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"Its cool......."
Review on: Samsung 192 RR19J2824RX/TL Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: Amit62524 | 1 day ago

The samsung 192 is a single door stylish refrigerator. The crown shape of the door gives a very nice look.this refrigerator works without any stabilizer, its works steadily if there is high fluctuation in voltage. Steady working increases its durabi
"Samsung Double Door RT34."
Review on: Samsung Double Door RT34
Rating: By: rizzu4 | 1 day ago

Samsung is a well known brand of electonical products but its Refrigerators are so expensive that everyone can not afford it.The value for money is a major drawback of this brand. Its functions are satisfactory but its electricity consumption is very
"Best product."
Review on: Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR19J21C3VJ)
Rating: By: rohanaarya23 | 1 day ago

I am using this samsung refrigerator feom a month and it is working very efficiently . This does not require a regulator it maintains its own voltage . So there is no need of an voltage regulator . This also has a varying speed regulator inside to c
"Good one"
Review on: Samsung Double Door RT34
Rating: By: Luckylakshman | 1 day ago

Hiiiiii friendddsss today iam discussing about the samsungg Double door RT34 and it is the good product. It is easyyy to usee . And it has a double door facility and it is good product and. It has a lot of space to put the products in itt it is. A G
"Samsung Refrigirator - worth"
Review on: Samsung Refrigerator RS20CRPS5
Rating: By: Yerramsahithi | 2 days ago

I bought this refrigerator three years ago from a local Samsung dealer I negotiated for the price and the local dealer has sold it for a lower price than the market price. The performance till today stands perfect. There is an ample space given for s
Review on: Samsung RA19F
Rating: By: kranthi_24 | 2 days ago

Samsung is a very good brand not only in phones but also in other appliances now this samsung fridge is a very good one as it is one of the vest product in samsung.It has a very unique style and a very good design on the top of the fridge.It has the
"Samsung refrigerator RT28GCTS"
Review on: Samsung Refrigerator RT28GCTS
Rating: By: sumitsohan | 3 days ago

Hello everyone today we are discussing about Samsung refrigerator. I am sharing with you my opinion about Samsung refrigerator. The design of this refrigerator is very good. As we know that Samsung is a famous brand and it makes good electronics prod
"Samsung RT-35"
Review on: Samsung RT-35
Rating: By: rishabjolly | 3 days ago

Hello friends,I am using this refrigerator for 2 months which I purchased from samsung store. In the beginning its performance is very good, its cooling capacity is awesome which make the contents fresher for long period, it looks grate , its design
"Samsung RT32 M"
Review on: Samsung RT32 M
Rating: By: nilesh281 | 4 days ago

Hi. Friends Today's I am sharing my personal experience with the Samsung refrigerator. Today's date many more companies refrigerator available in the market but Samsung RT32 refrigerator is Very superb quality products because is available faster coo
"Not a good refrigerator!"
Review on: Samsung 212 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR21K282ZRZ)
Rating: By: rizzu4 | 5 days ago

Samsung 212 Direct Cool Single Refrigerator is a very less featured refrigerator at a very high price which makes its customers feel disappointed so much.Its design is quite simple and its durability is less than its warranty period. I am very disapp
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