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Tips on LPG Conversion Kit Tips


Bangalore, India

4 Reviews

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What are the points to remember about the rubbing

23 days ago 334 Views

It must be of approved quality, (ISI mark). It should be as short as possible. Maximum length should be about 1.5 meters. It should be easily accessible for inspection. Keep it away from heat and fire. Push it so as to cover the full length of the nozzle. Make sure it does not get...Read More


Mysore, India

1 Review

LPG conversion for Honda city AMT model

Oct 11, 2016 12:08 PM 1428 Views (via Mobile)

I purchased a Honda city automatic transition car recently. The engine is in good working condition. But milage is only 10km in city and 13 on highway without A/C. Can I convert my car to lpg? Which is the best suitable kit? Will the usage of lpg harm the engine? Please help.

I have a Ford Figo petrol car 2014 model.

May 24, 2016 10:40 AM 3792 Views

I have a Ford Figo petrol car 2014 model.i was planning to fit LPG or CNG as it is costing very much on petrol as it gives an average of 12-14 in city and 16 on highway and in bangalore traffic its very tough to even get 12 in city . so will ford support these LPG or CNG and I also wanted to kno...Read More


Hasan, India

1 Review

Lpg conversion kit in Bangalore for swift i

May 19, 2016 01:02 PM 3764 Views

I have installed Auto gas kit in Bangalore Auto Gas for my Maruti suzuki swift dzir 2010 model 1 year 6 months over and 35 000 km ran. I am happy with this set up and in less fuel charge I have driving longer distances. I have installed Auto gas kit in Bangalore Auto Gas for my Maruti suzuk...Read More


Mumbai, India

123 Reviews

LPG Conversion Kit

Nov 25, 2015 10:20 PM 7033 Views

I had brought new palio a pair of years bavk. I had driven it 20k on fuel then I had put in Associate in Nursing authorised lpg kit from the dealer. The automotive gave Pine Tree State an honest mileage of 550km i.e. non ac with tank full i.e. concerning fifty liters of lpg and mileage of 450...Read More


Hyderabad, India

1 Review

LPG Gas kit for WagonR

Nov 09, 2013 11:22 AM 25195 Views

I have WagonR(Dec-2010 model) and the odometer reading is 28, 000. It gives 15-17 mileage. I would like to get LPG gas fitting to it. I have gone through several reviews over internet and found that there might be few situations where LPG gas kit may hamper your car due to inferior brand of the ...Read More


visakhapatnam, India

1 Review

Is It Good For Installing LPG Gaskit For Ford Ikon

Aug 22, 2013 10:56 AM 23224 Views (via Mobile)

Recently I have purchased Ford Ikon 2001 model petrol car. It was in good condition. I have heard dat most of my friends are telling dat gas kit was not safe for ur Ford Ikon. Soo plz plz can any 1 suggest me for installing gaskit for Ford Ikon 2001 model.


Hyderabad, India

2 Reviews

Versus Kit & Aditya Apple Car Gas - Best In Class!

Feb 17, 2013 01:56 AM 27637 Views

I would like to first share some knowledge about the kits available. There are 3 types of kits: 1.Open Loop Kit- This is a basic manual tuning kit, also called conventional kits.This kit is the cheapest of them all it costs approximately Rs.10000-17000.(Indirect Injection Technology) Milea...Read More


pindwara, rajasthan, India

1 Review

Best lpg conversion kit for mahindra logan

Aug 20, 2012 08:41 PM 24970 Views

I want to known that which LPG kit is best ordinary or sequential? Which one is economical among vehicle engine maintenance point of view. Please suggest the right one.

Sequential LPG/CNG kit - Knowledge base

Aug 04, 2012 04:59 AM 30188 Views

Have shared my knowledge on sequential kit. Hope this helps to understand before making decision. When we press the pedal. the air pass to the  engine through the air cleaner/filter and proceeds to the throttle plate.   It is then distributed through a series of passages called the intake man...Read More

Lpg otion i10 or sentro

Jul 18, 2012 09:59 AM 25568 Views

Dear friends please suggest me which gives more mileage santro or i10 on lpg fitting.and which one is better factory fitted or from out side. I am totally confused so please help me


Hyderabad, India

1 Review

Who is best genuine gas kit fitter

May 30, 2012 07:29 AM 28386 Views

I have purchased Maruthi Alto 2001 Model, which is 11 years old. I want to fit gas kit to my car Please suggest following my doubts 1)  LPG or CNG gas kits among two, which is better kit for my car? 2) Which company kit among Lovato or BRC is better for my car? 2) What are the precautio...Read More


Bangalore, India

8 Reviews

LPG - sensible alternative to high petrol prices

May 17, 2012 07:08 PM 25189 Views

I had fixed Landi LPG kit with 60tr tank from an authorised dealer in Bangalore in my Premier Padmini in 2003 and till today it works well and once a year I go for tuning and every alternative years for complete cleaning of the kit. Comparing the cost of petrol, it makes me to save substantial a...Read More


Bangalore, INDIA

1 Review

Who is best person in fitting LPG gas kit in Hyd

Mar 02, 2012 03:19 AM 28774 Views

Recently I purchased Alto car and I am planning to add LPG kit it. I would like to know who is best person in fitting LPG gas conversion kit in Hyderabad and I want to know which brand Kit is good for Alto. who will transfer the domestic LPG gas to car in HYD nearer to Ammerpet. Recently I...Read More


Feb 08, 2012 01:01 AM 33875 Views

I am from chennai and a owner of Tata Indica vista petrol car.I was in a dilemma of converting my petrol car  to LPG.After lot of research and  people review's, opinion I decided to convert my Indica vista petrol to LPG. I shortlisted two great specialist for installing, my first preference w...Read More


Pasighat, India

1 Review

LPG Conversion kit for spark cars

Nov 08, 2011 11:04 PM 25452 Views

My car is Cheverlot Spark LS brought last year July’2010. Can I install LPG conversion kit in it? If so, I would like to know the standard price of the kit(with tank & without tank)? what should be the capacity of the LPG tank? I am...Read More


mumbai, India

1 Review

Fake advice & promises

Nov 02, 2011 12:37 PM 28101 Views

I have fitted LPG kit in my ford ikon that was driven only 17000. With in a week I have to send my car ever alternate day to fitter for adjustment, which he was never able to set more over it use stop in between the road often, sound of heavy stone impact comes from kit, regularly smell of gas i...Read More


Hyderabad, India

2 Reviews

1 Follower

LPG kit fitted to Santro GLS

Aug 17, 2011 01:04 PM 44685 Views

My parents purchased the Santro car three years ago. And in last 6 months I started using this car. As the petrol prices are too high(71Rs/Lt in Hyderabad), I was unable to decide whether I should go for a LPG kit or not. I took many people opinions, many of them suggested to go for and also an ...Read More

Fitting LPG Kit to A-star: A Bad Choice ?

Aug 09, 2011 12:53 AM 31953 Views

I had purchased A-star two years back. With the soaring Petrol Prices, I opted for a LOVATO LPG kit  from a local vendor on Sinhgad road. The problems I am facing are. Every month, I have to tune the engine  otherwise it stops in lower gears. The worst problem is that it miss-fires like it...Read More

Sequential System

Apr 15, 2011 02:06 PM 30806 Views

The new sequential injection systems brings me back to this site, I recently procured two cars Zen estillo: as a car I am still not satisfied with maruti, however the cng sequantial of TES which I got installed on this car was amazing. The performance and everything was amazing. After driv...Read More

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