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"Very bad"
Review on: LML Select II
Rating: By: lalalajpat92 | 2 days ago

This is modern era the things you need to get fast nowadays and if you carry this scooter for your personal life how far it can sustain would you like your life to run slowly as donkeys run or walk? Do not choose this products very outdated ( Cons of
Review on: LML NV SPL
Rating: By: Cheema1983 | Sep 29, 2016

Its is good scooter by lml nv spl it is good in mileage it is old bike of indian I mean this bike is used by the old generation or old citizens as it is very comfotable for them to drive this bike we had this bike personally with us at older times an
Review on: LML NV SPL
Rating: By: varnit24 | Apr 29, 2015

My father bought this scooter in year 2002. He used that for around 4 years and then bought one motorbike. Then in 2007 I started using this scooter and used for around two or three years. The control was great, I never faced any issue with the scoot
"Lml vespa nv spl 1999"
Review on: LML NV SPL
Rating: By: singhilovepreet8 | Feb 07, 2015

Nv spl is superb model.this scooter is awsome .his engine is very powerful.uncomperible scooter.when I was 4 year old my father bought this scooter.now i'm 21 year old.same perfect condition.i challenge alll of new scooter.Because this scooter is mor
"Best ever..Cheapest Vehicle"
Review on: LML Trendy
Rating: By: hiralbharucha | Jun 10, 2014

Great vehicle,I Like LML Trendy and used for 10 years and still using it,Best ever Cheapest & Light Weight Vehicle Ever------------------------------------
Review on: LML NV SPL
Rating: By: DEEPAKHAPPY | May 22, 2013

Honestly incomparable scooter. Earlier I was using LML NV 1999 model which I recently sold and bought new NV 4 stroke. I commute daily about 30 KM. Its clutch & kick is little hard as compare to LML NV 2 stroke but ride is very smooth, head light
"Evergreen Scooter"
Review on: LML NV SPL
Rating: By: MouthshutRevieU | Nov 25, 2012

I'm writing this review because I use this scooter now that I'm 18 years old. You believe it or not, this scooter was bought when my father joined college! And till this time, it hasn't had much problems and it runs like smooth machine.  As it is an
"Select2 is kohinoor "
Review on: LML Select II
Rating: By: merajmanzer | Nov 14, 2012

Ince 1999 select2 is with me and still serving me like a lovely friend. I was nostalgic about my dearest select2 when I was in KSA. I am thankful to Lml family for this great product.
"Best Scooter I have ever owned"
Review on: LML Supremo
Rating: By: RespectSupremo | Nov 01, 2012

This scooter is the best I rode. It was bought by my father in 1996 and was a subject of constant admiration by onlookers. It was way ahead of competition with electric start and nicely laid out instrument panel. I came to Canada in 2006 and the scoo
"First bike, First love."
Review on: LML NV SPL
Rating: By: bbsrailfan | Apr 13, 2012

It is out of sheer nostalgia that I am writing this review. I doubt if this review will make any difference to any reader, since one one here would actually think of buying an out-of-production 2-stroke scooter, but seeing the large number of reviews
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