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Twenty Best Bikes Tips

One of the top sports bike in india

5 days agoRead

There are plenty of sports bike in india1 KTM RC 390 it has 390cc with good looks and has top speed of 180kmph2 KTM DUKE 390 it has shares the same engine and has good top speed around 1753 KTM DUKE 200 it has 20occ and has to speed of 140 kmph4KTM RC 200 it has top speed of 140 ...Read More

Best bikes

18 days agoRead

Hello twenty best bike first id Kawasaki ninja h2r and it is very style and 2 bike is Suzuki hyerbuser 1300 is best look and good mileage and 3 bike is Yamaha r6 it is good and 4 bike is ducati 108s it is most selling this bike and 5 bike is bmw 1200 it is best company and 6 bike is Aprilia RSV...Read More

Twenty best bikes

24 days agoRead

HI today I toking about twenty best bikes . I really like palser150 because its look like the sport bike. and its very comfortable. and top speed is really good. and engine is really good and top speed is 110 kilometer per hour and millage is 65 kilometer per letter and price is 75, 000 and fuel...Read More

Best bikes models in good budget.

Aug 26, 2016 06:26 PMRead

Hello friends,I am going to share Yamaha FJ1200 pleasure to ride about on.Its lovely four cylinder engine is very smooth and reliable with 160 MPH came on the speed.2nd is yamaha XJ600 a 1992 model silver is the best colour for the bike. It has exciting performance from a bullet proof fo...Read More

A Review On The Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSi

Jul 01, 2016 08:40 AMRead

Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSI or the name I've given my Avenger “The Azure Stallion” truly justifies its label line “Feels like God”, it's seriously a divine cruiser. Even the advertisement for that Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSI transmits shivers down your spine. It gives an immediate feeling of freedom a...Read More

It is very nice to ride and mileage, compatible

Jul 20, 2012 12:38 PMRead

I am using this bike last 6 months only my friends will tell about this bike then I got  this bike is very nice to look and pick-up good mileage, compatible to ride and maintenance is very easy. Smooth sound. There is no back pain and strain while driving.Make sure that this very nice to use...Read More

Top 20 Best Bikes!

Jan 13, 2012 06:05 PMRead

Firstly I started with Yamaha FJ1200 a pleasure to ride about on. It’s lovely four cylinder engine is very smooth and reliable with 162mph came up on the speed.Second place occupies the Yamaha XJ600 a 1992 model silver is the best colour for the bike. It has exciting performance from a bulle...Read More

A Review On The Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSi

Dec 15, 2011 05:56 AMRead

Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSI or the name I have given my Avenger “The Blue Stallion” truly justifies its tag line “Feels like God”, it is seriously a divine cruiser. Even the advertisement for the Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSI sends shivers down your spine. It gives an instant feeling of freedom and gist...Read More

Yamaha RX 100 (83")

Dec 10, 2011 12:59 PMRead

I have been a bike lover since school time, I own.1 - YAMAHA-RX-100(83" MODEL)2- BAJAJ PULSAR 1503-BAJAJ AVENGER 1804-YAMAHA FZS5-KARIZMA ZMRSo I have experience in almost every segment but the joy I had riding my rx100, I don't think any other bike I own or any other bik...Read More

My Best Bike

Oct 27, 2011 06:36 PMRead

This bike is truly facinating.Stands on its true CALIBER for performance and comfort along with excellent milage.The bike has an complete mixture of all the three qualities.Definately not forthose who wants to burn the road(and so petrol as compliment).Gifted with large seat makes mu...Read More

Apache rtr 160 fi

Nov 29, 2009 12:22 PMRead

I own an apache rtr i60 fi yellow colour bought it on Agust 7 2008 and I ve drive 18000+ kilometers on this bike.So I  have decided that this is the precise time for me to give my reviewI was only considering two bike the apache and xtreame  I did not prefer pulsar as there are too many of t...Read More


Nov 29, 2009 11:45 AMRead

Even I used to admire having bike in my first year of college, most of guys used to be in bikes to college at initial first year of college I had no bike I used to get  my friend bike sometime to college, bike used to be good mode of economic transport media and very time saving.After a year...Read More

My top bikes

Oct 16, 2009 04:27 PMRead

Starting at the top the Yamaha FJ1200 a pleasure to ride about on.  It's lovely four cylinder engine is very smooth and reliable can fall over and not get damaged. 162mph came up on the speedo.Second place on my list goes to the Yamaha XJ600 a 1992 model silver is the best colour for the bik...Read More

Best 4S bikes of yesteryears

Feb 01, 2009 03:18 AMRead

1. Boxer: Reliable than Splendor and comparable with original Hero Honda imported CD series. Bajaj's confident transistion from scooter to bike is attributed to Boxer, a realiable marvel from Kawasaki. People reposed faith in Bajaj brand due to the quality and reliability of Boxer.2. Ambitio...Read More

Va-voom: Top ten cruisers

Dec 25, 2008 08:50 AMRead

Old is gold: I have been riding bigger bikes such as yezdi, enfield 535 and bajaj pulsar 180 old and hero honda karizma then moved overseas to usa and australia for 9 years.Beauty and the beat: but, am partial to yezdi 250 exhaust beats. The enfield 535/350 classic beat is equally good, the ...Read More

Honda Unicorn

Nov 12, 2008 08:31 PMRead

I have experience of rding almost all bikes - not RD 350s. But Honda Unicorn is a bike that you will love to love. I normaly go for long rides. Trust me - 250 K.M. without turning the engine off - no problems with engine.The ride quality is such a way - that you hardly have a body pain even ...Read More

Roaring Yamaha Rx100

Nov 01, 2008 08:17 PMRead

I am totally new in this site, but I am very glad to post my comment on my Rx100, 1994 model.yes friends as u all know it is a real hero. When I bought it last year for 8000 rs, it was a died one. No compression, no lights, poor mileage, no sound. Yes it was a shadow of real Rx100 but believe me...Read More

Any suggestion for buying a cruiser in India???

Dec 10, 2007 11:53 AMRead

I hav been driving Hero Honda cd100ss for 15 yrs in the town and Rajdoot 175elctra for 10 yrs in the rurals.no problem til date beside some trifles.Hero Honda cd100ss had been a great experience in driving in the town, very fuel efficient, very comfortable in handling and driving and also for th...Read More


Jun 24, 2007 02:18 PMRead

*Myself Nizam,(24 june 2007)*let me classify only bikes/scooters that are found mostly on Madurai(tamilnadu) roads, andand give the ranks descending( from 15  to the clear winner)( SCROLL BELOW)* this is just a collected details( like number of bikes crossed various areas, in...Read More

Wings of delight!

Apr 24, 2007 09:11 AMRead

This review is on Honda Unicorn . The review which I wrote in its section is useless and so I have written a good one here(hopefully!).+Honda is a world renowned company. A bike from such a company is sureto be good and with the wing on the side it is sure to impress. I havealrea...Read More

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