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"Malaysia best of Asia!"
Review on: Malaysia - General
Rating: By: baruahpritish380 | Jan 15, 2017

When you think of a short trip to an Asian country the first country in your list will be Malaysia. So was the case when I went on a holiday trip to Malaysia in 2014.It was my first abroad trip besides Singapore and I had a gala time with my famile d
"Kuala Lumpur, a beautiful Capital"
Review on: Kuala Lumpur
Rating: By: 1234A434 | Jul 10, 2016

I'v been here last year in January for my Management Training, was there for 5days out which 2 days were my training & rest I was exploring KL With my friends.Kl is the capital of Malaysia, and Singapore & Thailand are its neighboring countri
"A Developed nation ----- Malaysia"
Review on: Malaysia - General
Rating: By: 1234A434 | Jul 10, 2016

MalaysiaMalaysia is a multicultural society, with Malays, Chinese and Indians living side by side. The Malays are the largest community. They are Muslims, speak Bahasa and are largely responsible for the political fortunes of the country. The Chinese
"Putra Jaya"
Review on: Putra Jaya
Rating: By: shivamedia3 | Jun 25, 2016

The landscaping of the main buildings is very good indeed.Clearly the landscaping budget is a big one. A few residential areas have been constructed and the housing is undeniably of a high quality, It might be added it is also pretty expensive.A clev
Review on: Penang
Rating: By: shivamedia3 | Jun 25, 2016

I could see from the bus Sri Mariammam Temple - ornate with statues of deities- like the one on Serangun road in Singapore. Our guide was quick to point to a corner house that filmed ‘Anna And The King ’staring Jodie Foster. By the time we reached Pa
Review on: Miri
Rating: By: shivamedia3 | Jun 25, 2016

The hotel's three restaurants serve Japanese, Cantonese, Continental and local cuisine. Miri's street restaurant industry thrives, and for cheap eats head to a street stall, particularly one which attracts a lot of local diners for if they are there
Review on: Pahang
Rating: By: shivamedia3 | Jun 25, 2016

After arriving at Kampung Tasik Cini, you enter the lake by a delightful boat ride in a local boat called a sampan. The sampan glides for several km along a very narrow meandering stretch of river through the Pahang jungle. Tall trees and their canop
Review on: Langkawi
Rating: By: shivamedia3 | Jun 25, 2016

There is a black sand beach, seven wells and a crocodile farm as well.The underwater world is also good.and the entire island is duty free, so you could shop to your heart's content.For Forex, the Mayo bank at the airport offers the best rates.Cars a
"Kuala Lumpur"
Review on: Kuala Lumpur
Rating: By: shivamedia3 | Jun 25, 2016

The heat was scorching, using the local public transport was real fun and a wonderful experience.Food was okay. We visited The Petronas Twin Towers which is a great sight when you check it out in person, Aquaria KLCC was also a great experience, A fi
"Genting Highland"
Review on: Genting Highland
Rating: By: shivamedia3 | Jun 25, 2016

Genting is a hill station with a casino hotel strip. Cable car rides thru the rain forest is awesome. Rides are not great. Infact Wonderla( Bangalore or Six Flags in US) is much better than outdoor theme park. Indoor theme park is inside Hotel first
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