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Latest Reviews on Electrolux Air Conditioners

"ELECTROLUX ES12L5C 1 TON AC... Bad experience"
Review on: Electrolux ES12L5C 1 Ton AC
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 5 days ago

ELECTROLUX ES12L5C 1 TON AC IS a good model of electrolux company. . But its have so many problems and its not a good ac .its cooling is so bad with mostire smell and its totally unhygine and cooling is not good . And its cooling is not instant cooli
Review on: Electrolux ES12L5C 1 Ton AC
Rating: By: ihsanelahi57 | 7 days ago

This is a very good product, I can bet that this company is going to compete every one in the market, . people are attractive to the products like this . this has got more reliability and sustainability.this is my personal view, anyone can differ. I
Review on: Electrolux EA09SCRX
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 8 days ago

Electrolux ea09scrx model is nice but some problems in this model .Like noise is to much and sounds not good .and its no cooling and smell smell only and compressor not good and service not good to late service and body is good but not solid and modr
"Electrolux SN53N.CD1-MCA 1.5 TON SPLIT AC"
Review on: Electrolux SN53N.CD1-MCA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 8 days ago

Electrolux is not a good product making company one product ELECTROLUX SN53N.CD1-MCA 1.5 ton split ac . Is very bad expriance ac .its to noisey and make sound if star and stop like ghhhhhrrrrrr. Its to bad. Its consumed much more electercity and auto
"Value for money electrolux ac"
Review on: Electrolux Split AC 1 Ton
Rating: By: arminders06 | 9 days ago

The Electrolux Split AC is exceptionally productive air conditioner than other in light of the fact that its components. and an electrolux is the best electronic brand which deals with single modest suspect of issues help with the Air conditioner so
"Electrolux Split AC"
Review on: Electrolux Split AC 1 Ton
Rating: By: mishradeepak944 | 9 days ago

Electrolux Split AC 1 ton is good.Yeah! it has many problem but it is cheap product and condition is good.Electrolux is not giving competition to other brands which is far better then Electrolux but It has many good service that others AC give too.We
Review on: Electrolux 1 Ton Split SQ33NCD1
Rating: By: kulwant1234 | 9 days ago

This is not good and not good product .electrolux is a good company but this is not good in ac manufacthering .electrolux 1 ton split ac have lots off problems like sound grrrrrhhhhh .and cooling and trip problem automaticully and service is not goo
"Electrolux AC"
Review on: Electrolux Split AC 1.5 Ton
Rating: By: akhilish | 10 days ago

Electrolux split ac are worst ac I came across till now, they are just serious dent to the pocket of individual and do not give any pleasure in summers but always need a technical person to serve them and owner will lend up by paying to technical guy
"Good and better."
Review on: Electrolux ES12L5C 1 Ton AC
Rating: By: gouthamyuvi | 12 days ago

Hello friends I want to share my views on this Electrolux ES12L5C 1 Ton AC. I have got this last month and It is running in a good condition. I didn't notice any problem till date and I enjoy its features. It has got one ton capacity and turbo cool m
Review on: Electrolux ES12L5C 1 Ton AC
Rating: By: kiranpsingh | 12 days ago

This company actually cannot sustain in the market, because of the products they provide.This AC is really bad in providing low temperature air, although it has maximum 16┬░degree but this dose not give more cold air.However, the build quality seems
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