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Latest Reviews on Onida Televisions

"Onida ultra slim"
Review on: Onida Ultra Slim
Rating: By: rishisoni1545 | 1 day ago

I dont like it ????????????????????????????????????????
"Onida 29 oxygen"
Review on: Onida 29 Oxygen
Rating: By: rishisoni1545 | 1 day ago

It dont like it ????????????????????????????????????????
Review on: Onida 21 Black 600
Rating: By: venkateshdrm | 1 day ago

Onida 21 inch black TV is present in my home. It was brought when I was child studying 2nd std. It was running very successfully till now without a single failure. Video quality was very nice. Sound reception is too good. This TV is very cheap and be
"Onida 40 i Tube smart LED"
Review on: Onida 40 iTube Smart LED TV
Rating: By: baruahsumu5 | 1 day ago

Onida is the best and trusted brand from the 90th century.My father told me that in our house my father first purchase a black and white TV of Onida brand.they like the brand very much.after that in 2016 my father purchase Onida 40 iTube smart LED
Review on: Onida 105.66cm (42) Full HD LED TV
Rating: By: anjaliabc123 | 4 days ago

Hi friends,we bought this LED before 1 year.the looks and design of this led is very good.the picture quality of this LED is not so good.and the video angles of this LED are also very bad.the sound reception of this LED is also not so good.the servi
Review on: Onida LEO4000F 101.6 cm (40) LED TV (Full HD)
Rating: By: duttajagamohan1997 | 5 days ago

The video Quality of ONIDA LEO4000F 101.6cm(40) LED TV is full HD quality, the sound of ONIDA LEO4000F is clear and attractive. ONIDA IS THE LODEST COMPANY SO THE QUALITY IS VERY GOOD. My father purchased onida Tv it is looking very nice and the vide
"Not believable product."
Review on: Onida 21 Ky Thunder
Rating: By: rajurajput9034 | 6 days ago

Hyee frnds Today am share my personal experience about onida 21 KY thunder. This T. V. Is not good. Many times before onida make a biggest brand in market. It's sound quality is very poor. It's picture quality is very bad. It's sanser does not wor
"I dont like it"
Review on: Onida 29 Oxygen
Rating: By: tejpal98135 | 7 days ago

Video quality : - this is small in size and its craze has been finished throught the worldwide. It is kept those people have whose financial condition is not good. It is good for those people . But now time has been come of led smart television . We
"Not much good product"
Review on: Onida 105.66cm (42) Full HD LED TV
Rating: By: tejpal98135 | 8 days ago

Video quality: - first of all my friends one thing I'm going to clear that thing is regarding India led . Which I'm gonna sharing with you. What happend to purchased it to me . Before it tell you about its videos quality. The video quality of this pr
"Not Good"
Review on: Onida KY Thunder
Rating: By: masatramma83 | 9 days ago

Heyy Peoples, I woud like to tell you something about my knowledge about Onida KY Thunder. Onida KY Thunder is a bad TV.First all, Quality of this Television is bad. If you had a digital connection of your dish and have this television, then you'll n
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