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Https:// c programming is really a basic need to all computer science students. so here the link of a c programming tutorial that helps all students to achieve a great performance in c programming

Beautiful movement in women sports

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Women’s beach volleyball has hands down been one of the highlights of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The competition has been fierce, and the ladies have been looking gorgeous. Whoever decided to make bikinis the official uniform of women’s beach volleyball deserves a Nobel Prize. Talk about a humanitari...

Women Amezing beach volleball Agatha Barbara vs Juliana Antonelli

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He discrepancies between men’s and women’s beach volleyball uniforms are hard not to notice, given that women usually compete in bikinis and men play in tank tops and shorts. A question has come up in several conversations I’ve had with colleagues and friends over the past few days: Why is there suc...

New Advanced Tools of Google Earth Tutorial

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Learn some of the slightly more advanced tools in Google Earth such as the Placemark button, the Ruler button Know some hidden things about google earth Learn some of the slightly more advanced tools in Google Earth such as the Placemark button, the Ruler button Know some hidden things abou...

DIL MEIN HAI EK ASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My dear friends, I would like to share you a thought which comes in my mind every time. so many people are struggling in this world and running for work.since they having a goal and aim to do something and achieve something but they dint realize what they are exactly want. so my dear friends m...

The Many Different Types of Ecards

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When you send an ecard, you are not restricted to just unique events, for example, a birthday, commemoration or the introduction of a tyke. There are incalculable ecards accessible to send, other than your standard Christmas ecards. There is a vast number of ecards you can send to loved ones for ...

Two Moments (Dinner)

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“So, what you do for your living?” Nisha asked Hardeep. “I own men’s collection garments showroom.” Hardeep answered that very confidently. I was quite surprised at that time because he had much drinks. “Oh! That means we can’t find something suitable for women in you showroom.” Nisha just made f...


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Hi,Presently I am having Hyundai Verna fluidic 1.4 EX top model [2013] with wheel covers and now I am interested to change it to ALLOY WHEELS OF VERNA FLUIDIC 1.6LTR DIAMOND CUT ALLOYS. Can you please advise whether they fit perfectly or will have any issues going further. Thanks In Advance A...

How to earn Money Online

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We're in the age of digital marketing. Every product and service is just a click away from you. Online work/work from home is trending today,thanks to the internet. Whether you're a writer, a graphic designer, a voice expert, a photographer or a fashion designer, you can work from the comforts of yo...


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"Scoring more than 300 runs in 50 overs a side match looked so EASY; That's why; scoreboard officials in India Vs England ODI series of 2017, were so BUSY. Virat Kohli led the team from the front as an aggressive CAPTAIN; and in that process, discovered Kedar Jadhav as an emergi...

Indian Cricket

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I love most indian cricket team. Our full time caption Mr. Virat Kohli is so lucky and playing good. Today's cricket match is so interesting with England. Today I want more run with Yuvraj singh and Mahendra singh Dhoni.

Missing School Days

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.Though we all are solely attached through our school memories. The memories, that may be of first day to school,making new friends, interacting with teachers, putting nickname on faculties and classmates, memories of sleeping while prayer, the memory of bursting of parents for not studding(off-co...

How to get six packs

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SIX PACKS is very trending fashion and fitness goal. to become fit and reduce belly fat fallow the exercises are useful .so observe and workout daily this is not easy to get six packs its take time. you have to work daily for good results DON'T EAT- 1) don't eat oil food and junk food 2...

My First Mobile Phone

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My first mobile phone is 7610. It was gifted to me by my father. It is very beautiful mobile phone. This sound quality is very good. One day I was listening to the song in my mobile My hands fell to the ground immediately mobile. And broken. I'll miss my mobile.

Rudraksh group for being so helpful.

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Maine apne brother ke visa ke liye apply karna tha. After 2016 grads exams my brother had planned to go for higher studies abroad then we started searching through the newspapers. Humne bahut saare consultancies ko visit kiya then finally we met rudraksh group consultants. Many of the immigration co...

Respect ?? 50% Yes and 50% No

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They were born to be a star, what humanity means, Actuall meaning of humanity is “ Army man” leaved their family, kids and many more. “Sometimes jobs and money is not everything ” Army aspirants used to struggle alot, why? Only for 20k or 40k salary per month? NO.A BIG NO.! They are also hu...

Elevate your Life with Yoga

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I discovered the usefulness of Yoga just 1 & ½ years ago and I can feel a lot of changes in my life already by just reserving 1 to 1.5 hrs a day for me. Initially I was sceptical about it as everybody does in the beginning. The law of inertia also make it difficult to initiate any change in life or ...

Skin care Tips & Remedies

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Our skin needs to be taken care of,but each one of us have a different skin type. So Lets PAMPER our skin.! Following are some skin care remedies for each skin type OILY SKIN: A. EGG WHITES 1.Whip one egg white and apply it on your skin with help of a cotton ball. Allow it to dry and the...

Secrets To Achieving Amazing Search Engine Optimization Success

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So, you are interested in mastering SEO. That's fabulous! However, there is a lot to learn and it can be hard to figure out where to start. Never fear! This article has great suggestions to help you get going and learn a lot. When optimizing your site for keyword phrases, rather than single words...

Too much expectations may kill their skills.

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They are dieing inside, No one knows.A fully dedicated blog to those who explore thieir expectation to their kids. Am not saying or declaring them wrong . But in most of the cases kids got confused about their hobby and parents expectations. Every parents like to give everything to their children...