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Sy no 35, 5th A cross, 80 ft road, Koramangala Ist Block, Jakkasandra extention, Bangalore 560034, KA

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JP Nagar Phase 7, Bangalore
₹53.14 L
2 BHK Apartments
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HSR Layout, Bangalore
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Reviews on Vandana Infra, Bangalore

6 hrs 13 mins ago Read

Vandana director Prabhakar is targeting his customers and blackmailing them to pay more for their flats
Jun 06, 2024 09:00 AM Read

Builder relatives occupy the flats in the apartments, they don't pay any maintance fee, they do lot of anti social activities.
Jul 16, 2022 11:33 AM Read

Currently this people are blackmailing a single mother and her daughter to sleep with them to complete their property registration which they purchased from this builders.


Vandana Celesta - JP Nagar Phase 7 - Bangalore
Jan 28, 2022 09:27 AM Read

When we questioned about his quality of construction, Vandana Builder "Sekar"( This fellow is called as Psychopath Sekar in his office) opened his zip and showed his private parts!
Apr 27, 2021 01:59 PM Read

Worst place - too many politics, water issues, very high maintenance fee collected for a small apartment.

land lord, builder with apartment management harass tenants
Jun 26, 2020 11:53 AM Read

I've taken a flat in their apartments "Springwoods" at Sarjapur road. This venture they started in 2013/2014, I've paid my full amount as per the agreement by 2018 and till today they did not handover the flat. There are many pending works in the entire building. Builders Mr. T. Sudhakar Naidu and Siva Sankar G. they never answer the calls, won;t be available at office to meet. Simply escaping the customers, they took loans to the tune of 13 crores from banks by mortgaging the semi finished apartment and sold it to customers. and they did not pay the loan dues. Like this their irresponsibility, mischief, greed, conflicts with in partners, Cheating behaviour made a total 200 families to suffer mental and financial losses. Most of the flat owners paid full amount and builders are enjoying luxurious villas, cars where buyers like me incurred so much loss, not sure when they handover the flat to us. Most of the flat owners are middle class tax paying employees and put their hard earned money to own a flat. In India, our law system also won;t help and does not guarantee faster compensation.

Don’t ever do transactions with these builders, don’t purchase real estate with them.
Aug 23, 2018 10:14 AM Read

I took a flat on rent in vandana earls court last year but within few months was forced to vacate the flat due to frequent power cuts, water shortage and harassment by house owner. The owner who was also the building landowner started demanding higher rent & maintenance within 3 months of shifting.

Before vacating I asked for refund of rental advance given as security deposit but he threatened and refused. I was forced to vacate without collecting deposit.  Please do not rent or buy any flat in vandana earls court.
Mar 19, 2018 10:33 AM Read

With BJP MLA support, this crooks are looting the common man

Dont put your hard earned money with this crooks

This director is fraud

Staff are criminals(Their looks are like criminals)

They abuse and harass women

Everybody in this company cheat customers
Mar 16, 2018 10:23 AM Read

They behave as if they are doing big favor for the customers

All they do is cheating home buyers, harassing women, building low quality houses

This people are associated with corrupt local BJP MLA

This director and staff should be hanged publicly for their crimes
Mar 14, 2018 10:59 AM Read

This director, his brother s and staff attack women and handicapped and sell their properties and share their loot with local BJP MLA

Dont invest your hard earned money with this goons

Dont waste your time with this guys, they are of no use to anybody

Mar 12, 2018 10:14 AM Read

At VANDANA from Director to the site supervisor each and every level, every person cheats you,

After cheating they threaten and abuse customers

Director and his staff are core criminals

They are supported by local BJP connections in that area

Prime minister must intervene and arrest this Director and Staff of this Criminal Fraud company
Feb 28, 2018 10:43 AM Read

Loot and Cheat common Man

Director is character less fellow

Drunken Associates

Staff are criminal crooks

Abuse women

Fraud Builder

Blacklisted Company

Poor quality

Cheat and threaten customers
Feb 21, 2018 01:59 PM Read

Vandana group is biggest fraud builder in India.

They cheat common man and Indian government.

Staff and Director are criminals and abuse women.They cheat common man at each and every level of construction.
Feb 02, 2018 12:58 PM Read


Rowdies, Criminals, Killers


Worst Fraud Builder

Blacklisted company

Director is No.1 Loafer

Staff and management are bunch of crooks.

What you expect from this builder
Jan 10, 2018 10:37 AM Read

Vandana Director is a big fraud, cheater.

He keeps drunk henchmen to harass women and threaten customers.

This old fellow enjoys women being harassed!

Very cheap class builders, no value for customers.

They treat customers as use and through toilet paper!
Dec 29, 2017 11:00 AM Read

Drunk men in Vandana office abuse helpless women customers with filthy language.

They are very much unapproachable unfriendly and rude with customers

Drunk men in Vandana office abuse helpless women customers with filthy language.
Dec 05, 2017 12:09 PM Read

Construction approvals and permissions not available from civic authorities.

Irregularity in stamp duty and registration.

Land titles and ownership under dispute.

Violation of sale and construction agreements.

Project not approved by BBMP and without Khata and Occupancy Certificate.

Unauthorised sale of flats to multiple buyers.
Dec 02, 2017 10:32 PM Read

Dear All,

We are glad that there has been active participation( 30+) in the last general body meeting that was conducted in our premises on 12th to discuss specific points mentioned in the agenda. Given below is the minutes of the same:

  1. Few of the owners had met lawyer in high court to get the details of ongoing suit that lawyer is fighting on behalf of VEC owners. As per the lawyer, case is proceeding in the right direction and the advocate is expecting the builder to come forward for an across the table meeting by Oct 2nd week.

  2. Lawyer suggested that internal process can be started for forming a group but registration process( society / apartment act) should be taken only after 2nd week of Oct.He had also explained the difference to them between society and apartment act and was of the opinion that we could look into starting with Society act & later on migrating to the Apartment act if deemed necessary as the later is very cumbersome, time consuming & expensive. The same was also part of a healthy discussion in the meeting.

  3. Till date the lawyer was only communicating to Mr. Abhijeet however from now on he has agreed to share the updates with 3 more persons & the same shall be further updated to the group now onwards. As of now we are expecting an update in Oct 2nd week or before.

  4. Current Admin group has been dissolved & it has been decided to have an elected working committee to represent VEC owners to take common causes. To value time of the owners & to avoid elections time & again it has been decided that going forward the same group would be the office bearers for the association when registered.

a. Requested all the members to go through the information available in apartmentadda to understand the roles of members and office bearers

b. Called for nominations from interested people to be part of the working committee Since this being an non remunerative post which holds the person to be answerable, we request serious attention to be paid to this process.

c. We will discuss about the selection process for working committee in our next meeting which is scheduled on coming Saturday(19-Sep-2015) at 7pm

d. Request owners to visit to register on VEC.

e. To collect details about all owners and tenants of VEC, the following persons have volunteered & they would be responsible to complete this by coming Friday(18th Sep 2015)

a. Sunny, Abhishek, Senthil and Vamsi for A block

b. Simhachalam Naidu, Ratheesh, Madhu Manikandan for B block

c. Binoy, Magesh, Rajesh and Narayanababu for C block

f. Currently members don’t have clarity on corpus account status which is being held by Mr.Abhijeet. It is requested that Abhijeet may kindly post the payment receipt / expenses statement in the google group in excel format if possible by Wednesday(16-Sep-2015) or latest by 17th, so that we can compile it along with the expenses met for the Independence day celebrations & refund the amount due that has been currently met by the money paid personally by few members( for independence day celebrations).


VEC Group
Nov 30, 2017 07:45 PM Read

From: Binoy C

Date: Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 4:59 PM

Subject: Re: [vec-association] Pathetic handling of STP in VEC


Cc: vec-association

Dear Mr.Vasanth,

I am Binoy here, one of the owner of VandAnasultan earls court, who apparently is your client.

As your aware we have been trying to reach you from the past one week to have an update on the suit filed by you on our behalf which unfortunately is getting postponed from your end time & again.

We understand & appreciate the fact that your preoccupied. However it is very important that you please make some time for us, as today we are in dark on the exact status of the suit & like me most of my friends are also. Hence we have decided to address the update on the suit filed in meeting which we have scheduled  for this sunday along with other pending works / issues pertaining to our apartment for which we need to have a clear picture.

We are acceptable to your convenient timing no matter what time of the day it may be.

Hope you would now better understand the seriousness of the various requests being put forth by us to you in this regard  & we do expect you to address the same professionally by reverting back to us with your valuable time slot.

Best regards,

Binoy K C

Nov 26, 2017 07:19 PM Read

[vec-association] VandAnasultan Earls Court - Minutes of meeting 27/09/2015

sunny bhushan vasikMRJSLS via


to Vasanth.adithya, admin, Vandan

Dear Mr Vasanth Aditya

We thank you for coming to our place for a meeting  with taking time

from your busy schedule.

As we discussed and agreed, below are the points

  1. We are heading towards a Positive Gain as far as the Law Suit

against the Builder is concerned.  As a next step towards fulfilling

our entitled demands that we have listed in the law suit, We

will re-present the same list in priority of requirement order and

share with you. We request you to please share the copy of the law

suit we had put up so that we can refer the same and be affirm.

  1. Each and every one who had filed the suit can approach the lawyer

for any sort of clarity regarding the case via email/phone or

personally to office with prior notice.Anyone having update from the

lawyer may please post the same in the common forum( google group)

so that the lawyer need not be disturbed for the same update time &


  1. Those who have not yet joined the Suit( old residents as well as

new) can join the same suit on of before 15th Oct with below details


a. Signed Copy of Concent Form( authorizing the laywer to represent self)

b. Signed Vakalat form( on a green sheet used for affidavit

etc.) to get in to the suit.

c. Initial Booking form copy or any other proof showing the breakup.

d. Registered Sale Deed copy( proof of ownership)

e. A fees of 1000/- towards the legal fees

We request you to please share the vakalat format.

contact details of  Kreetam Associates

Kreetam Inc

New Durbar Complex, 1st floor,

Behind Muthoot Fin, MS Palya Circle,

Vidyaranya pura post, Bangalore-560097

Contact numbers:


9632177550, 9731591151.


thank you

Sunny Bhushan V

A-107, VandAnasultan Earls Court

sunny bhushan vasikMRJSLS via


to vasanth.adithya, admin, Vandan

Dear Mr Aditya

As discussed in the earlier meeting at Our Apartment premises, We

are herewith attaching the pending works to be done by Builder on a

Priority wise listing.

Please acknowledge the mail and also let us know the status of the

case if any new developments.

thank and regards

Sunny Bhushan VasikMRJSLS

A-107, VandAnasultan Earls Court


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Vandana Infra - Bangalore

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