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By: vishal108 Posted Dec 15, 2008 General 3923 Views

Dear People of Hyderabad

BEWARE of the RASCAL PEOPLE of COUNTRY CLUB HYDERABAD ( BEGUMPET ) WHO ARE very sophisticated cheaters. THEY invite you that you have won some COUPON and call you to give their PRIZES OR GIFTS. I was happy that I am getting free gift. But when I went there, they first told me to Switch off my mobile and come for a discussion of about 1 - 2 hours -- and I thought OK. They told me every thing very fuzzy and FREE things that I could get with COUNTRY CLUB MEMBESHIP ( RCI ) and I get FREE VACATIONS from Country Club if I am their member.

Then they went to introduce their RESORTS ( a plan where they could BUILD A RESORT HOUSE in 150 YARDS and they told many good benefits. I believed them, that I am getting two plots of 150 YARDS each --- but they took downpayment of 1 lakh rupeese on my credit card - ---- and from the next day onwards when I call them to tell the plot number that I wish to book on the layout ---those guys who were very co0operative stopped to pick up phones, and when I said I wanted to CANCEL, they said 1 LAKH RUPEES CANNOT BE PAID BACK, BUT I CAN GET COUNTRY CLUB MEMBER SHIP BY PAYING RS. 55000 MORE.

Then I found that they are frauds ..... PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE.

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