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Review on: Bajaj Majesty 6 L Instant Water Geyser
Rating: By: kalaiarasandrm | Sep 07, 2017

I bought this geyser from an army canteen . this geyser's delivery was a bit later because of the reason that itit was supplied through the army canteen but this was delivered with a good service.that it was delivered by a service man who knows to fi
"Bajaj Gas Geyser !!!!"
Review on: Bajaj Gas Geyser
Rating: By: jkkathrotiya228 | Sep 01, 2017

Last year I purchase this geyser from Amazon and I purchase it because I heard lots of about good thing about this heater but when I use it I found many such problem:1) The heater were not efficient in sense of the durability the geyser will work st
Who doesn't prefer a hot water bath in the cool winters or to sooth muscles after a tiring day? This is where water heater comes in the picture. The purpose of water heater is not only to provide hot water but to do so safely. Before purchasing a water heater, you need to know certain things.
"Bajaj calelta is one of the grate water heater"
Review on: Bajaj Calenta 15 L Storage Water Geyser
Rating: By: praveen321pkjr | Aug 03, 2017

It is bajaj grate product these water heater work grate I can adjust temprature I even see the level of temprature on water heater.the water is rust free the water become hot in minimum time and I can also adjust the speed of heating water the body
"Bajaj Majesty 1L Instant Water Geyser"
Review on: Bajaj Majesty 1 L Instant Water Geyser
Rating: By: avichhi | Jul 29, 2017

I buy these geyser from the from rupees 3000 on 3 April 2017.The geyser is too good if talk about the water heating but I get issue on the power consumption 3000W is just for showing I have doubt on it according to me it is 4000W because i
"Too low water tank"
Review on: Bajaj Majesty 6 L Instant Water Geyser
Rating: By: nikamsunny22 | Jun 21, 2017

I have brought this Bajaj majesty St 6 seater instant electric gas geyser 1 year ago the performance of the gas geyser is very good but it has a very less water tank due to which it takes too long time to get hot water to us otherwise the build quali
"Once get repaired then truble"
Review on: Bajaj Shakti Plus 4 Star 15 L Storage Water Geyser
Rating: By: ajjubhatt | Jun 20, 2017

We have this geyser I worked well until onece it get repair, no original goods available in the market, onece its orignal indicator get fused then we put new ones but next day fused again we put but again fused. We dont know easily is it working or
"Poor Voltage Cut Off switch & customer service"
Review on: Bajaj New Shakti 15 L Storage Water Geyser
Rating: By: safalagarwal | Apr 28, 2017

I bought this product from on 11 November 2016.Heating time: Very less. Maximum 10 to 15 minutes.Insulation: Good. Heated water remains heated for a long time. Even up to 24 hours in wintersElectricity consumption: less. As its of 2 KW.Cap
"Bajaj gas geyser.. Its birth to buy"
Review on: Bajaj Gas Geyser
Rating: By: PRIYANKA101 | Apr 19, 2017

Bajaj gas geyser : - hello friends I wanna share my pershnol exprience about this geyser its a good and fantastic geyser on gas its cunsumed less than gas and hear water for use its easy to use and its good for winter season its body is so stylish an
"Dangerous geyser for LIFE"
Review on: Bajaj Majesty Duetto (PNG /LPG) 6 L Gas Water Geyser
Rating: By: kartik5005576 | Mar 24, 2017

I had used Bajaj instant water geyser 6L for 2 years but geyser experience is very dangerous ful for me & my family. Geyser working on LPG means very low leakage will be dangerous for us but geyser not started with single attempt it take 8 to 9
"Full power house of warming water at low electrici"
Review on: Bajaj 10 L Storage Water Geyser
Rating: By: abhiyantsingh2000 | Mar 23, 2017

Bajaj the brand know for its best product under low range and today I m sharing my personal experience about bajaj 10L storage water geyeser whuch queit remarkable and full value for money we are using its from last 1& half year and its just faba
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