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Latest Reviews on Karbonn Mobile Phones

"Karbonn A50s"
Review on: Karbonn A50s
Rating: By: shyamdas3539 | 3 hrs 3 mins ago

KarbonnA50s looks good. But by using it more it willbe slow down and became hang camera quality is not perfectly good. It is 2g mobile at that time it is some what ok but as compare with this days mobiles it is soooooooo dirty. We cant use it better
"Irritating phones"
Review on: Karbonn Titanium S12 Delite
Rating: By: himanshutoppo | 1 day ago

Hello friends,I am here to provide the review of Karbonn Titanium S12. I purchased this phone 1 year ago from a retail shop. This phone distracted me as it creates lots of problems. It has less specification as compare to other phones.This phone com
"Worst phone. Don't buy it"
Review on: Karbonn Titanium Dazzle S201
Rating: By: Anjal41107 | 1 day ago

I tell u something. Range of this phone in present is 4500 rs. But this phone have joint touch and screen. If your phone fall in down and break the screen and you want to change your screen, then you will pay rs2500-rs3000.it happend with me. My pers
"Karbonn titanium s12 delite ."
Review on: Karbonn Titanium S12 Delite
Rating: By: shyamgorle12345 | 1 day ago

Firstly friends I told you that karbonn titanium s12 delitev is a low spesification mobile if you want to play high games and big apps so this mobile is not perfect for you because its ram is only 512 mb which is so slow and not suficient in this pri
"Karbon K9 4g"
Review on: Karbonn K9 Smart 4G
Rating: By: chirurbj114433 | 3 days ago

Karbon k9 smart 4g is a phone a very simple to use it is like virat 4g the phone has high gb ram and the phone has high internal memory it has high sound clarity the camera is hd and the phone supports all hd songd the front camera is very clarity it
"Karbon 4g"
Review on: Karbonn K9 Viraat 4G
Rating: By: chirurbj114433 | 3 days ago

Karbon 4g phone is the first phone it givery very fast internet is has very stylish features u can see in this mobile one can use the mobile I can fell that it has very stylish look and camera its sounds of speakers good the displat is hd display the
"Karbon A100"
Review on: Karbonn A100
Rating: By: chirurbj114433 | 3 days ago

Karbon A100 is a keypad phone useing all people. All people qho spend less money to buy a good phone to look very stylish. For this people this phone is very nice. This phone has super power battery it has slight good camera gor mp4 video clarity. To
"Not in a good condition."
Review on: Karbonn K9 Viraat 4G
Rating: By: Joej6300 | 4 days ago

Karbonn mobiles, am buying this mobile before five or six , am thought that it is 4G handset.and this mobile working good but no guys.karbonn company mobiles not so much good working well, and also something problems.big problem is a battery backup a
"Good performance in its price"
Review on: Karbonn Sparkle V
Rating: By: ontech90 | 6 days ago

If u r considering to buy a smartphone in only 4000 then no other phone can beat its performance .It comes with latest android due to its contract with google and most importantly its hardware is also made by google so you r in safe hands when buying
"Karbonn sparkle v a1 is a good"
Review on: Karbonn Sparkle V
Rating: By: Gsv123 | 6 days ago

Hi everyone.i have a currently use karbonn sparkle v.it is a aweasome.this phone feautures is great.this phone sound quality is very good and camera too good.i most like this phone in update os facility.it come update new os, wow.and this phone chip
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