them and now im a huge fan of nike. There shoes are just fab! The price what they demand is the qua
"Poor quality, still expensive"
Review on: Lotto Shoes
Rating: By: shivamcool682 | 1 day ago

This company makes cheap quality products. I ordered two items at different times. firt I order lotto flip flops. they work well for 2 months. after that, its sole was riped off slowly. And then I buy lotto shoe model - "lotto trail speed li red". t
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