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Olive House, 50/932 A, Devankulangara Jn, Edapally, Kochi 682 024, KL

Project By Olive Builders and Developers, Kochi

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Kakkanad, Kochi
₹84.55 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
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Kakkanad, Kochi
₹64.8 L - ₹80.02 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
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Edappally, Kochi
₹71.7 L - ₹83.89 L
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Olive Builders and Developers, Kochi

Mar 18, 2023 04:12 PM Read

Even though there are a lot of builders in the market, Olive builderd is unique among them. best customer service makes them unique. Quality of their work makes them stand ahead. I am really happy with my flat in Kalista. One of the best flats with good ambiance and best customer service.
Aug 08, 2020 12:17 PM Read (via Mobile)

I purchased an apartment at olive kalista, named Alisha. the project was supposed to be handed over in 2017. it has been been delayed by 3 years!!!it is now being handed over, in an unfinished state, devoid of most of the luxury facilities they had promised. Please think twice before making a purchase. There are plenty of flats still vacant, because people now know, it is a terrible mistake to come into contract with olive builders.
Aug 04, 2018 11:30 AM Read (via Mobile)

Good location and good ambience

Though it took a longer time the quality of construction is comparably better

The artificial lake in the middle and the tropical fruit garden makes it a project different from others . Could have avoided charging 500 rs from the residents for using the health club

Overall a project worth recommending


Olive Builders and Developers - Kochi
Jul 01, 2018 11:11 AM Read (via Mobile)

We have caught so many rats and disposing it ourselves from last one year. this time we clawed the so care taker and from last one week the rat is still with in the trap and no one came to us even after calling some managers and caretakers. this is hell .
May 08, 2018 06:24 PM Read (via Mobile)

The book which is kept in Olive Kalista Astra Kakkanad Inforpark for queries and concerns are not taken care of on time, poor response and large delay, the caretakers are taking things for granted and working as per their mood and at times show attitude, please check the complaint book many issues remain unresolved

The gym is worst, no AC no fan, only cleaning happens on time the machines are outdated and few are unable for usage
Mar 06, 2017 05:03 PM Read

Clients, Please be aware that the Builders are trying to impose a huge water bill per flat even if your consumption is minimum to average. An average of Rupees 1900/- per month is charged forcibly on the owner / tenant with an occupancy of 4 persons.

During booking lots of promises were made. The builders are not able to establish KWA connection till date. Its been 8 yrs since construction had started till date they are able to get the connection. Ground water absolutely nil.

If this problem is not solved by the builder, tenants would have to look into the legal options.

I seriously hope the owner Dr.Mathai P.K is aware of the Trivandrum project ground situation. This will seriously damage the builders reputation.
Oct 06, 2016 03:54 PM Read

I’m currently a homeowner of a flat in Cressida, and we are very happy with how our flat came out. Unlike projects by other builders, because Cressida is a township project, we are able to enjoy the s
Sep 05, 2016 11:17 AM Read

I purchased a flat in Olive's Kalista township project in Kakkanad. The township project is one of the biggest townships in Kochi, and it's beautiful. My wife and I take walks around the man-made lake built in the center of the complex every afternoon while our children play in the play area. It's a really safe place for your children to grow up. And the community of people here has been great. I work closer to Ernakulam, but because of the good road connectivity from Olive Kalista, it's really easy for me to get around the rest of the city from where we live. I'm glad we decided to settle on Olive Kalista.
Aug 16, 2016 01:33 PM Read

Its's been 1 year and 6 months me and my wife living in Olive Cressida, as we both an IT professionals living next to job is a great blessing for us.

The construction and living quality in Cressida is very much appreciated and we haven't got any issues with the association so far, I sure that it will go as smooth as now in the future. We got in here by recommendation and we are very happy to recommend olive to our friends and all.
May 31, 2016 06:41 PM Read

Read couple of reviews of Olive Builders. Olive Cressida or Olive Calista is not the only project Olive builder has issues with. Olive courtyard owner's association is still having troubles with Olive builder. Please refer the attached document to understand the issues Olive builder has with the association, even after 3 years of handing over their project at Infopark, Kochi. It is strange that people are still buying flats from these kind of builders, without doing the bare minimum checking.

Here is a latest news from Mathrubhumi on 15th December 2016(Eranakulam edition) about Olive Courtyard Project. You will understand how bad the construction was.

Mar 30, 2016 11:26 AM Read

I booked a flat(Olive cressida, Olive builders, near technopark, Trivandrum) in 2013 and the  promised date of completion was July 2014. Even today(2016 March) the building is not in a habitable condition and lot of government approvals are still pending including occupancy certificate from corporation, consent to operate from Pollution control board, height clearance from airport, NOC from Fire and Safety department etc.

Moreover, builder added hidden charges of Rs. 2 Lakhs extra under statutory charges for KSEB, KWA etc. They have deviated from their promised internal road width(7 meter to 4.7 meter) and number of lifts(3 lifts to 2). Also, initially promised land area for the whole project was 308 cents, but now it is only 303 cents. They didn't even inform these major changes to any of the flat purchasers. No TC numbers obtained for any of their flats which were supposed to be completed even in 2013 and 2014.

Finally I ended up in consumer court for their deficiency in service, hidden charges & unfair trade practice and I am still staying in a rental home. Not sure how many similar customers are facing the same issues from Olive Builders. Instead of Robotouchndly believing and aishwaryasingh23ing what builder says and charges, please check the status of all the Govt approvals, extra amounts(Service tax, VAT & Statutory) other than what is mentioned in the sale and Constructionguru30 agreements & verify if they are on actuals by yourselves. Please think more than twice before we put our hard-earned money into some else's hands.

Other reviews of Olive Builders can be seen @


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Jun 30, 2015 04:12 PM Read

I have paid an advance amount of 12.74 lacs in total for Olive Builders' Cressida project Flat no: 13A in tower II .

While introducing me to the flat the builder had promised me that the flat is ready for handover and is completed. However after payment of advance the builder sent me a draft of the sale and construction agreement in which they have mentioned that the flat construction is ongoing.

In addition, I have come to know that the completion status of the apartment is pending as they have not received the necessary approvals from the government authorities .

Since this was a deviation in the information that was shared with me during the sales process and also considering the risk involved in investing on a property which has not received a government approval, I have decided to move out of the deal at the earliest.

I have sent an email to the point of contact on 26th March informing that I am no more interested in the deal and asked them to refund my full payment at the earliest so as to avoid losses from my end.

After a really long follow-up process the builder responded to me on 21st April saying that my cancellation is accepted and the amount will be refunded after the apartment has been sold to a third party and after deduction of taxes and other charges.

I am extremely dissatisfied and affected by   the builder due to the following reasons

1) I was misled by the Builder’s representative telling me that the Apartment is completed and ready to occupy considering the fact that the builder has not received the completion certificate from corporation and other related approvals from the government agencies.

2) I have not signed any agreement with the Builder regarding the purchase of the apartment as the terms and conditions in the document were not applicable to a completed apartment.

The money that I have paid is handled by the builder for the last two months for which I have zero returns

3) The date of repayment is being kept indefinite which maximizes my loss in terms of bank interest.
May 04, 2015 04:09 PM Read

[01-MAY-2015]The Customer Relations Team used to be quite decent until around 3-4 months back. Wither they have  a new PR head or the current team has an attitude problem, but the treatment meted out to owners is self righteous and downright obnoxious. I own an apartment in Olive's Kalista complex. It is a well constructed and  OK designed property but their Customer Relation Management is getting from bad to worse.

Let me elaborate two recent experiences:

  1. Due to their own planning issues they haven't yet received KSEB residential connection at this community. Nearby builders who launched their projects about the same time have all got connections.

Two months back when we approached Olive to provide electricity for doing interior work at my apartment they asked me for a payment of Rs. 5000 per month off the books(without receipt). To put it in perspective: the commercial rate of electricity in Kerala is Rs. 10 per unit. We told Olive to connect a meter outside our apartment and charge us per the unit consumed at commercial rates and they refused. They sprung the charge of Rs. 5000 only the day before we were to start work with all contractors and workers lined up.

To me it is not the amount to be paid, it is the stink of exploitation that is frustrating. And the fact that Olive is willing to do it shows their attitude to customer service

(They charged us for March, April they haven't raised the subject but now they have started raising the topic of making Rs. 5000 payment for April & May(Total - 10, 000) or they will turn off the power - which is the push I needed to make this post. I don't like posting negative comments on companies generally, especially when it is a case of cutting the branch I am sitting on:-(, but there are limits)

The maximum any other builder charges for such work is Rs. 1500 per month which is a fair amount. When we questioned the high rate, we got the response - Sir, nobody has complained about it so far. If you don't want to pay you can start the work 2-3 months later.


  1. We were trying to get the work completed before the June school opening and on May 1 we had some sub contractors scheduled to come to finish some work at our apartment. On 30 Apr evening we get a call from Olive saying we cant do any work at our apartment on May 1.  Now there is exactly one resident today in 20 floors of the building and considering work happens on Olive's other towers almost every other day, they cant claim disturbance to other residents. We cant find any legal or other right Olive has to refuse admission to the complex for workers at our apartment on May 1. The most irritating part of the whole experience was attitude of folks at Olive office when we called them up to inquire about arbitrary decisions like this.

[6-Sep-2015]: Call me a hypocrite, but my perspective on when interior work should/shouldn't happen have I changed after I have moved in. Now I toe Olive's line on late night - weekend constructions -:-) ]

[Update-8-Sep-2015]: Started recommending Olive to Friends again. Olive is in someways more  responsive and in some way better than other builders and you just cant beat the Location. But best deal - the ground water pumped into the apartments is very good. Olive has built this amazing Rain Water Harvesting system which forms the 48 meter deep lake in front of  the apartments and the water tested better than what comes from the Water Authority. If you  live near Kakkanad you will know 75% of the apartments here get their water pumped in by tankers. Some looking around the other apartments near Inforpark, Smartcity - Kalista shares a wall with Smartcity and is band opposite Info Park have convinced me as far as water goes this is the best place to buy.

But if you are buying from Olive, Negotiate upfront with them on when they are going to provide the Amenities, when the KSEB connection will be ready - I have detailed comments in other posts regarding the delays we encountered. If possible get it written into your agreement clause.

Updating status to Like. Still keeping the three stars, will change rating if there are more positive signs. Upped the Customer Service is bar by one to acknowledge the Olive Chariman's visit to meet the owners and the sponsored Onam celebration activity.

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