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"Best refrigerator"
Review on: Godrej Single Door Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS
Rating: By: mohammeddrm | 2 days ago

I bought this product before 8 months ago. this is so useful to keep all veggies and fruits. mainly it controls the high voltage electricity because it consumes inbuilt stabiliser. attractive style and design it having the kind of mode to increase an
"Godrej Pentacool - Poor Cool"
Review on: Godrej Pentacool Refrigerator
Rating: By: Vijayakumardrm | 7 days ago

Please find my review about Godrej Pentacool refrigerator. Price of godrej refrigerators are quite costlier in comparison with other refrigerator brands. The quality has gone bad in recent days. It doesn't get cool as required.Items should be cold an
A refrigerator is a necessity in very household. Over time, the standard refrigerators have gone through drastic innovations making it difficult to choose one that best suits your requirements. To help you select the perfect one from the large array, we have bought you some guidelines that will help you understand the different types of refrigerators available in the market and pick one that is perfect for your kitchen.
"Godrej pentacool refrigerator"
Review on: Godrej Pentacool Refrigerator
Rating: By: manickaselvi94ms | 7 days ago

Godrej pentacool refrigerator is one of the refrigerator to store all types of vegetables foods flowers etc. Am storing my makeup things face packs also to store in my fridge. Godrej pentacool refrigerator is used to more guarantee warentee andblife
"Leaking water from inside of this fridge"
Review on: Godrej Edge Direct Cool
Rating: By: thoiba123 | 8 days ago

Hi friends,Today I am here to write about godrej edge direct cool aunty bought this from nandilath g mart, thrissur. It works finely for 8 months. But after that it began to leak water from inside. All fruits and veggies began to deca
"Very good refrigerator"
Review on: Godrej RD EDGE 185 CHTM 4.2
Rating: By: Shivamkashyap | 10 days ago

Hi guys I am using this refrigerator since 2 years and I can say that  it is very good beacause its cooling power is is user friendly too because it saves the electricity as you will see 5 stars in energy consumption in also saves ou
"Eon refrigerator"
Review on: Godrej Eon
Rating: By: paramveerraj974 | 12 days ago

I used this refrigerator my aunt has it and we faced a lot of problem in it . In starting it was working fine but after some time problems started occuring in it . Its cooling power decreased it started taking a lot time to cool the water or drinks .
"Godrej refrigerator"
Review on: Godrej Cold Gold Deluxe 300L
Rating: By: paramveerraj974 | 12 days ago

I have used this refrigerator and its style and design is very nice but the compressor if this refrigerator is not good, it takes a lot of time to cool, it does not freeze the water properly and takes a lot time to give ice . It consumes a lot of ele
"Donot buy Godrej Eon, it is not Eon, its Eoff"
Review on: Godrej Eon 243 L
Rating: By: umendra1983 | 15 days ago

Dear friends, good evening, We all need refrigerator for our home. its our need now. there are several refrigerator in the market of different companies. we are little confused that which one to but. dear all I may help to in one product. that is God
"Godrej refrigerator"
Review on: Godrej RT EON 331P 3.4 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: sharmanainasaps | 18 days ago

Godrej RT EON 331P 3.4 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator .It is such a user friendly device. This is a refrigerator with high durability . it can be used easily irrespective of age. Anyone can use this device wether an old age person, a child, or a
"Poor quality of godrej refrigerator"
Review on: Godrej Eon
Rating: By: ggdef | 18 days ago

Godrej refrigerator are very poor in quality. I bought Godrej refrigerator in Dec 2014. However the same get out of order every year I. e. 03 times. And every time the company charges a hefty amount in the name of service and spares charge. What is
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