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Latest Reviews on Onida Televisions

"Every thing is poor"
Review on: Onida 29 Oxygen
Rating: By: karanpatole8407 | 1 day ago

Onida is very old company,His brand name is good but this product is not working good.It has 3 biggest problem.First is picture quality.Second is sound quality.And third is connect two dvd player socketThe picture quality is poor if you see horror th
"Just Tv"
Review on: Onida KY Thunder
Rating: By: imnareshkumar | 2 days ago

Onida KY thunder tv is a like only TV not very impresive. Pictue qwality of this TV is very poor and stechy. Square display of the TV is very boring and old. We can't play HD video on this TV this is the negitive point of this TV. Sound is ok we can
"Very bad"
Review on: Onida KY Thunder
Rating: By: razssssarkar88 | 2 days ago

Very bad brand for tv.its has regular issues and I already suffered from its issues.onida tv picture quality is very low and its picture tube easily damage within a very few time and lack of service personal makes it more worst.if you need a service
Review on: Onida LEO22FRB 55.8 cm (22) LED TV (Full HD)
Rating: By: Shashanksinha16 | 3 days ago

I had brought the onida 22 inch led tv 6 years ago When I switched on the tv I surprised to see the picture quality or sound quality of the T.V . The pictures are bright and warm. Sound is loud and I don't feel any problems with the quality of the T.
"Best quality pictures....."
Review on: Onida LEO32HE TV
Rating: By: prasigowdamalnad | 4 days ago

The onida leo is fantastic pictures quality and sound effect is fanastic .these tv connecting with the friendly and subscribed customers to offers know more.it is a well known electronics company to attrack their customers in india the onida leo is b
"Excellent picture and sound sound quality."
Review on: Onida LEO32HE TV
Rating: By: roshannag123 | 5 days ago

Onida LEO32HE TV is a very good picture quality and good sound quality TV which I have ever seen in my life. There is no need to attache extra speaker and home theater for sound quality. I have bay this TV on Diwali. It's price is very low as comp
Review on: Onida LEO50FSAIN 123.19 cm (48.5) LED TV (Full HD, Smart)
Rating: By: siva97910 | 6 days ago

Onida is simply good .this TV is said as smart TV many feature are here such as screening your mobile screen on your TV .and picture quality is very good we can browse on TV .we can watch you tube etc. more worth for its price and makes the user t
"Pictures quality"
Review on: Onida KY Thunder
Rating: By: dhirajmishra | 6 days ago

Picture quality of this television is poor . Onida ky thunder is rarly bad product .sound, picture quality was bad .the shape and size or a stuture of this television was bad and this not for this generation people. old product of the market . The pr
"Wonderful tv"
Review on: Onida KY Thunder
Rating: By: mouth9211 | 7 days ago

This tv is the best this tv is all in one home entertainment , picture and sound quality is very good the base coming out of tv is so pleasure that cant hurt your ears, it is may be primary television for as much gang it need really wonderful heartl
"Latest product of Onida Tv"
Review on: Onida LEO32HE TV
Rating: By: vishwasrock001 | 8 days ago

One of latest LED product of onida. I like led tv because it trnasmit the highest quality picture. and the best quality of this onida tv is picture quality can be changed in different modes. you never bored with this led tv. sound quality of this tv
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