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The Brand New MouthShut Is Here!

Posted on 22 days ago under General

MouthShut has received a tremendous response in the last few months. There have been thousands of excellent reviews and hundreds of new users pouring in on a daily basis.

We are grateful for the love and to show our gratitude we have brought to you a spanking new, redesigned and revamped MouthShut.com!

The new user-interface is clean, user friendly but up-to-date with modern times. Along with the new interface we have brought 5 new features which are going to make your shopping experience efficient and smart.

1.Travel Guide - Get a low down of'How','Where' and'When' of every destination

2.Video Reviews- Now you can also upload video reviews and give readers an in-depth, first hand information about products.

3.Compare Products- Compare various products with each other and make a calculative decision.

4.Buying Guide - Detailed product descriptions with features to help you shop smartly.

5.Automotive Quotations - Get the accurate on-road prices of every automobile.

At Mouthshut, we are constantly striving to achieve efficient user experience. Hope you enjoy the new Mouthshut and as much as we do.

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Posted on 28 days ago under General

Below are MS Users who are benefitted through WRITE-SHARE-WIN Contest. Each Genuine Experience you have shared with Mouthshut.com is helping Millions of Users to Shop Smarter. We are Glad to have you all as a Part of MouthShut Family.

"Here's a big thank you from bottom of my heart to all MouthShut team and contest team. That I got my money transferred under the date I mentioned. I am very glad and thankful to you all. Happy Festive Season".



"Sir I got my winnings today of rs 500 through NEFT and please update it.and a very thanks to your company and I will be giving my efforts to company very well.again thank you very much to give my first income"


"Hi Readers. I got my MS points transferred to my bank account. Hurray! "


"Received money I received money it help me in earn some money for writing only just reviews . Good work keep it up"


"Great Experience with this app My friend suggest me this app but that time he also not getting any ms points. But after some days he rich to the 500 ms points and after a month mouthshut send Rs 950 of earning amount to directly in the bank account.From that I started review and also got 620 rs in my bank account and I still reviews products for earning ms point."


"good money It's good, mouth shut have me some rupees in my bank account but if it will give me regular my compensation then it will be more excited and good because it's my first time to take bank transfer from this app"


And the List Continues.

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Participate in Contest and Share your Genuine Experiences on Products/Services. Meanwhile get Rewarded for each True Experience you Share.

WRITE YOUR REVIEW NOW http://www.mouthshut.com/review/prewrite.php

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A new new MouthShut

Posted on 29 days ago under General

The Write Share Win Contest has been so successful, that we had not imagined such a phenomenon in our wildest dream. Thousands of good, genuine, honest reviews are coming in every day. Thank you.

We want to make MouthShut more user-friendly and bring you services that are useful in helping all of us make better buying decisions. My dear friends, all of us here at the MouthShut office are working 16 hours a day past 6 months to bring you a modern user-friendly and highly clean design.

This design and the brand new Mouthshut will be rolled-out soon. Watch this space.


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The Responsible Way to Celebrate Diwali!

Posted on Oct 21, 2016 11:14 AM under General

Decades ago, Diwali was a time to bring people closer and spread joy and happiness. With rapid commercialization and the ever growing consumerism Diwali has lost its meaning. Now Diwali is solely a synonym for firecrackers, packaged sweets, customary gifts and shopping.

Traditions and festivals like Diwali must be fostered and celebrated but with time we have forgotten the true meaning of this holy festival. When Lord Rama returned from his 14 yearlong vanvas the people of Ayodhya celebrated their King's arrival. This festival to honour Lord Rama is known as Diwali.

But amidst all that, do remember the fragile condition of the earth. Traditionally, Diwali was celebrated by lighting earthen lamps signifying the triumph of good over evil.

It is our duty as responsible citizens, to celebrate this holy festival in a sensible way. The drastic climate change is a warning from Nature, asking us to mend our ways. It is not too late to go green and become an eco-friendly nation.

To join our protest for eco-friendly Diwali, we request you to fill this short survey and tell us how you are going to make a difference this festive season

TELL US HOW: goo.gl/SMq9Yn

Dont forget to Send us the screenshot of Survey participation thank you page at support@mouthshut.com and Win 10 MS Points

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Please be aware of fake promotions in the name of MouthShut.com

Posted on Aug 31, 2016 07:23 PM under General

We have received emails from our responsible users bringing to our notice about a particular organization posing as Mouthshut.com and sending messages to many of our users asking them to click on a link to earn points.

This blog is to inform our users that Mouthshut.com is not associated with a third party. We are running a contest; details of which can be found on mouthshut.com/contest. Every tweak or change in the contest is updated on the contest page itself.

We urge users to be aware of fake profiles posing as MouthShut. If you do come across any such activity please do inform us by mailing us on support@mouthshut.com. For queries about the contest please email us on contests@mouthshut.com

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Update the MouthShut App to find your friends

Posted on Jun 07, 2016 12:57 PM under General

You are important to us and we'd want only the best for you. In our efforts to improve user experience on MouthShut App, we've released another update. Install it now from the App Store or Play Store.



This new update comes with:

  1. Bug fixes and performance improvement

  2. Search Member: A feature from MouthShut's desktop version has been extended to the app so you can find your friends, connect with them, grow your circle and stay informed in this ever-growing world of innovations.

  3. Our product database is expanding, and now you can also browse/review electronic accessories, generators and air fresheners.

A big thank you to all our users, your feedback and suggestions help us grow. Please keep them coming, as we keep updating and upgrading the app to improve its utility. Write to us at support@mouthshut.com

And if you love the app, don't forget to rate us a five-star on the app store and play store.

Know more about app here: slideshare.net/Mouthshut/mouthshut-app-for-android-and-ios?qid=77b1cc98-4773-4ae2-aa8e-63df0c517d6c&v=&b=&from_search=2

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Update your MouthShut App - Friendlier, Faster and Smarter

Posted on Apr 15, 2016 07:42 PM under General

Make an informed decision, check-in to the MouthShut app before you check-out your shopping cart. Available on app store and play store.

Download Now!


MouthShut just released an app update and here's why you should install it right away:

Improved User-interface: A little tweaks here and there to the already good-looking app for accommodating new features, easier navigation and providing a hassle-free MouthShut experience.

MS Chat: Introducing a faster and smarter upgraded version of M2M, wherein a personal assistant helps you with smartphones, be it suggestions for buying a new phone or a simple OS fix. Now connect with reviewers and followers to get an in-depth knowledge of a product/service. Talk to MS Support to get a hang of MouthShut.

Activities: An activity timeline to keep you posted about the latest happenings on MouthShut and the people you follow.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, you help us grow. Please keep them coming, as we keep updating and upgrading the app to suit your taste and needs. Write to us at support@mouthshut.com

And if you love the app, don't forget to rate us a five-star on the app store and play store.

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To all the Bollywood Fans

Posted on Feb 10, 2016 06:13 PM under General

Hello MSians,

Tired of writing Reviews? Need a Refreshment?

It's Valentine's week and Bollywood is the epitome of love & romance.

To all the Bollywood fans out there Mouthshut.com is here to help your movie become the most favourite one.

This Valentines, grab the opportunity to spread your romantic movie message.

Participate in this 1-minute survey to vote for your favourite movie: goo.gl/JwgSo3

Hurry Up!


MouthShut Team

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Win Rs. 2000

Posted on Feb 05, 2016 11:29 AM under General

Here is your chance to win Rs. 2000 instantly:

1) Prepare a video with a subject " WRITE SHARE WIN Contest ".

Share your experience on how easy it is to win cash rewards.

Include all the means to earn like reviews, comments, ratings and the steps to redeem cash in your account.

2) Post the video on your Youtube channel(Youtube channel with minimum 10000 subscribers are only eligible)

Don't have a youtube channel or 10000 subscribers?

Don't worry ask channels with minimum 10000 subscribers to post you video and send us a link at contests@mouthshut.com

Don't forget to include your timeline in the video and help us identify you.

Refer the following youtube video:


So hurry and mail us your video link as soon as possible.

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Helping others is Rewarding

Posted on Feb 04, 2016 06:04 PM under General

Hello Members,

Unhappy with a product or a service? Then write about it and make your feedback count!

It's that simple - Go to MouthShut.com, choose a product and write your true experience.

Your reviews help others reach a buying decision.

What will I get by posting a review on MouthShut.com?

1. The power to influence decisions is achieved with an online presence of your opinions.

2. Share this review and make money.

Yes, earn cash prizes with MouthShut.com's Write-Share-Win Contest by sharing your reviews on Facebook/Twitter.

Many of our members have experienced raining cash prizes.




For more details visit:



MouthShut Team

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