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"Haier split ac 1 ton. Many models but same problem"
Review on: Haier Split AC 1 Ton
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 3 days ago

Haier split ac 1 ton is a only for good for few months after few month many problem in this 1 ton models .noise problem is one the big problem in same models and cooling is someting not good and its triping problem in summer days automatically and .i
"Haier Hsu-15ckag5n 1.25 ton 5 STAR split ac"
Review on: Haier HSU-15CKAG5N 1.25 Ton 5 Star Split AC
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 4 days ago

Haier is good and best company but some model off ac have some problem like noise and cooling .one of the model is haier hsu-15 ckag5n 1.25 ton .its cunsumed electrcity so much because of his compressor is cheap quality and compressor is not good and
Review on: Haier HW-18CS03AH
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 5 days ago

Haier company is best and its make many product and all product is very good but ac is not good. .this model HAIER HW-18CS03AH is not good .its to much noisey and sound like engine .ggggrrrcch its to eritating .and cooling is not nice and cooling som
"HAIER HSU-18 1.5 TON SPLIT AC... Waste money"
Review on: Haier Split AC 1.5 Ton
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 5 days ago

Haier hsu -18 1.5 ton split ac .model is not good and to bad expriance with this model of haier company . Its somthing noise and if this is create noise so I am not fill relax and fill uncomfrtable and cooling is not good and not fresh expiriance and
"Haier window AC 1 ton.. Good and not Good"
Review on: Haier Window AC 1 Ton
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 6 days ago

Haier windoe ac 1 ton is good but its service is not good and company haier is best and make lots of products haier ac is also good . Window ac is good and powerfull but some off issue like its sound like ghhhhhrrrrrr its not nice and cooling is very
"Average cooling"
Review on: Haier ESA408N Air Conditioner
Rating: By: sud_lucky1 | 8 days ago

Haier as are very average ac in this price range we have various good opiton availblesevice is also average there is very less suport from servic teamtalking about cooling of ac this ac took much more time to cool a room than other ac talking about s
"Good air conditioner Haier"
Review on: Haier ESA408N Air Conditioner
Rating: By: ak14lo265 | 20 days ago

I am using this ac from many years but I have received many problem if you don't use this air conditioner for months and suddenly you start using it doesn't work properly it is not that good in long term use, if we use this ac everyday or once a week
"Split AC Best ever"
Review on: Haier ESA408N Air Conditioner
Rating: By: mailmemukundkumar | 24 days ago

I have been using this Airconditioner for last two year and found it very nice. Its Service and Support is very Nice. On One phone call the service provider attends the customer to its level best. ITs cooling is very good. No extra sound can be heard
"Not so bad"
Review on: Haier ESA408N Air Conditioner
Rating: By: amitnaik4661 | Dec 13, 2016

Haier Ac are for their quality and serviceBut only other competitive ac , this ac also consumes lot of energy in kwh . So there is no much diffference in consumption as compared of5 star acs . Since they cost u mokre at time of purchaseThe main thin
Review on: Haier Split AC 1 Ton
Rating: By: doco9025 | Dec 09, 2016

This air conditioner I bought 8 months before.and am really worthy about the cost of this air conditioner.it gives nice cooling. Good system and efficiency.less electric bill.fast cooling.comparatively to other brand air conditioners.the appearance i
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