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Latest Reviews on Onida Televisions

Review on: Onida LEO5000F 125.73 cm (50) LED TV (Full HD)
Rating: By: shubhammahajanss66 | 2 days ago

This product quality is very bad and the back panel is made of very bad material.Its breaks very easily.1)This led picture quality is not very good.It looks like its HD quality but not full high defination as compared it to other big brand led televi
"Onida leo the best tv"
Review on: Onida LEO32HE TV
Rating: By: royte81 | 3 days ago

I had buy this television during dewali sale as our tv is out of fashion and needed to repair every month so we got it after checking multiple brands this tv screen and images is clear as if we are whatching in real not the screen.The quality of the
"Onida 21 Black"
Review on: Onida 21 Black
Rating: By: akashsunet | 3 days ago

Television of Onida is the best Quality television .I am using this from many years.It has good sound and good picture quality .Its cost is also affordable but I have face the problem regards the repair or service my television has some problem and I
"Onida 40 inch i tube smart led tv nice clearity"
Review on: Onida 40 iTube Smart LED TV
Rating: By: chaudharypankaj3 | 4 days ago

Hai I am using onida tv 40 inch smart android tv every feachears youtube any video find and see very good led hd tv is amasing and 1 gb internal space and memory card use to usb port vga port is providedexplorer any movie any site any work online use
"Onida good sound & picture quality"
Review on: Onida LEO24HRD 60 cm (24) LED TV (HD Ready)
Rating: By: vkaran0005 | 5 days ago

Onida is very popular for good sound along with picture quality .as my family faith on this from last ago when onida was not in Lcd and Led features .but now good news that onida launch Lcd and Led feature.most important thing which is sound quality
"Smart tv"
Review on: Onida LEO32HAIN 80 cm (32) LED TV (HD Ready, Smart)
Rating: By: mohit123122 | 7 days ago

Hello guys today I am telling you about the product which I am using for the last 8 months and I like this product very much . My friends come to my house and when they watch tv so they told me that this is the best picture quality they have ever see
"Onida best"
Review on: Onida LEO4000F 101.6 cm (40) LED TV (Full HD)
Rating: By: mohit123122 | 7 days ago

Hello guys today I am telling you about the product which I am using for the last 6 months and I am very happy to be a customer of that company. The picture quality of this product was amazing and picture was very bright and clear. the volume is very
Review on: Onida 105.66cm (42) Full HD LED TV
Rating: By: Savanp16698 | 8 days ago

I have recently purchased this product.We can get micromax and Intex tvs as the similar pricing, but the picture and the sound clarity of onida is better. It has good amount of Warranty. This company had some issues and are trying to get support from
"Good onida"
Review on: Onida 21 Black
Rating: By: balu7893 | 8 days ago

Hello frindesOnida may be a great TV Furthermore picture nature will be great What's more it need 3 sound /video enter What's more yield port. Also callous personal satisfaction is phenomenal and it may be beyond any doubt esteem for cash. I have bee
Review on: Onida 21 Ky Thunder
Rating: By: balu7893 | 8 days ago

Hello friendsMy dear companion I purchased onida television in front of three quite a while. Display utilization an alternate agency Yet such as thish onida television beacuse allready utilization television my villege. Best state presnt. Likewise ut
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