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"Chota bheem sucks"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: sunilkahar1 | 1 day ago

This is one of the worst cartoon show in india history. I mean look at that thing worst graphics, bad storyline and even worst characters.Kids nowadays will never understand the epic cartoon was then in 90s& just because this kind of show the ind
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: abinashjustus | 3 days ago

The super and more entertaining Indian cartoon. The characters are awesome they have their own style Bheem the power pack boy laddu gives a more power to him. Chutki the cutest and good pretty girl. Raju and jakuu they are a good friends I like them.
"Bheem but chhota??????"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: joydeeppal1996 | 5 days ago

Bheem is a mytho logical character.he is an extremely brave, strong and intelligent young boy.he and his friends are shown in this animated series.he has many friends.some are good and some always want to harm him.his friends are raju , indumati, chu
"The Superhero chhota bheem"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: kumaranilanil017 | 5 days ago

Chhota bheem is best indian animated television series. I like the acting of kallia and dholu bholu they entertain very much and they are so funny character and kallia always try to defeat chhota bheem but always fail to defeat. All the main characte
"Nice cartoon"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: Pramodk808 | 5 days ago

Chota bheem is good cartoon series & entertaining cartoon. This cartoon is specially for childrens only. Every episod they give good message to childrens. Animation in this cartoon is ok but need to improve. Doubing of this cartoon is best. Also
"Chotta bheem"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: judebryankorrapati | 13 days ago

I am telling you at first few episodes I used to watch this cartoon. And later after a few months they used to telecatst the worst episodes and I totaly hate it. As I told you the earlier cartoon were far more better than these cartoons. The worst an
"Choota bheem"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: rashuvishu | 13 days ago

Chhota beem is a very famous cartoon. The character of bheem is very nice. This cartoon is loved by all kids. My son is also fond of chhota bheem. His costume is also designed nicely. In every school, the cartoon fancy dress competation will be most
"Chotta Bheem for kids"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: Aravinth7 | 15 days ago

Chotta bheem is hero who is smart and strong. It is a show for kids. Kids like this show very much. With help of his friends like raju, bholu, dholu, gaaku, chili and kaliya having their fun in their village. But the show always shoes him& his fr
"Chota bheem power effect"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: sanjibking17 | 17 days ago

Chhota bheem is story about Indian village dholakpur .this show about the power of chhota bheem.bheem save his village to problems .bheem friends name, Raju, chutki, jaggu( monkey), kalia, dholu, bholu and rajkimari indumati. The gang of bheem help e
"I love chotaaaaa bheem"
Review on: Chhota Bheem
Rating: By: sweta1989 | 17 days ago

Chotaa bheem is a nice and popular cartoon in country . Every child or every people watch this cartoon . Even I am also watch this cartoon . Its come on POGO Channel . In this cartoon Chota bheem very powerful and helpful boy . Chutki, Jaggu and Raj
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