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Latest Reviews on Bluestar Air Conditioners

"Bad air conditioner.."
Review on: Blue Star Window AC 1.5 Ton
Rating: By: hd628975 | 1 day ago

Dear frz, I want to share my experience.my father has purchased blue star window ac which is bad product . 8 months are past away since purchaseanf I daily sleep in that room only.Ac cools slowly and from the time of purchase the back side filter wa
"Worst air conditioner"
Review on: Blue Star 3HW18FBTU 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: praffull1998 | 2 days ago

Hello friends, today I want to share my personal experience with Blue star 3HW18FBTU. My experience using this ac is very poor . I purchase this ac in May2017 starting and till date I spend more than 5000 on the repairing. This is not a reliable and
The economic growth of India and elevated buying capacity has empowered the average middle-class to the luxuries of air-conditioners. Gone are the days when air-conditioners were considered as the mark of luxury and were found only in well-to-do households. Today, it can be seen in every average home, not just in metros but even in the smaller cities.
"Bluestar HNHW18SA Inverter !!!"
Review on: Bluestar HNHW18SA Inverter
Rating: By: hchudasama | 2 days ago

I bought this AC on the 24 April 2016 and I want to tell you something about this AC:1) The Cooling effect of the AC was not that much cool as I expected and that is it takes the 40 minutes to cool my room and the size of my room is near about the 15
"Poor AC"
Review on: Blue Star 3HW18FBTU 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: sainimandeep2806 | 3 days ago

I have purchased this AC in May2017 but after 1 month it was not giving cooling so I was very worried and then I call the service station and the engineer visited our home and inspect the AC and then he said that their is leakage in compressor and he
"Blue Star The Trusted Name in Air Conditioners."
Review on: Blue Star 3HW18FBTU 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: zakisait | 3 days ago

So for as long as I remember we've had blue star air conditioners at my place.Even our water dispenser is by blue star.So coming back to the new ac we recently purchased is been serving well so far all though there are a few draw backs.The service an
"Cool AC"
Review on: Blue Star 3HW18FBTU 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: SARAVANAN2284 | 4 days ago

Bluestar is a trusted company, it makes very powerful and gadget to use. Iam using the ac more than two years there is no problem only needs to clean like other airconditioners. 12 months warranty is given.All options in the AC is useful and easy t
"Not worthful"
Review on: Blue Star Split AC 1.5 Ton
Rating: By: MOT111008597 | 4 days ago

To keep my home's hall keep cool we use air conditioner Blue Star Split AC of 1.5 Ton which we are using from last 3 years which has a warrenty of 10 year of the compressor. It was fixed by its customer care team and they didn't took any charges for
Review on: Blue Star 3HW12FA1 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: tanmaybasudgp | 7 days ago

Never buy Blue Star AC. Third class product. After sales service is also very bad. Their distributors are rotten, don't even know how to speak with a customer(obviously after sale). Whenever warranty will be claimed for their substandard product they
"Best air-conditioning"
Review on: Blue Star MHW301RC2 Mega 3 Phase 3 2.5 Ton Split AC
Rating: By: jayp18045 | 8 days ago

Blur star is one of the best air conditioning in our daily use.It has low sound and it can give us fresh air which now a days other Ac cannot give.This blue start AC is in my office I have bought in second hand og 21000 rupees but after using this mu
Review on: Blue Star 3HW18FBTU 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Rating: By: sandeep2219 | 9 days ago

Blue star is a trusted company because it makes very powerful.Its filters really works well and even in the high summer season its cooling is so good,It only needs to be get clean like all other ac's. This split ac will be easy to use lasting and eff
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