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"Onida 29 Oxygen tv i dont liked"
Review on: Onida 29 Oxygen
Rating: By: g9773343142 | 8 hrs 5 mins ago

Some month before I think to buy a tv for my home but I am confused which tv is suitable for my home this time some one is adviced to me to purchased only Onida 29 Oxygen tv I decided to buy this tv so I am faster to go in my nearest Onida showroom
"Onida 29 oxygen"
Review on: Onida 29 Oxygen
Rating: By: Gundluru | 10 hrs 24 mins ago

Hi to day I want to share my experience concerning this product as I used it 3years past.but I'm whole thwarted with this product. It's image quality is that the worst issue in it. Resolution is dangerous. Runs on 480 . now a there's diode TV generat
"7 years OLD, Still works as best !"
Review on: Onida LEO22FRB 55.8 cm (22) LED TV (Full HD)
Rating: By: techrockers036 | 1 day ago

This TV been bought from my first moth salary on 2010, with the cost of Rs.12000/- now its 2017 almost 7 passed . it still works like the first day when I switch on the TV. the very good thing with ONIDA TV is till this movement no fault happened. Wh
"Good Android TV at this price range"
Review on: Onida LEO32HAIN 80 cm (32) LED TV (HD Ready, Smart)
Rating: By: shubhamdubey354 | 2 days ago

The Onida LEO32HAIN is an android television which comes with a one year warranty. I am using this television since 2 years. The functions works very fine and it's very amazing to have this kinds of functions in a television. Surfing Internet with t
"Onida 105.66cm (42)"
Review on: Onida 105.66cm (42) Full HD LED TV
Rating: By: ALAGARDRM | 2 days ago

Onida HD television has videos and audios of sound quality has been bought menu reception keys the value of there amount of cost to that service and support of television and if more option keep review informer colourful television and may be attract
"Onida 29Oxygen"
Review on: Onida 29 Oxygen
Rating: By: arundeeps035 | 4 days ago

Hello friends today I shall review about the Onida 29 oxygen.Last two years back I bought this tv.Video quality. It's video quality is not very good. It's picture quality is worst thing in it, resolution is very bad. It's color is
"Average picture"
Review on: Onida LEO32HSS 80 cm (31.5) LED TV (HD Ready)
Rating: By: shurpkarn | 5 days ago

Last year I received a gift on my birthday in form of Onida LED TV . I was delighted to see the gift of one trusted brand . But my joy perished only after few days to see the video quality of the TV was not at all HD and looked like very ordinary pic
"Not a good "SMART" TV."
Review on: Onida 40 iTube Smart LED TV
Rating: By: devanagarkar | 8 days ago

Hiiiiiiii.I have been using this for more than 5 month. I am mainly using it is a good second monitor for my laptop. The picture quality and audio quality are pretty good. The remote is good, but is not as responsive as you would like it to be. It c
Review on: Onida 105.66cm (42) Full HD LED TV
Rating: By: ranjithadrm | 11 days ago

Hi friends, I would like to share the review of onida TV. I will bought the onida TV in last month. Wow which is super quality. And picture is very clear. I will enjoy this TV. And the service also very good. I bought the TV and within 15min servi
"Its good"
Review on: Onida 105.66cm (42) Full HD LED TV
Rating: By: Rahul47449 | 11 days ago

I bought the onida tv which is good. also onida is a oldest company of tv's that you can trust it. I am fully satisfy from this product because the video and the sound quality is very good. its a 42 inches fully HD LED tv that makes your picture shat
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