Fenil's Bollywood Talk # 495

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FUKREY RETURNS IS A HUGE SUCCESS! Almost every trade pundit and moviegoer had expected Fukrey Returns to have a not-so-great opening and hopefully, do better on Saturday and Sunday before having a healthy weekday. After all, the buzz didn’t seem huge. But no one can predict the pulse of the audie...

MouthShut Presents Village Cricket League!!

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As Indians, whether or not an enthusiast, we all love cricket. And we love having an office environment where we are awarded for working hard. MouthShut.com has been a pioneer when it comes to employee satisfaction. To add to that, the company has introduced Village Cricket League - Season 4. ...

AUTOPSY OF OBSESSION: Dear Men, Who Say, ‘We Fear Women’, Do Kindly Listen…!

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Hard, very hard it is for most to believe that writing is not always a joy as every word is always a probable culprit of offence. But then, even when it is self-deprecating and painful, words flow out, as probably they must, not for establishing anything, but simply for fulfilling the duty of be...

MNC After Sales Services/Maintenance

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If you buy a branded AC or a refrigerator etc. you may need service at some time. My piece here is to tell you how it may not be the right decision to go back to the same company with the hope that you will get appropriate services and spare parts. Yes, if you are lucky, it may turn out so. You may...

Six Golden Rules to Follow When Taking a Loan

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In an ideal world, everyone has enough money to meet his needs. In fact, many of us have the right choice and the two goals we have expected. Banks and NBFCs, a gaping gap between reality and aspirations is a tremendous opportunity. They offer credit offers for potential customers emails, SMS, and p...

The Ultimate Guide to Subletting Your Apartment

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When you’re a tenant, your security deposit is the most precious thing to you. You don’t want to do anything that might give your landlord any cause to withhold your deposit. Most rental agreements come with a clause saying you can’t vacate the apartment for a set period of time(called the lock-in p...

How to root One plus 5 and install twrp recovery

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One of the best phone that always point out when we talk about android phones and the features of this phones is also amazing. If you want to root one plus 5T and install twrp recovery, then you are going to know the easy and right way to do this successfully by just following the steps, also follo...

Meteor shower tonight!!!

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Hello everyone guys tonight it's going to be amazing , it's 13 December 2017 and today midnight ,it's going to be meteor shower ,Geminid meteor shower ,stargazers get ready for it , it's going to be around 1 a.m. onwards , at its highest peak at 2-3 a.m. ,it's going to be amazing scene up the skies ...

Things Retailers should look at for while choosing a POS system

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In today’s day and age, every retailer understands the importance of having a Retail Point-of-Sales system incorporated in their business. However, the main problem that retailers face is the daunting task of choosing the right Point-of-Sale system for their respective business.

Emotional fools,eh?

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What are emotions? A moment, a thought or a storm in our brain . Quite capable of stirring your world upside down. And who is easy victim..... Generally a weaker sex. Question is why women are emotionally weaker than men??? Their body structure and mental capability makes them to face any mental o...

Write Share and Win Contest

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MouthShut.com heartily congratulates all the winners of Write-Share-Win Contest. Write in you post and Share the post and win high amounts that decided on the post and claimed.

How to get rid of common cold and cough without medicication

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Hello friends,. we see many people suffering from common cold associated with cough, This Remedy may help you Every night before sleeping, consume warm turmeric water, and in the morning have some ginger tea, avoid milk consumption after the sun set, and avoid cold water bath, and use warm cloths...


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Hey friends . Many mosquito coils, liquids, creams, are all present in today's life, but we have more side effects with the use of this all products, Today I will share you the simple and helpful trick which I use to get rid of mosquito is, Neem Oil, we will get neem oil in any ayurvedic medial s...

Wisdom Job Frude

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Dear Friends, I started receiving mail form Wisdom for Initial Paid services for getting job opening . after few days I paid Rs. 3220 for paid services .but they had not shred any additional deposit Rs.10000 for Document verification and for interview calls. after paid Rs. 3220 they ask me for Rs...

Never ever take a pnb metlife policy or saving plan, pnb metlife is a cheat

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Pnb metlife managentment, This is regarding my experience on policy. Ever since I took my policy , I have to chase your salesman named Prasanjit, I speak to him, he keeps me waiting for 2-3 weeks before helping me out and I end up giving very bad feedback.. In all these years, anyone who asked...

AI Waterproof 10W LED Flood Light Pure White AC | B00NZ6QCSK ( af 10w white_1 )

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Hello Friends. Today I will review or discuss about a focus led light which I bought from amazon about the product this product is very handy it is 10w led flood which is white, we can use this lite for focusing on some objects, so its a good and can also work on handy home inverters, so small and...

What are the documents required for a home loan?

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List of common documents needed for home loans Full loan application form with a passport size photo. Photo Identification Proof: Passport / Driving License / Voter ID / PAN Residence address standard: License / Registered Rental Agreement / Utility bill Residence Ownership Proof: Deed o...


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This is the new generation this sentence is a full stop among all people . What is this new generation. This is a licence for all bad habits. Culture of our country is losting day by day . Progress of our country is good but some progressing kill some good cultures and humanities.

LG refrigerator GL-T322RDSU ,308 Ltr

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I bought LG refrigerator GL-T322RDSU double door ,308 LTR, product generate too much noise , customer care says it is normal in the LG compressor and in warranty period (within 3 days from buying) to check the issue their services engineer will change Rs 450/- as visiting change. Very poor response ...

Ice orb levitating bluetooth speakers

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Floating Speaker Orb spinning above a magnetic base Special sound guide cone designed to increase 3D surround effect Floating bluetooth speaker with 10mm ground clearance Built-in NFC function -any smartphone or tablet with NFC function can pair automatically Orb can be used individually...