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"Bajaj Ceiling Fan"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: praffull1998 | 1 day ago

Hello friends, today I want to share my personal experience with Bajaj Ceiling Fan.With in 3 months of use, I had to register complaint for annoying noise from the fan. Technician visited, didn't something manual and it worked for 10 days. Again same
"Bajaj Ceiling fan is a bad product"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: amitposwal | 1 day ago

I am using Bajaj ceiling fan at my home but I am not satisfied with this product. The quality of this product is not perfect. When I bought this ceiling fan company had given me two years warranty. But before two years fan spoiled many times so I had
"Long lasting"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: yoyosight | 10 days ago

My house is equipped with 4 bajaj fans and all of them are almost 6 years old.No complaints till now neither any problem faced. The 3 blade fans came fitted with a capacitor.During summers the fans runs very fast and smooth with very little noise.Som
"These fan was working perfectly"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: nvr7337 | 13 days ago

I bought these fan on before 4years back still it working perfectly and also much speed it not repair one time also and also low cost and perfect colour and stylish design and also thick color and also it have one year warranty from we are buying the
"Bajaj ceiling fans"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: ss3187654 | 16 days ago

Hii guys Now I am sharing experience about Bajaj ceiling fans. very bad experiences from my side. I have bought ceiling fan since 6 month ago . It had very good speed starting 2 month. But after 2 month their speed is automatically became slow and s
"Bajaj fan"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: Neeraj_suman | 16 days ago

Fan is still working well as new , it has been more than 2 years and there is no problem with speed, when we set fan in slow speed thn its started making noise, look of fan is good you can buy it. Its not costly as compare to the performance of fan ,
"Low speed, High consumption"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: sunilkhedkar | 20 days ago

Hey I would like to share my experience using Bajaj Ceiling Fan.Bajaj is prabably a leading electrical products company in india, hence people buying their product without any hesitation. Bajaj( Brand? ), they are providing number of different produc
"Worthable product"
Review on: Regal Table Fan
Rating: By: MOT111008597 | 30 days ago

Hi Friend,We have Regal table fan in my home, attached is the pic of same. It was recommended by my Father's friend to my Father, so, we had purchased it. Still it is working very well.1] It runs swiftly without making any noise, which was expected f
"Low speed"
Review on: Bajaj Ceiling Fans
Rating: By: ashishkanere | Oct 22, 2017

I purchased a bajaj ceiling fan three years ago, this fan came with five year waranty on its motor.Initially for 5 months this fan was working good, this fan made very less sound, but after that it's speed started decreading, even with regular kept o
"Bajaj midea BP 05 Ped fan"
Review on: Bajaj Midea BT05 Table Fan
Rating: By: chinmaybehera96 | Oct 16, 2017

Bajaj midea Bp 05 ped fan is product from Bajaj company, which is known as a popular brand in India for making of household products.I bought this fan 2 years ago. I thought it would be very good to use and lasts for longer period but i was wrong.Aft
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