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Projects In Coimbatore

Under Construction
Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore
₹1.02 Cr
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Viswanathapuram, Coimbatore
₹72.09 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Race Course, Coimbatore
₹5.09 Cr
4 BHK Apartments

Projects In Chennai

Under Construction
Nolambur, Chennai
Price On Request
2,3,4,5 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Mannivakkam, Chennai
Price On Request
2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Thirumudivakkam, Chennai
Price On Request
3,4 BHK Apartments

Projects In Bangalore

Ready to Move
Hoodi, Bangalore
Price On Request
1,2,3,4 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Hennur, Bangalore
Price On Request
Under Construction
HSR Layout, Bengaluru
₹2.02 Cr - ₹2.8 Cr
1BHK,2BHK,3BHK,4BHK,5BHK Apartments

Reviews on Casagrand Builder Private Limited

2 hrs 12 mins ago Read (via Mobile)

We booked a casagrand project eye washing project called Casablanca. They have a brilliant sales team who are trained in being the best frauds. They took 1 lakh as the deposit money and i backed out of the deal after understanding the review in every site and what the delivery date they were saying is different than what they have uploaded in RERA. All informations are contradictory and now i am running after them for a refund (just like any other person who haven’t reviewed here).. and they balantly stop responding to your calls. My sales contacts were Afsha and Jayashree. I have call recordings and all to prove and i am on contact with my lawyer too. 2.5 months a long time for a simple refund! For God’s sake DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.
Jun 15, 2024 12:14 AM Read (via Mobile)

Just don't invest or buy any casagrand project. I own a unit in this project. Already delayed by an year. Now they are about to do registration but with hell lots of issue still open:

  1. Private terrace sold illegally, they are not including it in sale deed

  2. Uncertainty in water connection

  3. Delay payment scam...they are charging hefty delay payment without giving any reason.

  4. CRM team: WORST PATHETIC SXXTTY, XXL, XX, XX (Shilpy, Arthi, Vasudevan, Prathap, Sheena, Megha) ...they fXXing don't value your time & money.

  5. Many deviation from actual plan.

And many more....

May 30, 2024 10:07 AM Read (via Mobile)

Worst builders in Bangalore, quality wise its very low standard materials used in every stage,

Fraud CRM team( Prathap/Sheena) They dont even respond properly to mails and they will not intimate you on delays, we have to keep on mailing/calling them asking for updates.


Casagrand Builder Private Limited
May 25, 2024 09:14 AM Read (via Mobile)

Very worst experience, being first time home buyer I got cheated by casagrand easily, fake promises, all of lies by sales team, crm , everyone from casagrand, they promised handover 2022 Dec, but till 2024 March no response on handover, they got extention till dec 2024, every time we ask , they simply change the date, today I got a notice from random advocate saying property is illegal, I don't know what to say now
May 14, 2024 11:52 PM Read (via Mobile)

We did initial payment to block the flat and we cancelled the request due to personal reason. We haven't received the refund yet almost more than 2 months now. No response and salesperson didn't pickup the call from day2. As a common man don't know how to take it forward to get our money back.

I have written letter to senior management still no response.

Pls advise how to raise a complaint against them.
May 07, 2024 10:03 PM Read

Paid in full including registration cost.

Waiting to schedule registration and CRM hasn't responded for the past 1 month.Now to top it off her email is bouncing back.

Unbelievable, they have ruined the whole experience for us.

Is there a WhatsApp group for the home owners that is existing to keep us updated on the progress .I would like to know, please comment if there is one .
Apr 24, 2024 07:55 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am the owner of Casagrand firstcity project. And I have booked my unit in the month of Dec 2020, and the CRM had promised us to hand over the flat by Dec 2022, however while doing registration the date got changed to Dec 2023. But till now we don't have proper communication from the CG team and no invite for the NOC visit. There is no proper response from the CRM.

They are all telling all lies. If anyone is buying from the casagrand please be careful of hand over process.
Apr 18, 2024 04:16 PM Read (via Mobile)

I've blocked atleast 50 numbers of the casa grand and They call me from yet another number everytime. Is it hard to understand I'm not interest. If they so desperate then why don't you sit outside a temple and beg.

Only bad products needs extensive advertisement and soliciting. They are pathetic. Please STOP disturbing us. And get down to doing something productive in life.
Apr 14, 2024 11:07 PM Read

I m one of CASAGRAnd customer in Chennai. I have been waiting for my unit for 5yrs now.NO EB connection as of yet. Please dont trust this brand as they have poor customer service and dont keep up the promise. They have already extended RERA date twice now and still I have to wait for 6more months to get the unit. Not sure how GOVT is still letting these people ruin others dreamz. Poor quality of work as well. They use only POP instead of cement and brick. Also, they raise fake delay charges just to loot more money from ur. BEWARE. DONT TRUST CASAGRAND.
Feb 16, 2024 07:17 PM Read

Booked an apartment only bcos they said it would be ready by Dec 2023. Without prior notice, in Dec, they sent a mail indicating it is moved to Sep 24. Casual reply saying RERA is 2025 only, so nothing can be done. But if you delay your payment, there is a penalty. I got the worst CRM and she is available only when I need to pay. None of my queries are answered in a proper way. None available for escalation. CG delayed my registration and now asking me to pay the new govt amount. Fitted homes is another cheat story. Overall, my experience so far has been really worrying. My recommendation - Donot go with CG if this is the working culture.
Feb 06, 2024 05:40 PM Read (via Mobile)

I had mental shutdown because of the pathetic salesmen, I was approached by two hooligans who represented these shitty builders. One of them who was the so called sales manager was a shithead, who thought of me as his sales team member and spoke in such a rude manner that if he this would have been a face to face conversation, I would have made him realise who he was talking to.

They are collecting money in the name of EOI even before receiving RERA
Feb 04, 2024 06:52 AM Read (via Mobile)

We have purchased a flat in 2020, no registration done, no patta, due to government is claiming it as anadheenam lands,

Then why government approved this project and gave RERA approval and DTCP approval?

Why nationalised banks approved and sanctioned home loan..

Since 3 years we are paying EMI for the zero value property...

Government or the casagrand builder should give the solution for us and all the flat owners who are all really suffering a lot mentally and financially...
Jan 05, 2024 01:42 PM Read

Worst builder ever with never ending delays, I have booked 2 apartments in 2019 and was one of the first to book the flat,

but till now they have not handed over. They were supposed to give it by 2022, then it got pushed to March 2023 and after that every

month they keep on pushing, but till now I have not got possession.

The customer relationship team is the worst they dont even respond properly to mails and they will not intimate you on delays, we have to keep on mailing/calling them asking for updates.
Dec 27, 2023 06:56 PM Read (via Mobile)

CASAGRAND is very well known for its fancy advertising and note the below point:

a. delayed handover - beware what they mention as RERA completion date and don’t believe what the Sales people commit

b. Quality of materials - Don’t go by Model House specifications and quality. Make sure you get all the facts checked in the agreement

c. Payment schedule - They don’t allow physical site verification of your property and make fake demands claiming stage payment.

d. manpower allocation - They don’t work with the same manpower and reduce them by end of the project tenure once the payment is collected.

The recent offer of 20% is clear indication that they are in dire needs of funds or wants to show higher sales. Hence be careful.
Dec 23, 2023 07:03 PM Read

Please do not chose casagrand project, as what ever commitment they made they never keep that promise, starting from booking to delivery nothing happened. Few of the members in casagrand never respond to queries, (Rajasekhar, Daniel. and so on). Please dont waste your valuable money and energy in casagrand. Think Multiple times and choose the right builder.
Dec 20, 2023 10:59 AM Read (via Mobile)

As i have lots of experience in real estate and share market i calculated the actual price of apartment. He is quoting double price excluding his profit and providing free amenities.

Instead of paying double price to enjoy amenities we can buy bigger size apartment in centre of city itself.
Nov 02, 2023 03:10 PM Read (via Mobile)

I booked Casagrand Utopia. They don't respond for your queries once you booked an unit. Now, they are asking us to register the property but without allowing us to visit the site for 30 mins. For my brother, they agreed to handover a unit of another project for specific amount and confirmed over mail as we need to take all 3 extra car parkings, since that's the last unit. So, we paid booking amount.After 3 months, they said, management didn't agree with the proposed amount. When we asked for booking amount, they took 75 days to repay the booking amount. We had to call them daily. No one pick up the call. No proper customer care number. We made a call daily. Worst experience ever with Casagrand. We dropped the plan of buying a property from Casagrand.
Oct 04, 2023 11:36 AM Read

It had rained and the 2 poor strays did not have anywhere to seek shelter. All the other spots were taken by other locality dogs. Since many of the residents from Castle feed these 2 dogs plus another 3 legged dog and these dogs always stay outside Castle and Woodside, they sought shelter from the rain by entering Castle. They were promptly chased out. But after the rain stopped, acting on the orders of the management, the security guys from Castle and Woodside chose one security, gave him a wooden stick and sent him to the dogs. He called out to the dogs to come to him, but they ran in fear. But they couldn't run far and stopped near a ditch/dump yard. He kept calling them to come so he could beat them. The cruelest part is that these dogs trust these guys so when this man called to the dogs to come to him, they were hesitant. He did not just chase them away, he called them to him just so he could beat them. I saw a young woman walking her dog stop this man, thankfully. She spoke with him, I couldn't hear what they were saying.

If these strays whom you dislocated from their familiar area and built your property on bother you so much when they seek shelter, you chase them away. Is this not enough? Do you have to go and beat them too? The people that you have recruited are ordered to beat these innocent lives, they are going to protect your residents? Do your residents who feed these dogs know? What a joke.

Your turnover for last year is between 100-500 crores, is it not possible to set up a simple shed near the dump yard that will cost a mere 2000 rupees at most? Won't this solve your problem? You don't have to go around beating these dogs and they won't enter your property. If you chased them from their area, are you not responsible to at least build a small shelter spot for them? Shame on you.
Sep 12, 2023 12:50 PM Read

Whoever is reading this post. please never ever buy a property in casagrand. I beg u, save your well earned money.

They are a unethical frauds, casagrand cheated me 60000 in referral bonus money.

So. I booked casagrand athens with referral. my referee is my uncle, who previously booked in the same project.

From the first call to till agreement signing, sales team committed that we will receive the referral amount and the process will be smooth.

But, that was a blatant lie. After I paid more than 80 perecent of the money. I enquired on the referral bonus amount, initially they said, they didnt received any referral information under my uncles booking, then they told I swapped my unit to another unit, that disqualifies my referral amount. after questiong this absurd logic.

They came out with their scam move. they told me that I downloaed brochure from casagrand site before booking, so they have my number and they consider my booking as a organic and not referral.

Booking form clearly has referral details, sales team sent me mail on referral assuring it will be processed. casagrand was silent for 8 months and at the end, if are saying you downloaded brochure, so you are a organic booking. I DOWNLOADED BROCHURE BECAUSE I WAS OUT OF TOWN, before visiting casagrand office with my uncle, I checked photos and details in the site. they set the trap clearly in the site by allowing to download brochure if I enter mobile number, then they are using that as a excuse to deny referral bonus. but they wont reveal their plans till you sign agreement. how cheap and cunning.

Currently, all teams stopped responding to me properly and they talk rude if I continously msg them.

I have posted the proofs in twitter. people can check my proofs in below link:

Jul 28, 2023 12:30 PM Read (via Mobile)

Casagrand is a fraud. They make false promises, no after sales service. They will not attend your complaints. The customer representative/poc will sit in Chennai for a banglore property so that you can't reach out to them physically

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