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"Amazing multiplex.."
Review on: Mukta A2 Cinema - Bhanpur - Bhopal
Rating: By: prnkilugupta1991 | 3 days ago

Hello guys.Now I am reviewing about Mukta A2 Cinema, Bhanpur.It is just amazing multiplex which I have ever seen.Near to the station.Or very easy to reach there.Also cited at the best location.Tickets Prize is attractive and reasonable.People can go
"Blurred screen and pathetic sound"
Review on: Cinepolis Aashima Mall - Bawadia Kalan - Bhopal
Rating: By: deepak2167094 | 5 days ago

Cinepolis is the worst of all the cinema halls of Bhopal. First of all, the hall size is very very small and it seems so congested there. The seating arrangement is also very bad and illogical. Seats are even at those far away places where you cannot
"Best movie experience"
Review on: INOX - Misrod - Bhopal
Rating: By: deepak2167094 | 8 days ago

Inox is the best multiplex in Bhopal. It gives the best movie experience among all the multiplexes in Bhopal especially the 3D experience, which is just fabulous. The halls are big and adequate sized screens are there. The best thing about Inox is it
"Very small and stinky sound"
Review on: PVR: Aura Mall - Shahpura - Bhopal
Rating: By: deepak2167094 | 8 days ago

Although I have seen many PVR cinema halls but this PVR of bhopal just sucks at everything. First of all I will talk about the size of the hall. The hall is very very small and I think it is the smallest hall in Bhopal. So the screen is not upto the
"Cinepolis bhopal"
Review on: Cinepolis Aashima Mall - Bawadia Kalan - Bhopal
Rating: By: studboss | 8 days ago

Yes ofcoirse it is a good cinemahall ,Its was situated on d top floor of d ashima maal.In this there is a multiple window.At a time here run multiple movie on different wundow and hall.Ticket proce is affordable not so high.Max it around 100 . But if
"Nice Movie experience but lacks some points."
Review on: INOX - Misrod - Bhopal
Rating: By: dijeshmaravi | 11 days ago

Movie halls are pretty huge and sufficient for around 200 people.Sound is excellent and perfect according to size of the hall.Screen is also perfect and pretty big. Gives a huge picture experience.Ticket prices are average and more towards the cheape
"Good cinema within city"
Review on: Jyoti Cineplex - M.P. Nagar - Bhopal
Rating: By: hussainraw1 | 12 days ago

Jyoti ciniplex is good in every aspectIts seats are comfortable. Air conditioner works well , as of now bhopal temp is more than 40 degree but you did not feel inside infact it chilled the intite threate within some timeTickets are also ResonableAdeq
Review on: Bharat Cineplex - Hamidia Road - Bhopal
Rating: By: manihar007 | 13 days ago

The seats of bharat cineplex are worst.They are not at all good for comfortable seating.The sound system are also not good.The screen is not of good quality.Many seat are broken .Bharat cineplex is economicalOr when dont get ticket in multiplex then
"Fun Cinemas have just lowered their quality."
Review on: Fun Cinemas - M P Nagar - Bhopal
Rating: By: dijeshmaravi | 13 days ago

Initially fun cinemas was known for its best quality and service in bhopal but now they have lowered their value.Screen size is smaller as per the hall. Don't know how n why thia has happened by sound quality has been bad sometime.Sometimes the sound
"Value for money"
Review on: Ddx Multiplex - Kolar Road - Bhopal
Rating: By: nigamanuj4 | 13 days ago

The atmosphere is plesent.The screen is bit small but quality is good.Even sound quality is great.It is worth money.Good for people coming from near by.Service is good.Talking about snaks they are bit costly, charging some extra bugs.You can bring so
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