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"Sumsung refrigirator"
Review on: Samsung Refrigerator RS20CRPS5
Rating: By: chadaspandana | 2 days ago

This refrigirator is bad coolong bad quality product.dont take this refrigirator.cooling is too bad .and bad smell will coming to the refrigirator.average refigirator taking 6years before .not getting the light on the refrigirator dont by the refrig
"Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator!"
Review on: Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT27JSMSAPZ)
Rating: By: js007 | 3 days ago

I  buy this refrigerator on the  22 May 2016 from the Ramakant Electronics, Surat. I get the discount of the 5% on MRP . The price I need to pay is near about the 28000 rupees.I want to tell some problem about this Refrigerator:1)The price of the ref
A refrigerator is a necessity in very household. Over time, the standard refrigerators have gone through drastic innovations making it difficult to choose one that best suits your requirements. To help you select the perfect one from the large array, we have bought you some guidelines that will help you understand the different types of refrigerators available in the market and pick one that is perfect for your kitchen.
"Samsung RT 23 Economy"
Review on: Samsung RT 23 Economy
Rating: By: Ramavtar456 | 6 days ago

Hello friends, I'm not sharing life experience with you about Samsung RT 23 Economy.It is not user friendly at all. It is very difficult to use it, it takes too much time to get cold and electricity gets hot soon, its texture is also of old style, it
"Worth every penny"
Review on: Samsung Double Door Refrigerator RT28FAJYASA
Rating: By: tengphans | 6 days ago

Hi guys I bought this refigerator offline. Before buying I checked it at my friends placeand I found it fantabulas. So I bought it it look very nice and cool finishing is very nice. And let me tell you that it will free like Antartica within an hour.
"Waste thing"
Review on: Samsung RT49K6758S9 476 Ltr 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: swttabuansari786 | 8 days ago

This refrigerator we are using but really not happy with it service. Cooling is too bad . uses more electricity power food smells in it. Vegetables get spoil after a day or two very sansitive bottle racket very costly it takes a day for making ice cr
"Waste of money it is"
Review on: Samsung RT34K3753S9/HL Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: swttabuansari786 | 8 days ago

This we have purchase before two years and face 20 problems in it. It dosent get cool after use of 6 to 7 months . its gas gets over after a year and then after every 3 months limited space for water bottles . vegetables dosent remain fresh after a d
"Very reliable product"
Review on: Samsung Double Door Refrigerator RT59FBSL1/XTL
Rating: By: Radha1969 | 11 days ago

I bought this refrigerator 10 years back.Astonishingly, I can frankly say that, even now its working is perfect.I have not done any servicing or repair work so far. The food stuff remain fresh for many days.Even when I go outstation, it is safe to ke
"Super refrigerator"
Review on: Samsung RT27JARMESE/TL 253 L Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: kokila2101 | 12 days ago

Hello friends I tell you about my experience in samsung RT27 double door refrigeratorIt is looking was very good and charming, it is love at first sight.Not only about looks, its performance is very nice, cooling adjustment work is very good and easy
"Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator"
Review on: Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR19J21C3VJ)
Rating: By: Ramavtar456 | 13 days ago

Hello friends Today, I want to share ideas with you about Samsung Single Door refrigerator.This refrigerator is not user friendly at all, it has to face a lot of problems in using it. The refrigerator does not cool quickly, its size is very small, so
"Samsung refrigerator"
Review on: Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT27JSMSAPZ)
Rating: By: aartikayast | 14 days ago

Today I'm talking about Samsung double deck refrigerator. This is the one of the best refrigerator . It's good quality refrigerator. I have used in my house so I can explain about this refrigerator. This refrigerator more useful to keep the things in
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