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"Samsung Double Door refrigerator."
Review on: Samsung Double Door RT34
Rating: By: Sureshpatel404 | 1 day ago

Hello friends,I want to share my personal experience about Samsung Double Door refrigerator. Many people like this company products because it refrigerator is very ease of use and its cooling setting is very easy to handle.I bought this refrigerator
"Relief from cool"
Review on: Samsung RT36JDRZFSL Top Mount Freezer With Digital Inverter 345 L
Rating: By: azizsnowman | 1 day ago

This product is the outstanding product which is uniquely designed for the areas where there is very warm.It has an excellent cooling effect on the products. It keeps thing cool twenty four hours and keeps them save from the invasion of germs. The p
"Samsung RA 17AV"
Review on: Samsung RA 17AV
Rating: By: sravankola9 | 3 days ago

The fridge comes in steel color which makes it so different. Power consumption is less as I felt in my electricity bill. It is the best option for a family of 2-4 people. It has 2 adjustable shelves above the vegetable box making 3 compartments avail
Review on: Samsung RA 17AV
Rating: By: shakeelahmedk836 | 3 days ago

We purchased it on deewali festival sale on some offers with it. It was so effectivelyIt is compact refrigerator sufficient for small family and for small housesIf you are planning to purchase this refrigerator go for the model.It helps in keeping th
"Please buy a refregirator"
Review on: Samsung RT42HDAGESL-TL 415 L Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: noushadsheikh7s | 4 days ago

I have a refregirator and this quality is brand and this use is very simpleIt is very smart refegirator and this feature is all refregirators different and this is very safe for children and this compony service is very goodRefregirator look is good
"Great Samsung Refrigerator"
Review on: Samsung Double Door Refrigerator RT32CDLB1
Rating: By: akashdeepsingh123 | 5 days ago

The Samsung Double Door Refrigerator is just awesome.It is not like other brand double door refrigerator. As known it to be a samsung product it has awesome cooling and freezing power.The refrigerator is very suitable in case of elctricity consumptio
Review on: Samsung RT42HDAGESL-TL 415 L Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: taufiqbagwan1994 | 5 days ago

GOOD MORNING FRiends today I am going to Recommend you about The Indian Best and popular Company Brand which is Samsung.Samsung it is Largest company brand not only in India but also Across the World about its good Automatically features.So let's tal
"Not a bad deal with Samsung Double Door Fridge"
Review on: Samsung Double Door RT34
Rating: By: kramadhatig | 9 days ago

We purchased a brand new Samsung Double Door RT34 refrigerator in the year 2008. By that time it was really looking good and was easy in use for us. Later on as the time was proceeding I found that the upper door is simply going waste as we don't u
"New Model with advanced technos"
Review on: Samsung RT27JARMABX 234 L Refridgerator
Rating: By: Raja201 | 9 days ago

It is more stylish than other Double door Refrigerators. It has freezer on its top. It is frost free. Easy to handle. Warranty covers for 10 years. Storage capacity is high. Door has lots of separate sectors for Eggs, Bottles and Vegetable storage bo
Review on: Samsung RT42HDAGESL-TL 415 L Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: fsa06081 | 10 days ago

CoolYou don't need to be the best if you can be the crowd favorite. The Samsung Galaxy A8 is Samsung's thinnest smartphone yet and is certainly learning from the Note5 in some respects, but while it can't beat it on features it's likely to rival it o
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