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"BPL single door refrigerator."
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: rajugorai6 | Dec 04, 2016

I want to share my personal experience about BPL single door refrigerator. Many people like this company products because it refrigerator is very ease of use and its cooling setting is very easy to handle.I bought this refrigerator one year ago but I
"One time buy for long 20 years"
Review on: BPL 1852W
Rating: By: mudrika | Apr 10, 2013

We bought this fridge about 17 years ago and still we never had any problem with it. Might be that it was with cooling or cleaning problem. We have not even got it serviced and still its faithful to us all these long years. Interestingly, we still do
Review on: BPL FNC 402 SSB
Rating: By: mrigakshigoel | Aug 04, 2012

I purchased it some years back and the rubber of the fridge is damaged now-- I want a new rubber , where can I get it from.Please do tell me if anybody has a solution. My e-mail id is
Review on: BPL 1852W
Rating: By: ramadasan7516 | Jan 25, 2012

I bought BPL BR1852 frost free double door refrigerator in 1995 from Nagda, MP. I went through 2 transfers thereafter and am now settled in Bangalore since 2001. I have had no problems whatsoever with this fridge in the last 17 seventeen years. Neve
"A good buy"
Review on: BPL F-202VX
Rating: By: Mahendra8Mumbai | Dec 21, 2007

I have been using this fridge BPL F202VX for last 10 years. It had to undergo(paid) servicing once to change the bimetal component three years ago by the authorised service person. It has been doing a good job since then.I only wonder whether BPL has
"Dont buy"
Review on: BPL 312VX
Rating: By: my-opinion | Jan 27, 2007

Dont buy  any bpl product I had purchased a refrigerator of BPL company 4 yrs back, but company is shut 2years back, so dont buy any BPL product, u wont get any service.BEWARE OF BPL, if u get any of the product of BPL u wont get any kind of service
"Beware of BPL"
Review on: BPL BR-3102
Rating: By: man-o-man | Jul 26, 2005

Product BPL Frost free fridge 300 litresLocation: Doha, QatarThe timer of my refrigerator stopped working and onlyafter three days of complaint, did someone come. Inthe meantime, I had to throw out about QR 250 worth ofspoiled food. This guy came and
"BPL Products"
Review on: BPL 1852W
Rating: By: ArvindS | Sep 26, 2003

They are good no doubt but are not backed by good services. I have this model for more than five years now. They had good support at Mumbai. At delhi it is very bad you have to call them lot of times and bargain with them as the company rates for spa
"BPL F 332VX: Licensed to CHILL"
Review on: BPL F 312MVX
Rating: By: dramit420 | Sep 10, 2002

There are few household implements whose looks require the mark of approval even before their performance is sized up. Refrigerator is one such item. No one would go in for the most perfectly functioning fridge if reminds one of a coffin in standing
"Chill out here"
Review on: BPL 165L
Rating: By: arunnil | Apr 10, 2002

In fact BPL Frost Free was one of the first frost Free in the market and I had my old faithful Kelvinator which never gave trouble but was boxy and old fashioned given to our faithful servant.the 165L BPL frost free is perfect one just like aamir-sh
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