Ricoh printers...pure cheating

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Do not buy any ricoh printer by iylts cheap price. For a 6000 rs printer,for fault , they ask for 1350 just for inspection. That is for confirming fault. The cost of rectification and spare parts is extra....

Cellulite Creams, Inc.

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Looking for the best anti cellulite cream on the planet? has the largest selection of cellulite creams, treatments and home remedies for restoring healthy skin.

Futurewins - The Best Trading Consultants in India

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COMMODITY TRADING For recent years, commodity trading has been a part and parcel of the economy. Futurewins, provides individualized advice and services regarding trading in futures contracts, commodity options and/or swaps. We give you the scoop on what's best and how to make money in c...

Happy Diwali

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First of all Happy Diwali to all the mouthshut Member.God Give u prosperios and wealth to all the member and success in his life to become a millinaour.and earn a lot of money to use in the life to make better And help all the other to make his life better.once again Happy diwali to all.and god ble...


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Happy Diwali to all over the world.. KPIT provides technology consulting & product engineering services & solutions to Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, & Life ... You visited this page on 29/9/17.

Water Pollution in our country

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Hi to all my friends, Today I want to bring the attention of all my friends towards an another big problem in our country that is Water Pollution. Water is one of the precious gift given by god to us and from millions of decays our nature take care of this gift but from the start of civilizat...

Change thoughts change country

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………………………………………………………………………………………………………. A young man raises voice in the society for the atrocities against women but very few people support it. Suraj and Adhira are students of Delhi college. suraj is the nephew of a powerful politician, in Delhi. Suraj is crook and an impaired boy, on the o...


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GET IT NOW ORIGIN: NUMBER 5 OF THE ROBERT LANGDON SERIES HARDCOVER – 3 OCT 2017 REVIEW "Beautifully observed and really well researched"(BBC TV) "Fans will not be disappointed"(The Times) "Read this if you like high stakes drama"(Evening Standard) "A familiar...

Rani Padmini - A legendary beauty

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Rani Padmini In the 12th and 13th centuries, the Sultanate of Delhi - the kingdom set up by the invaders was nevertheless growing in power. The Sultans made repeated attack on Mewad on one pretext or the other. Here we may recollect the story of Rani Padmani who was the pretext for Allah-ud-din K...


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What is life? Life is all about two thing struggle and success . Success doesn't comes without struggle . So please struggle more to be successful in life . There is saying "People just blame death, Life gives us the real pain and troubles ".

Cats are so funny you will die laughing - Funny cat compilation??????

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Cats are simply the funniest and most hilarious pets, they make us laugh all the time! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other animals, get scared, make funny sounds, get angry,. So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip?:) Hope you like ou...

A Safe and Eco Friendly Diwali Without Crackers

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The excitement and celebratory spirit that Diwali brings is unmatchable. Celebrating eco friendly Diwali with friends and family has its own charm. But amid the festive fervour, how green is your Diwali going to be, is the question that many Amdavadis are giving much thought to. A festival celebr...

5S !!!

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I recollect during my childhood, the school used to celebrate Teachers day and Children’s day. During the teachers day, as children we would wish our teachers and conduct a small program in the school. During the Children’s day, teachers would entertain us. As the years gone, I came to know about o... is a online court of products

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Firstly, I thanks To Mouthshut, Thanks is only for that by this I and many people got best things. I write reviews for product nowadays, not for money.But for people. I always write reveiws form my heart. My reveiws is not approval by mouthshut.But I happy because people is happy from my rewiews. ...

Best VPN Service?

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What is the best/most reliable VPN service in order to watch Netflix? Also, are there any other alternatives to using a VPN service in this case? I have been addicted to Narcos but am travelling soon so looking for the best alternative.

Fraud of packers and movers nowadays

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Hi, Pls be aware of fraud packer and mover. The guy who cheated me recently asked me to pay 12500/- for transferring my car from Faridabad to banglore. And after 8 days when I asked the status of my car. He asked me to pay 43000/- for my car to deliver in banglore. He is a copy of JMD packe...

Best looking Cars!!

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This is for the people who are just looking for looks in their new car. Well there will be very less who will just focus on the looks but I am sure there will be some and they were waiting for something like this. #Best looking Cars with a Budget of 10-20 lakhs. I personally feel these are the...

Sishu Griha school

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This school feels like home, with teachers who are parents too and have their children here, and akkas who treat you like they would treat their own children. I would highly recommend this school because I myself study there. I can't think of a better school because this is like home. And no, I am n...

Best Budget Cars!!

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All the people out there who are planning to buy a new car but are confused between a few top options. This is the place for you. #.Starting with the budget of under 10 lakhs:- I Know this must be the budget of most of you readers. So are my picks for you. Hatchback: Baleno Sedan : Dzire...

Do you like vegetable ,fruit carving ?

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I am sajeesh who lives in kerala,vadakara. I am a professional fruit and veg carving artist. I am a trainer also. so I would like to share my carving picture to you. I used to provide carvings for marriage functions or any kind of other events. I am a chef also who makes different varieties of salad...